Monday, September 30, 2013

The Enemy Inside the Gates

Heard anything about this in the Western Press, other than barely concealable glee over the events in Greece, the very birthplace of Western Democracy?
The System that oppresses European peoples all over the globe is irredeemably our enemy.  There can ultimately be no lasting peace between us and the sociopathic Head Table of the System.  The System and its servants must be cast out of our temple.  In our utopian ethnostates of the future it will not be enough to remove such people from power.  They must go!  They must leave!  They made their decisions long ago to sever ties of loyalty and connection with their own people.
Let the system sociopaths live out their lives with those they have championed at their own people’s expense.  Haiti would be ideal for many such people in America.  Somalia would be perfect for those in the “Greek” government who are willing instruments in the colonisation of Greece by Moslem settlers.
Our White European ethnostates will be shared with those who are loyal to their own, who connect, whose hearts and minds are still pure, who are brave enough to stand with their people in the face of persecution and defamation.  Such people will be worthy to inherit and share our legacy.

Remember, we must always play by their rules.  Just another day, another year...we'll be in power!  See how well it's working in Mother Europa!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Another Great Blog!

Be sure to check out the Daily Kenn, where you'll get information heretotherefore and forevermore unbeknownst to the folk.  Check it out!

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But you can bet if the races had been reversed, it would have been on every national news outlet in the country.  This happened in June.  Did you hear about it until now?  What should be done to people who lie and hide the truth?

Faust, who is black, picked out his victims based on their race, according to the indictments. The documents didn’t specify why Faust wanted to shoot white people, and police have not talked about why he picked out his targets. Earlier reports had indicated that Faust was  shooting “indiscriminately.”

Just another day in post racial America.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Website Added

We here at Access St. Louis would like to apologize for being absent from this blog for so long.  Rest assured, however, that we have not been absent from the struggle!  We will endeavor to update this blog a bit more frequently in the upcoming year and hope you will visit often for all the fabulous links and blogs we have to offer! 

And now, for your newest website addition, we have added The New Observer, which has many excellent articles to take in, including this one on The Turd World Apocalypse of America's cities.  And to LFD, if you would leave a link to the website you want added, we would be happy to link it.  Thanks!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Status Quo Cannot Stand

This blog post from Counter-Currents is so important that I have reprinted it here in its entirety. America is over, it's not coming back. It will only get worse until even the memory of the founding race is long gone. Time to build something different. 

The Republican Party Must Perish
Editor’s Note: Yes, I recognize that this picture is unspeakably evil.

2,121 words

Counter-Currents Publishing and the North American New Right do not take sides in elections, because no system candidates are on our side. Thus we do not endorse candidates, legislation, ballot initiatives, etc. We do not think of ourselves as citizens of the United States or Canada or any existing white regime. We think of ourselves as exiles from the White Republic to come.

Our aim is to create a new school of thought and social movement that will lay the metapolitical foundations of the White Republic — not to waste time participating in the existing system, which is rigged against us. The present system is not a vehicle that can take us to the White Republic. So we must emotionally and intellectually let it go, so we can focus on building a vehicle that can move us forward.

But it does advance our metapolitical goals to comment on contemporary politics in the United States and other white nations from a White Nationalist point of view. It is in that spirit that we offer our commentary on the 2012 US presidential election.
* * *
I have already argued that it would be better for White Nationalists for Barack Obama to win. Gregory Hood has also argued that it would be better for White Nationalists for Mitt Romney to lose. One of the benefits of a Romney defeat is that it will hasten the day when the Republican Party perishes as an institution, and the destruction of the Republican Party is a good thing for whites in America.

The outcome of the 2012 US presidential election is now in the hands of white working-class voters in the state of Ohio. This is ironic, since this constituency is disdained, exploited, and betrayed by both parties.
Mitt Romney, the candidate for Capital, regards them as uppity, ungrateful peasants whose unions must be broken and who must be replaced by cheaper, more grateful peasants from the Third World, either though immigration or shipping their jobs overseas. And Barack Obama, of course, regards them as just a bunch of Archie Bunkers.

Either party, of course, could have locked these voters in by now, if they had merely promised plausibly to represent white working class interests. Both parties, of course, have no problem promising to look after the interests of Jews, Wall Street, and the big corporations. The Democrats also have no problem promising free stuff to non-whites.

But when it comes to the white working and middle classes, it almost seems like both parties have a fit of conscience. It almost seems that they are hesitant even to lie to them about representing their interests. Instead, they promise nothing and simply try to scare voters into voting against the other party rather than for anything they stand for.

So it all comes down to whether white working class people in Ohio are more afraid of Mitt Romney of Bain Capital and Paul “Privatize It” Ryan — or that creepy mulatto/Muslim/socialist Barack Obama.
The Democratic Party is a coalition of a shrinking population of Jews, a ballooning population of other non-whites, and a shrinking population of alienated and deracinated white liberals. The Republican Party is the de facto party of the shrinking population of normal white Americans.

The Democrats are the party of net tax consumers, of the people who take more than they give. But the Democrats are more insidious than that, for they are also consuming the moral capital of America as well. The Republicans are the party of the people who produce more than they consume and maintain the moral capital of the nation.

There is no question that if everybody who votes for Mitt Romney in today’s election dropped dead, America would be finished as a nation. You can’t have a working society of parasites with no hosts. But if everybody who votes for Barack Obama dropped dead, most of my family would perish, but America would still survive. America without the Left would be somewhat more prosperous, and there would be far less crime, ugliness, and degeneracy. Unfortunately, it would also be a duller country, culturally-speaking; town and country alike would be befouled by development and pollution; there would also be more wars for Israel; but the country would at least exist.

The Democrats have no problem making explicit appeals to the identity and interests of their constituencies: Jews, non-whites, environmentalists, gays, feminists, etc. But Republicans refuse to make explicit appeals to the identity and interests of whites, even while they pander to Jews and other groups that overwhelmingly vote against them. Nor will Republicans take the necessary steps to preserve the white majority — stopping non-white immigration, addressing higher non-white birthrates — even under the guise of race-neutral programs.

But in a game in which the race or identity card trumps all, the party that refuses to play that card is doomed, and with it their constituency, white America, i.e., America. So why do Republicans persist in playing by rules that doom America and their party?

There are external and internal pressures that maintain this course. The main external pressure is the cultural hegemony of (1) moral universalism and (2) anti-white racism, which most Republicans refuse to challenge. But some Republicans realize that they cannot preserve their party or their nation without rejecting the current rules. This is where the internal pressures come in.

Republicans police their ranks to insure ideological conformity. To mollify the demographic concerns that might lead Republicans to challenge the current rules, they promote transparently dishonest talking points about replacing their shrinking white electorate with non-whites. Those who are not fooled are simply driven out.

To determine who maintains this suicidal ideological consensus and why, follow the money trail. Half the money raised by Republicans comes from Jews (75% for Democrats) and a large percentage of the rest comes from wealthy non-Jews (an even higher percentage for the Democrats).  Capitalist elites, however, do not care about nationalism. They profit from importing non-whites and shipping American jobs to non-white nations.

Jews, of course, care about nationalism: their own nationalism, not American nationalism, which is merely a tool to be used or discarded whenever it serves Jewish interests. As for America, Jews support the same policies as capitalists: easy entry, easy exit.  Both Jews and the plutocracy are threatened by American nationalism and seek to suppress it. Both groups are well aware that that present demographic trends doom the white race in North America and the Republican Party. But both groups do not care.

Indeed, since Jews are more aware than any people of the conditions that promote or prevent genocide, one has to conclude that their promotion of policies conducive to the destruction of the white race is no accident but rather their conscious preference and aim.

In fact, I am convinced that at the core of the Republican Party are people who actively wish to promote the destruction of the white race and the Republican Party. Why am I convinced that the Republicans are being subjected to a controlled demolition from the inside? Because if I were the enemy, that is exactly what I would do.

The enemy fears that the Republicans could, eventually, become desperate enough to actually try to represent and preserve the white majority. They know that if the Republicans actually followed the Sailer Strategy of explicitly appealing to white voters, they could maintain power and would set themselves on the path of actually preserving and enhancing the white majority.

Thus the enemy suppresses dissent and promotes the delusion that the Republicans will be saved by non-whites, knowing that they don’t have to keep up the act much longer, since demographic trends will finish off the Republican Party soon enough. Indeed, the Left is already gloating about it in public. It is now openly acknowledged that this is the last election in which the Republicans can hope to win without appealing explicitly to white racial interests.

That simply means that in the next election cycle, the controllers will redouble their efforts to keep the party on its downward course. Of course this means that they will also redouble their efforts to purge dissenters, and there will be more dissenters to purge as individual Republicans realize that they will have to break the party rules to hold onto their power and perks.

Like the Titanic, will the Republican Party go down in one piece or split in two, giving rise to a more racially populist party? (Of course, I would not put too much faith in the human jetsam of the Republicans. Just because a politician is too “dirty” for the Republicans does not mean he is clean enough to represent white interests.)

What do you do when you discover that your house is thoroughly riddled with termites? Do you strip the paint and plaster and try to replace each rotted board one at a time? Do you seek to tweeze out the vermin, hoping that you have gotten them all and that the colony will not flare up again? What happens when you discover that the termites managed to put their name on the deed and are evicting you?

Obviously, you just walk away and let them carry on their work of destruction while you build a new house with better materials, which you have termite-proofed from the start. But, in political terms, what would that mean?

Right-wing populism is the sweet spot in American politics, which is why the establishment fears, loathes, and co-opts it (when forced to). What would an explicitly pro-white Right-wing populism look like?

First and foremost, it would have to declare itself explicitly as a vehicle for promoting white interests, including working to preserve and enhance the white majority.

Second, although populism makes the common good the standard of justice, the rich and powerful have the whole system looking out for them, so a Right-wing populist movement would focus on protecting the interests of the white working and middle classes. It would be pro-private property, widely distributed, but against the concentration of wealth. It would promote the creation of small and medium-sized businesses to broaden the middle class. It would promote economic protectionism to restore American manufacturing job.
How would such a party be termite proofed? Not only should it exclude Jews, plutocrats, and free market ideologues from the start, it should also promote policies that would send them packing.

For instance, why not propose radically egalitarian tax policies? Since the Federal government could go back to funding itself with tarrifs, how about zero income or capital gains taxes on the first $1 million/year — and 100% confiscation of all income, including capital gains, above $1 million/year? But since we want to encourage artists and inventors who actually create new things (not performing artists), why not exempt them? Why not adopt a Social Credit economy and simply abolish usury? Why not run on a policy of complete debt repudiation?

But wouldn’t America’s richest people, 35% of them Jewish, just up stakes and leave the country? Wouldn’t they renounce their citizenship and move to places with less burdensome taxes? Yes, of course they would. But we want them to leave. We want anybody who can’t make ends meet on $1 million/year, and who is rootless enough to renounce his citizenship over money, to leave. We don’t want people like that having any say over our politics. If we are going to regain control over our destiny, they have to go.

But wouldn’t the economy collapse just like in Atlas Shugged? Yes and no. First of all, we want certain segments of the economy to collapse. No more banks. No more hedge funds. No more day traders, speculators, flippers, and the like. The goal of our system is to have a large, prosperous middle class secure against inflation and deflation, boom and bust, with socialized medicine, short work weeks, generous retirement benefits, “5 to 9″ conservative policies, and a green, ecologically sustainable economy. Our people will have generous incomes, and if somebody wants to sell products to them, we don’t care where they live or what race they are, so long as the products are manufactured by our people, within our borders.

A Right-wing populist movement within the present system is not the same thing as White Nationalism. It might not be a suitable vehicle to bring about White Nationalism, although we are watching the Golden Dawn carefully. But such a movement would go a long way toward breaking up the current power structure, radicalizing and racializing the white population in the process. And that would definitely be good for White Nationalism.

The defeat of Mitt Romney will hasten the day that the Republican Party perishes and the White Republic emerges.