Monday, August 10, 2009

Apologies to All

Recently, I posted about the arrest and incarceration of Hal Turner here:

In that post, I said the following:

Now, I have no love for Hal Turner. I was one of his biggest opponents on VNN and at the Knoxville rally. I think he is a huckster and he's in it all for himself. His wolf cries were all show for the most part. I have and still want him to drop out of the so-called movement because he's a liability, in my view. He drains needed resources from our meager funding and competes, not works with, others in the movement that are actually trying to build something.

For a long time I thought he was a Fed and there is no doubt he had a cozy relationship with the Law. This was seen at Knoxville. I no longer think he is a Fed but a lot of his antics you could pull right out of the Fed manual of subversion and division.

I then went on to say that since there is no proof of him being an actual informer, we should close ranks since a White Man was being attacked by the ZOG.

Well, I was wrong. I wanted to wait until today when more evidence would be out to make up my mind. I do not accuse people of being Feds lightly. In the future, when the insurgency is in full swing, such a accusation will be a death sentence.

From White Reference, a very reliable source for what's going on in the "movement", we find this today:

prosecutors acknowledged that Turner was an FBI informant, paid by the government to spy on radical right-wing organizations. They say he told federal marshals about a man's threat to disrupt a Chicago rally by lobbing mortars into Grant Park following President Barack Obama's election, which means he was an informant far beyond the 2002-7 time period originally claimed, although he was only paid for his services during the 2002-5 time frame. Turner even turned over a silencer kit for a .22-caliber weapon to the FBI. The Feds claim they paid Turner "tens of thousands of dollars" for his services.

I should have went with my gut. I remember when Hal first hit the Net, I listened to him then. Yet, something seemed strange about him. He would claim such things as Chinese troops massed at the border (an old Bircher trick) or making claims such as starting earthquakes in South America were just blight wing to me. Then one day I heard him spitting into the Microphone with rage about loser White Trash who wouldn't send him money and that did for me. I knew something was up. later, he would urge people to go out and shoot people by name, or claim he had snipers ready for the pigs, just stupid crap that only a blight winger or someone insecure would buy into.

Now I know there are a lot of people that are desperate for a Leader that will shape up this movement, and many looked to Turner. I did try to warn people about him but i was attacked unrelentingly on VNN and other sites for doing so.

My decision to get behind this guy even though i knew better proved to be a mistake. I hope no one here sent him any support, because anyone that co-operates with the enemy of our people deserve a lot more than jail time. They must be cut off completely. NEVER TAKE BACK A SNITCH. Ever.

I'm afraid when Hal gets out, his following will return as if nothing has happened. We must make sure we cut ourselves off from such people, because they are worthless to us in this struggle. I hope you who are reading this will not be one of those people.

So, in closing, my apologies and I hope you will forgive me. I will endeavor to not be so careless in the future.

The 14 Words. That's what really counts.