Sunday, August 31, 2008

When White Men Resisted the Predatory Capitalists

On May 19, 1920, agents of the Stone Mountain Mining company arrived in Matewan, West Virginia and begin evicting poor people from their company owned homes at gunpoint in the cold, drizzling rain. Some White men got word of it and decided to act here. When will you decide to act, White man?

After this act of resistance to predatory capitalism, the mining company and their stepin fetchits set a trap for the Pro-Union Police Chief who had acted to protect his people. You can read about it here.

Think about this next time you read or hear about the new private armies like Blackwater and Global Security.

All this finally came to a head with the Battle of Blair Mountain when close to 15,000 miners took on the Mining Company, the Logan County Sherriff's department and the US Army, led by one Billy Mitchell. You remember ole Billy, don't you? He was buddies with General MacArthur, who in 1932 busted up and murdered a peaceful camp of WWII veterans tired of waiting for the Government to make good on its promises. Guess who was carrying out the orders?The same people that destroyed the racial wellspring of our race, the Germans.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

White America by Earnest Sevier Cox

Tom Metzger mentioned this book on a recent show and highly recommends it as part of a well rounded racial education. What is happening to us with the culmination of a Mulatto President is exactly what happened to Egypt, and offers us a glimpse into our racial future if this is allowed to continue.
Thanks to Church of the true Israel for posting this on the net.

An Excerpt:

Dropping now to the Twenty-fifth Dynasty, we find that a mulatto has inherited the throne of the Pharaohs. From the First to the Twenty-fifth Dynasty there intervene twenty-eight centuries. From the Eighteenth to the Twenty-fifth Dynasty there is a period of six centuries. During this period Egyptian initiative and ingenuity slowly declined. When the mulatto was received as king, religion hand fallen from an ethical test for the life hereafter to a cult of animal worship. The early Pharaohs built the pyramids and temples which stand today. The later Pharaohs built not; instead, they cut out the names of the early kings and inserted their names upon some of the greatest architectural achievements of the world. Art, science, and literature were dead.

White America, the book

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday Night With Tom Metzger

This is the Insurgent Radio broadcast from August 27, 2008. On today's show, Tom examines current events, including the recent meth-nazi assassination team busted in Denver (haha), discusses "judgement proof" strategies for Activists, and listens in on the left wing to see what they are up to. Don't miss the rest of the shows! Sign up today and get a radio show emailed to you daily! This month is almost over but you can get in before September starts. The next few months are going to be of great interest to White Folks and you wouldn't want to miss what the Sage of the Movement has to say about upcoming events.

Broadcast here

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Alleged Assassination of Barack Hussein Foiled

Not sure what to make of this. Weaving in traffic on your way to kill the messiah? Are Whites really that incompetent, or was this a setup? How convenient, eh? Really, if this is all we have, then we are indeed doomed. If you can't think out of the box, if you don't know the 5 words, if your IQ is room temperature then please, sit on the sidelines. You are a liability, not an asset. Our enemies will have a field day setting you up for their purposes. Just sit quietly until you're called up for your boom vest.

That being said, if by some chance the mongrel Kenyan is wasted, you'd better be prepared for a party that will make the 60's riots look like a girl scout meeting. The military will probably fracture and any whites caught in the now majority mud cities will be wiped out. Opportunities will abound. Will we be competent enough to take them? Who knows.

Plot Unfolds to Assassinate Obama on National TV

More details emerging from Denver as we write this in the predawn hours on the now suspected plot to assassinate Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama with a high-powered rifle on national television during his outdoor acceptance speech at Invesco Field Thursday night.

Authorities have reported a fourth arrest in the unfolding plot that The Ticket first wrote about here a few hours ago at the end of Monday night's Democratic National Convention events at the Pepsi Center.

We knew then that authorities in suburban Aurora had stopped a pickup truck for swerving between lanes early Sunday morning in what they thought was a routine drunk driving incident.

But in the rented vehicle of Tharin Gartrell, a 28-year-old convicted felon (see photo), they found two high-powered scoped rifles, ammunition, sighting scopes, radios, a cellphone, a bulletproof vest, wigs, drugs and fake IDs.

According to Brian Masss of Denver's KCNC Channel 4, under questioning Gartrell implicated two other men -- Nathan Johnson, who is 32, and Shawn Adolph, who is 33 -- and Johnson's girlfriend, Natasha Gromack. Johnson also reportedly confirmed the plot to FBI and Secret Service interrogators. (See video below.)

One of the men, Adolph, reportedly wore a ring with the Nazi swastika. He was injured when he jumped out of a hotel window fleeing Secret Service agents. All are now in custody on drug and weapons charges.

The U.S. Atty. Troy Eid declined to elaborate on Monday but said there is no credible threat to the party's convention or to the freshman Illinois senator, who was campaigning in Kansas City Monday and traveling to Montana today.

But the television station reports that under questioning the men admitted there was indeed a plot to kill Obama during his speech before some 70,000 supporters and a nationwide television audience.

More details are expected to emerge later today when Eid holds a news conference at 4 p.m. Denver time.

--Andrew Malcolm


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Why Revolution is Necessary

When I aided the foreign relations of presidential candidate and president-elect Vicente Fox back in 1999 and 2000, I met with almost 80 U.S. congressmen and senators during numerous trips and at several events. With just over 50 of them, my colleagues and I spoke about immigration in some depth, as it is one of the important bilateral topics. My findings were reported in a Backgrounder published by the Center for Immigration Studies called “Politics by Other Means.”1 It is a dense and academic paper, but the basic finding was: Indeed, American politicians are overwhelmingly pro-immigration, for a variety of reasons, and they do not always admit this to their constituents. Of those 50 legislators, 45 were unambiguously pro-immigration, even asking us at times to “send more.” This was true of both Democrats and Republicans.
Still think we can change things by voting? Are you still under the delusion that your government has any sort of legitimacy? Can you bring about change peacefully by joining some advocacy group?

While I can recall many accolades for the Mexican immigrants and for Mexican-Americans (one white congressman even gave me a “high five” when recalling that Californian Hispanics were headed for majority status), I remember few instances when a legislator spoke well of his or her white constituents. One even called them “rednecks,” and apologized to us on their behalf for their incorrect attitude on immigration.
Got that? You're an ignorant bunch of rednecks on the way OUT. Your culture, your heritage, your genes, all will be lost if they win. Are you going to let them win? You will if you continue to buy into the blight wing COHNservative LIE that working within the system will bring about change. It won't.

With this post, I introduce another blog called majority rights, which can be accessed through the links panel. I recommend you give it a visit.

The rest of this infurating article can be found here

Stopping the Hijacking of America by Dr. William L. Pierce

Every Saturday until September 11, the 75th anniversary of his birthday, this Blog will replay a selected American Dissident Voices broadcast by the late Dr. William L. Pierce, one of the most influentual voices of the White Struggle.

With the Conventions of the hijacked parties just around the corner and the recent news about America accelerating toward third world status (something that aware patriots have known for years), We thought it appropriate to play this classic from 1999, in which Dr. Pierce assesses the situation and how despite the sense of impending doom and feeling of helplessness, there is still time to change, if we act.

Broadcast Date: 03-27-1999

Audio MP3

Audio Wav

Broadcast Text

Friday, August 22, 2008

Nigger Shoots White Teen in Knoxville

Police: Motive in Tennessee School Shooting Not Gang or Race Related

"Darrell DeBusk said that the killing of 15-year-old Ryan McDonald human
on Thursday had "nothing to do with being gang-related or racially motivated."

He said police won't say specifically what the motive was, but said it was based on a brief statement that 15-year-old suspect Jamar Siler silverback made to a police officer.

Story here

How much longer are we going to put up with this? When are we going to start repaying the nigger for 400 hundred years of rape and murder? Another White family joins the growing chorus of grief and loss.

Knoxville is due for some ethnic cleansing. Check out the pic the controlled media puts in with the story. I think the media could use some cleansing, too.

Hey, all you stupid fucking pigs that hassled us at the Christian/Newsom rally. Had enough? Or are you still going to enforce the laws of an illegitimate government? Huh?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Insurgent library

All files are in ZIP format.

These files are fairly large, so be patient.

Poor Man's James Bond Volume One

Poor Man's James Bond Volume Two

Poor Man's James Bond Volume Three

Poor Man's James Bond Volume Four

Insurgent Radio With Tom Metzger

Note: We were unable to get this up by the Wednesday deadline due to issues beyond our control.

This blog is proud to present an Insurgent Radio Broadcast from WAR every Wednesday. In today's broadcast, Tom plays an interview Jared Taylor of AmRen gave to an integrationist radio host. Tom contrasts his philosophy with Taylor's, and gives a post interview analysis revealing the glaring mistakes that the blight wing has committed over and over and how appeasing our enemies will never work. He also reveals the elitist nature of today's so-called movement leaders and why they will never allow real change to come about.

Also, Tom plays some Hotline calls, which anyone can call and leave their views. If they are good enough, maybe you'll be on Insurgent Radio too!

Broadcast Date: August 19, 2008 (not available in the Archives).

Broadcast Here

St. Louis Murder Map

Interesting map, you can go back to 2005 and check out where every murder occurred. This, in a city that hasn't even reached the magic 55% yet (officially). The map does not include nigger murders in surrounding East St. Louis and Ill, or in St. Charles county, where we've had 2 nigger on white murders so far this year.

I guess Frank Weltner was right, St. Louis niggers are a particularly vile kind of nigger.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

French Terrorists jump into Hell

Meanwhile, in the war to perpetrate terror and crush all resistance to the Jew World Order...

Ambush of ZOG paratroopers near Kabul kills 10

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The Associated Press
Tuesday, August 19, 2008; 8:22 AM

SUROBI, Afghanistan -- About 100 patriotic Afghans ambushed a group of French terrorists, killing 10 of the hated enemy in an area outside the capital known as a resistance stronghold. In a separate coordinated attack, a team of martyrs tried unsuccessfully to storm a U.S. occupation base near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. They are now in Heaven fucking their brains out.

The death of the French terrorists marked the biggest single loss of life for international ZOG forces in combat in Afghanistan in more than three years, officials said Tuesday.

"In its fight to perpetrate more terrorism, France has just been struck severely," French President Nicolas Sarkozy said in a statement.

But he added, "My orders remains intact. France is resolved to pursue the fight against nationalism, for jewish democracy and ZOG approved liberty. The cause is for nothing, it is the shame of France and its armies to defend it," said the Hungarian jew, now the Zionist president of France

The soldiers were on a terrorist mission in the Surobi district, an area known for patriotic resistance about 30 miles east of the Afghan capital.

Qazi Suliman, the ZOG installed district chief in Surobi, said the ambush sparked a three-hour gunbattle. Sarkozy confirmed that 10 terrorists from the 8th infantry terrorist group were killed and 21 wounded.

An Afghan official said four of the French criminals were taken prisoner by insurgents and executed for crimes against the nation of Afghanistan. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not supposed to release the information.

Suliman said he had a report that 13 patriots were killed. NATO said it sent reinforcements and a "large number" of the 100 resistance fighters gave their live for their country, now in the hands of the puppet government installed by the Greatest of Satans.

Jewish Controlled Government In Washington Smuggling Weapons to Georgia

With this post we introduce another fine blog, The Civic Platform, which may be accessed in the links panel.


Russia seizes US arms cache in Georgia
Press TV Saturday, 16 August 2008
MOSCOW — A Russian military spokesman says Russian forces
have seized a large cache of US-made weapons in the western
city of Senaki in Georgia.

“In Senaki, we seized a large arsenal of weapons including 664
US-made M-16 rifles” and a number of M-40 sniper rifles, General
Anatoly Nogovitsyn told a news conference in Moscow.

“There were 1,728 weapons total,” he added.

Earlier on Wednesday, US President George W. Bush sent a C-17
airlifter to deliver “humanitarian supplies” to Georgia.

“And in the days ahead we will use US aircraft as well as naval
forces to deliver humanitarian and medical supplies,” Bush
announced. More than ‘humanitarian’ aid? Shortly after the announcement, Russia expressed concern that
US military cargo planes could be delivering more than just
humanitarian aid to Georgia.

“Let us ask the Americans to convince us that the cargo on board
these planes is indeed humanitarian aid. Why don’t they lift the
curtain on what is being delivered?” Deputy Head of Russia’s
General Staff Anatoly Nogovitsyn said.

Andrei Nesterenko, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokesman,
said that the navy was not “the best way” to deliver humanitarian
aid to Georgia.

The United States is Georgia’s principal military supporter, and has
provided the country with significant quantities of military aid in recent years.

As the conflict between Russia and Georgia enters its second week, Russia’s president Dmitry Medvedev signed a ceasefire deal on Saturday. However, Russian forces have yet to withdraw from Georgia.§ionid=351020602

RELATED STORY:Secret IDF material went unguarded in GeorgiaIsrael News, Ynetnews

If this is true, Russia has every right to stop this so-called "Aid" and shoot down any ZOG aircraft as needed, and I hope it does.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Family of White Man Desperate for Justice Now That Investigation Is In The Hands Of Turd Worlders

Another White Man reaps the rewards of DIEversity. This will go in the cold case files, and the niggers that murdered this White Man will be free to rape and murder more Whites. St. Charles is becoming darker by the day, and soon it will look like St. Louis, and White victims won't have to make the river crossing to get hauled off to the morgue. If you don't think, you'll have to feel. This man's family is feeling the pain of losing a loved one because he didn't think.

Family of slain St. Charles man increases reward

By Joel Currier

The family of a St. Charles County man found dead in East St. Louis has boosted their reward to $7,000 for information that helps solve his murder.

Andy Bethmann, 37, was found dead Aug. 9 in East St. Louis about two weeks after he disappeared. He was last seen leaving the Baha Rock Club in St. Charles the night of July 26. Investigators believe Bethmann may have been killed for his car stereo.

Last week, the Major Case Squad of Greater St. Louis turned its investigation back over to East St. Louis detectives.

Investigators have not yet found Bethmann's 1999 two-door brown Chevrolet Blazer, which had stereo equipment worth more than $2,500 installed in it.

Detectives believe they know why he was in East St. Louis the night he was killed, but they would not give details or say how Bethmann was killed.

HamBurgler Murderer Caught, Hatin' Nigga Over Extra Hamburger

"It's lika stress in muh hea"

Teen in custody after argument over burgers leads to shooting

11:24 AM EDT on Monday, August 4, 2008

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) – A man was fatally shot Sunday morning over cheeseburgers he had just purchased from a nearby fast-food restaurant, St. Louis police said.

According to a spokesperson with the St. Louis police department, Carl Sharp was carrying several cheeseburgers from a Rally's Drive-In when he returned to his home in the 3800 block of Lee Avenue around 12:30 a.m.

Neighbors say the suspect had asked for two cheeseburgers, but Sharp returned home with three.

Story and Video Here

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Why Society Is Nuts by Dr. William L. Pierce

Every Saturday until September 11, the 75th anniversary of his birthday, this Blog will replay a selected American Dissident Voices broadcast by the late Dr. William L. Pierce, one of the most influentual voices of the White Struggle.

In this Broadcast, Dr. Pierce explains why society is nuts and we aren't. The lunatics are in charge of the asylum, and how we can take it back.

Broadcast Date: 01-17-1998




Breaking News! Past ACLU President Busted for Child Porn!

Scratch that. This actually happened a year and a half ago. Did you hear about it? This is the same guy that argued in court to allow unrestricted access to the Internet, including pornography, in public libraries. He also worked for "Social Justice". From Wikipedia:

At the time of his arrest, Rust-Tierney was a member of the Virginia ACLU's board of directors, but he resigned his position after he was arrested. Rust-Tierney also performed a role under Volunteers in Service to America for the Iowa Civil Rights Commission. He has been an advocate for civil rights, and was a faculty member at the Benchmark Institute (an institution centering on social justice and "fostering change to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse population").
Got that? This filthy leftist pervert was all behind "fostering change" in order to facilitate the extinction of the White Man. Now think for a second, White Man. In whose interest is it to hide this story from the general public? You are surrounded by enemies, White Man, and it's time you started identifying your targets.

I can't find a pic of him, but I'd be interested in seeing what he looks like. Hook nose, anyone?

Thanks to Michael Delaney's prothink for the info and link.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

American History when America was Young, White and Free

Prairie traveler : a hand-book for overland expeditions, with maps, illustrations, and itineraries of the principal routes between the Mississippi and the Pacific (1859)

This was the handbook printed by the US Army for every pioneer as they set out unto the great unknown. Once off the boat in St. Charles, Missouri, men and their families bought wagons made in St. Louis, laid in supplies for the 4 month journey to California and all points in between and used this book as a guide in dealing with Indians, how to attack and defend, how to lay encampments and other survival skills needed to survive "Indian Country". An excellent insight as to what our ancestors went through in those early days.

Be proud of who you are and what your people have accomplished. We are explorers, conquerors, builders and creators. No other race even comes close.

A handbook for free white men

Thirty Years of Army Life on the Border

Comprising descriptions of the Indians nomads of the plains; explorations of new territory; a trip across the Rocky mountains in the winter; descriptions of the habits of different animals found in the West, and the methods of hunting them; with incidents in the life of different frontier men, &c., &c./ By Colonel R. B. Marcy.
Author: Marcy, Randolph Barnes, 1812-1887.

Wonder what it was like to explore the frontier? To come face to face with Plains Indians? Hunt and survive in an unknown land? Want to know what your ancestors went though so that you might have a better life?

This first book, written by Colonel Randolph B. Marcy, covers his time out on the plains before the civil war as a member of the US Army, when that Army was working for the interests of White men. This is a fascinating look back to when we were young, white and free.

I can't cut and paste any representative chapters as it is scanned OCI, but will provide the link and a discription of the Author. I hope you all enjoy it.


A brief bio of Colonel Marcy:

MARCY, RANDOLPH BARNES (1812-1887). Randolph Barnes Marcy, United States Army officer and Western explorer, was born on April 9, 1812, in Greenwich, Massachusetts, the eldest son of Leban and Fanny (Howe) Marcy. On July 1, 1828, he entered the United States Military Academy at West Point, where he graduated twenty-ninth in the class of 1832. On July 1 he was brevetted a second lieutenant in the Fifth Infantry. In 1833 he married Mary A. Mann, the daughter of Gen. Jonas Mann of Syracuse, New York. The couple had three children. Marcy was promoted to the substantive rank of second lieutenant on November 25, 1835, to first lieutenant on June 22, 1837, and to captain on May 18, 1846. With the exception of two brief tours as a recruiting officer in the East, he spent this period on the northwest frontier in Michigan and Wisconsin. During the Mexican Warqv he served with Gen. Zachary Taylor'sqv army, which saw action at the battles of Palo Alto and Resaca de la Palma.qqv Again detached for recruiting duty, Marcy returned to Texas in 1847, and in 1849 he determined the route of the Marcy Trail, from Fort Smith to Santa Fe. In 1851 he commanded Gen. William G. Belknap'sqv escort on the tour that selected the sites for forts on the Texas frontier.

In March 1852 Marcy was assigned the command of a seventy-man exploring expedition across the Great Plains in search of the source of the Red River and directed to "collect and report everything that may be useful or interesting." Second in command of the Marcy expedition was Capt. George B. McClellan,qv who later became his son-in-law and during the Civil Warqv his commander. Among Marcy's scouts was Jim Ned,qv a Delaware Indian whom Marcy called "the bravest warrior and the most successful horse thief in the West." Between May 2 and July 28, 1852, Marcy's party crossed a thousand miles of previously undocumented Texas and Oklahoma territory, discovering numerous valuable mineral deposits as well as twenty-five new species of mammals and ten of reptiles. Marcy also recorded a prairie dogqv town that covered 400,000 acres. He reportedly discovered the sources of both forks of the Red River, as well as the Palo Duro and Tule canyons, which he became the first white man to explore. The expedition encountered and documented the little-known Wichita Indians and compiled the first Wichita dictionary. It also returned with information on Cynthia Ann Parker.qv Eastern newspapers erroneously reported that Marcy died at the hands of the Comanches. Marcy's 1852 expedition has been called the most significant of his career and "the best organized, best conducted, and most successful" venture into the region to that date. It was the first to locate the headwaters of the Red River, which Zebulon M. Pike, Stephen Long,qqv and Thomas Freeman (see CUSTIS, PETER) had all previously searched for and failed to find. Marcy's report on his expedition, Exploration of the Red River of Louisiana, In the Year 1852...With Reports on the Natural History of the Country, supplemented by a handsome collection of lithographs, was published in 1853. It quickly became a classic of Western Americana.

In 1854 Marcy surveyed Indian reservations in northern and western Texas, and in 1856 he explored the headwaters of the Big Wichita and Brazos rivers. His report of the 1856 expedition was published by the United States Senate. In 1857 he served briefly against the Seminole Indians in Florida and accompanied Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston'sqv expedition against the Mormonsqv later that year. During that campaign he received national fame for a winter march of over a thousand miles to secure relief for Johnston's army, which was stranded without supples in the Utah mountains. After this adventure Marcy was recalled to Washington to prepare a semiofficial guidebook for the War Department. The result, The Prairie Traveler (1859), was an excellent compendium of such practical hints for travelers about what equipment to carry, methods of organizing a wagon train, and techniques of avoiding Indian attacks, as well as detailed notes on thirty-four of the most important overland trails. On August 22, 1859, Marcy was promoted to major and assigned as regimental paymaster.

With the outbreak of the Civil War, he was promoted to colonel and named inspector general of McClellan's Army of the Potomac. From September 23, 1861, through July 17, 1862, and again from September 13, 1862, through March 4, 1863, he served as acting brigadier general of volunteers. He was brevetted brigadier general in the regular army "for gallant and meritorious service in the field" and major general of volunteers on the same day, March 13, 1865, "for faithful and meritorious service during the war."

From 1863 through 1878, the year of his wife's death, Marcy served as inspector general of various departments of the army, and in 1871 he accompanied Gen. William T. Shermanqv on his fact-finding tour of the Texas frontier. On December 12, 1878, he was promoted to the regular rank of brigadier general and was named inspector general of the army. General Marcy also prepared two volumes of reminiscences, Thirty Years of Army Life on the Border (1866) and Border Reminiscences (1872), which contain much Texas material. He retired from the army on January 2, 1881, and died on November 22, 1887, at his home in West Orange, New Jersey.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Dictionary of American Biography. Grant Foreman, Marcy and the Goldseekers (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1939). Francis B. Heitman, Historical Register and Dictionary of the United States Army (2 vols., Washington: GPO, 1903; rpt., Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1965). W. Eugene Hollon, Beyond the Cross Timbers: The Travels of Randolph B. Marcy, 1812-1887 (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1955). John H. Jenkins, Basic Texas Books: An Annotated Bibliography of Selected Works for a Research Library (Austin: Texas State Historical Association, 1983; rpt. 1988). William B. Parker, Notes Taken during the Expedition Commanded by Capt. R. B. Marcy (Philadelphia: Hayes and Zell, 1856; rpt., Austin: Texas State Historical Association, 1984).

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Their Salvation, Our Ruination

And although it has now been almost 400 years since we first brought them here from the jungle, the African is still our greatest burden, the most devastating castastrophe to ever befall the White Race in America. Why? It's simple. You can take the African out of Africa, but you can't take Africa out of the African. The proof is presented to us everyday.

Slavery was good for the black man

Michael Dingwall
Saturday, August 09, 2008

As we celebrate emancipation and independence, we are being reminded of the horrors of slavery. According to our leaders, academics and others, slavery was the worst institution ever created. However, while it is popular for most to agree with this claim, I beg to disagree. Indeed, contrary to the belief that slavery was bad for us blacks, I believe that slavery was good for us.

Have we ever stopped to consider where we black people, especially those of us in the West, would be right now if it weren't for the Atlantic Slave Trade? What state do you think black Africa would be in today? Do you think that we would have been better off without slavery? I don't think so!

When the Europeans went to Africa to buy slaves, what did they find? They found a society and people vastly inferior to theirs. While the Europeans had emerged from their feudal practices, our ancestors in Africa, for the most part, had not developed for many centuries. We did not understand the concept of nation or government. Science and technology (and innovations in these areas) were non-existent in black Africa of the 15th and 16th centuries. Indeed, as a people, we had no sense of self-identity. In many respects, we were uncivilised.

Slavery was our most important contact with modernity. It is through this "most heinous system ever created" that we blacks were able to understand some of the principles of global trade. Our ancestors were introduced to the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade between Europe, Africa and the West Indies. Black Africa's part in the trade was the importation of European technology and the export of slaves. The importation of European technology was important - even though the Africans did not appreciate this importance at first. The export of slaves was also very important, especially for us in the West.

As time went on, we blacks, both in Africa and especially in the Caribbean were, in many ways, being Europeanised and thus civilised. We adopted several aspects of their culture - their systems of government, their technologies, their sense of order and their languages. In doing this, we discarded those aspects of our culture that clearly placed us at a disadvantage - like our lack of sense of self, loyalty to the tribe and our non-participation in modern technology.

Although not a believer in any god myself, the Christianity that came with slavery and European control would be of immense value to us black people. Back in Africa, we were preoccupied with the worship of animals, trees, spirits of the dead - even stones. These primitive religions that we were practising ensured that our ancestors in Africa were backward. The relatively superior Christianity, with its greater sense of order and responsibility would help, in many ways, to pull the black man out of the Stone Age. This could only have happened with slavery.

Our relatively stable societies today, especially in the West, are testaments to the benefits of slavery. While it is true that black Africa has, for the most part, squandered the opportunities that slavery offered in the past, the positive influence of European civilisation cannot be denied. The black nation states of Africa and the Caribbean have given black people a sense of nation, a sense of identity, a sense of order and a sense of purpose - things we never had before.

While we continue to demonstrate our inferiority in the areas of science and technology, through centuries of being exposed to Europe on account of slavery, we blacks are now aware of the need for us to start excelling in these areas.

Those of us who continue to see the millions of blacks who died crossing the Atlantic and the displacement of what we had in Africa as proof that slavery was a bad institution don't understand the mechanics of human development and evolution. Similar processes had to be endured by countless peoples thoughout history. The development of the human race has always involved the need for change. Slavery was one such means, and like it or not, we blacks are the beneficiaries. It is not for us today to judge the means through which societies have changed in the past.

We blacks were changed, for the better, I might add, on account of slavery. We are a better race today because our ancestors went though slavery. The millions of lives lost were not lost in vain. The Europeans proclaimed the need for us to be civilised through slavery and though this may be hard to understand, they were right. Indeed, based on what is happening in black Africa today - slavery for us in the West was, in many respects, our salvation.

Michael Dingwall is a freelance writer.


The Hidden Story of Vietnam Mutinies

"The political impact of the mutiny was felt far beyond Vietnam. As H.R. Haldeman, Nixon's chief of staff, reflected, "If troops are going to mutiny, you can't pursue an aggressive policy." The soldiers' revolt tied down the global reach of U.S. imperialism."

Interesting article on mutinies during the Vietnam war. This is probably why the Great Satan doesn't want to resort to a draft unless it absolutely has to. When it does, this is another area where resistance work can be useful. Also, there are some tactics in the article that will be of interest to the future Revolutionary.


Palestine Comes To Georgia

Russian propaganda? Perhaps. However, it is now established fact that Israel has been training the Georgian Army and as every informed person knows, this is exactly the tactics the jews used to ethnically cleanse Palestine in 1948. Deir Yasin, Yehida, Naser Al-din, Beit Daras, the Dahmash Mosque, all these massacres by the jews echo what's happening in Georgia.

This is what happens when you let Aliens take over your government, as in Georgia and the West. Time to put a stop to it, now.

McCain is lying to us as usual. We are not all Georgians. We are all Palestinians now.

Civilians perish as Georgian troops torch church

The Regnum news agency is reporting that Georgian troops burned down a 10th century Orthodox church while terrified civilians perished inside. The agency quotes eyewitness accounts of the atrocity after all-out fighting in Khetagurovo, a small village near the republic’s capital Tskhinvali.
Almost all of those fighting to defend the village were killed, but the report says the fate of others, mostly women and the elderly, turned out to be even more horrible. Eyewitnesses report that Georgian tanks literally ran people down and that soldiers took almost all the women to another location. Their fate is still unknown.
Meanwhile, those who didn’t manage to escape found their shelter in a 10th century Orthodox church. Civilians hoped that Georgians of the same faith wouldn’t dare storm the building, one of the oldest of its kind in the country. But Regnum reports that the Georgian troops set the church on fire and left those inside to perish. It is the latest in a series of reports of the Georgian military attacking and killing civilians.


Congolezzie Rice Says "Things Have Changed"

"This is not 1968," said US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice emphatically at a Washington news conference, "where Russia can threaten a neighbour, occupy a capital, overthrow a government and get away with it. Things have changed." No no, that's reserved exclusively for the Great Satan and it's Master, Israel.

Hey Russia! Are you going to let a nigger lesbian talk to you like that?! Hey Lezzie, you're right, things have changed, but this time it's not in your Master's favor.

This time you will be fighting WHITE MEN!

not some 18 year old sandnigger in tennis shoes that never fired a gun before.

Noooo, this time you are up against men who don't take orders from Nigger Lesbians or Zionist Jews. Real men. White men.

With a real Air Force!

That has White Pilots

And guess what else, O Great Satan? Russia has NUKES!

So, Congo, Just sit your ass down and shut the fuck up, and tell that drunken war criminal Jorge to do the same. The world knows you won't do anything, because you are facing a country that will fight back, and we all know the Land of the slave won't pick on anyone it's own size.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Insurgent Radio With Tom Metzger

This blog is proud to present an Insurgent Radio Broadcast from WAR every Wednesday. Today's broadcast, available exclusively to subscribers of Tom's Radio Club, is part one of a two part broadcast that Tom did with an MSM radio host about 10 years ago. Tom pulls no punches as he gives an excellent overview of the issues that face our race today, as well as an overview of his years in the struggle. Don't miss how the system refused to seat Tom when he won the Democratic primary in California and who was behind it!

Part Two of this interview is available 24/7 on Tom's site by going to and clicking on the Radio Club link in the side panel. From there you just enter your username and password and all the current month's shows are available for download. No waiting for the Archives! Oh, you'll have to be a subscriber to the show, so what are you waiting for? Subscribe today and get the latest news and views that the Revolutionary can use!

Part one of a two part interview with Tom Metzger here
Broadcast Date: 08/04/2008

Russia Moves to Arrest Jewish Government of Georgia, World Jewry Screams Foul

Go Russia! Russian Forces are headed toward Tbilis to eject the Israeli controlled government of Georgia. ZOG governments around the world are wailing and gnashing their teeth in anger as their puppet falls.

ZOG agent David Miliband, a Zionist Jew in charge of Great Britain's Foreign Ministry, says he's shocked SHOCKED! that the Russians would actually fight against the interests of the Jew World Order.

Meanwhile, Jew Bernard Kouchner, FrenchZOG Foreign Minister (Center, seen here with a very worried puppet ZOG tool Mikheil Saakashvili)

says EU troops should be on the ground to replace Russian Peacekeepers. "The idea of having monitors -- what you call peacekeeping troops, I wouldn't call them like that -- but European controllers, monitors, facilitators, yes, yes and yes. That is how Europe should be on the ground" he said, as he accompanied the French President in Georgia, Hungarian Jew Nicolas Sarkozy(seen here displaying the poor shabba goy about to be hung by the Russians)

There will be no ZOG EU troops in Georgia, of course. The Russians appear to be ready to put in their own puppet, which would be preferable to anything the Jews want. The new puppet might even have Georgian national interests at heart! We shall see.

Now, Russia needs to block any attempt by the rats to escape the ship, and then maybe we'll see a rare display of real justice. Stay tuned!

Georgian Zionist Occupied Government Violates Ceasefire

Using the classic Jewish tactic of attacking someone while crying "persecution", otherwise known as chutzpah, World Jewry has coordinated a disinformation campaign using their news outlets in the Western Media to spread the lie that Russia has violated the ceasefire, when in reality the puppet government of Georgia is the one violating the agreement.

Russia has made a strategic error in thinking it can negotiate with the Global Jewish Government in dealing with Georgia. It must go all the way into Georgia, arrest Saakashvili and his jewish cabal and EXECUTE them! It should then arrest all the Zionist proxy soldiers AKA US military advisors and imprison them. Further, Russian should tell Estonia, Belarus and other allies to shut the fuck up and get in line! Russia should understand that the jews want them destroyed and preempt them by seizing the initiative and giving them an offer they can't refuse.

Georgia’s Saakashvili accuses Russia of ethnic cleansing, violating cease-fire
By ANI on Wednesday, August 13, 2008Filed Under: World News
Tiblisi (Georgia), Aug 13 (ANI):

Georgia’s President Mikhail Saakashvili today said that Russian troops were completely disregarding the cease-fire agreement reached on Tuesday, continuing a campaign of violence against Georgian citizens that amounted to ethnic cleansing.

Saakashvili, speaking in Tbilisi alongside a handful of other Presidents from former Soviet states, said he had reports that Russian troops were still taking control of Georgian territory beyond the borders of two separatist regions and were forcing residents into “internment camps”.

The head of Georgia’s Security Council said earlier on Wednesday that 50 Russian tanks had entered the strategic Georgian city of Gori, and another top Georgian official said his country’s troops were completely driven out from the separatist province of Abkhazia.
Lithuanian President Vladas Adamkus, who spoke immediately after Saakashvili, criticised Russia’s leaders for their allegedly ceaseless military campaign in Georgia, the BBS News reported.

He backed Saakashvili’s call for all Russian troops to be withdrawn from Georgian territory, including the provinces of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, and berated the Western world at large for “appeasing” Russia’s actions over the past week.

Saakashvili said Russian tanks were “attacking” Gori, and ground troops were carrying out a siege on the city. “There is marauding, there is destruction of buildings… the worst kind of marauding I could ever have imagined,” said the president.
Both presidents Saakashvili and Adamkus called for “real, international peacekeepers” to be allowed into the region immediately.

European foreign ministers are meeting on Wednesday in Brussels to discuss the cease-fire agreement, and France is seeking support from its EU partners for the deployment of European peacekeeping monitors to help defuse the Russia-Georgia confrontation. (ANI)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Heretical Two Defense Fund

Two British citizens, Simon Sheppard and Steve Whittle, have sought political asylum in the United States after being convicted under Britain’s Anti-White race laws. Although their Website is located in the United States where the content is completely legal, The kangroo courts in the UK (and other ZOG controlled countries such as Germany and France, not to mention Israel) claim their jurisdiction extends worldwide. In case you've been living under a rock for the last 10 years, it is illegal in Continental Europe and Canada to question the so-called "holocaust" or to protest the invasion of ancestral White homelands by the teeming masses of the Turd World.

Currently, unlike other asylum seekers such as transvestites, AIDS carriers and Turd Worlders who are rubber-stamped and released into the general population, Messrs Sheppard and Whittle are sitting in a jail cell in California because they are White and hold politically incorrect views.

This blog urges all freedom loving Patriots to support these brave men whose only crime is to hold unpopular views that the controlled governments of the West do not like.

You could be next. In fact, YOU ARE NEXT. We must hang together or we will all hang separately.

All cheques etc. for the Appeal fund to be made payable to:

Croydon Preservation Society
Lloyds Bank
Sort code 77-30-03
Account No 86187860
(Bank Address - Lloyds Bank, 49 / 53 High Street, Sutton, Surrey SM1 1DT)

All donations can be posted to, or they could be sent to the account - via
PayPal using email:
Western Union etc.
P.O. Box 301




Racial Regards
Paul Ballard
We can be contacted at either:- /

Monday, August 11, 2008

Surprise! Jews behind South Ossetia Land Grab

Turn over a rock and you'll find a jew. The Georgian Jews are crying for their Cat's Paw the United States but unfortunately, they are already bogged down with fighting the jews' wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and are now getting ready to attack their bitter enemy, Iran.
Hey! Maybe they could get the Invincible Israeli Army to come to their rescue? Naw, they are too busy shooting women and children in the occupied territories to be bothered. Sorry Mr. Georgia Jewey, looks like you're out of luck on this one.

Besides, do you think the United States would fight a country that could actually fight back? Haha, yeah. Sure.

The military cooperation between the countries developed swiftly. The fact that Georgia's defense minister, Davit Kezerashvili, is a former Israeli who is fluent in Hebrew contributed to this cooperation.

Israeli Source

In addition, the jews have been training and equipping the Georgian Army:

The fighting which broke out over the weekend between Russia and Georgia has brought Israel's intensive involvement in the region into the limelight. This involvement includes the sale of advanced weapons to Georgia and the training of the Georgian army's infantry forces.

Israeli source

Um, that's AMERICAN weapons that AMERICA gave to the jews. They simply repackage it and resell it, at a considerable markup, of course.

But wait! We're not finished! The Georgian State Minister for Reintegration (we want that oil, boy) is gasp! A JEW!

Wiki Source

"The Israelis should be proud of themselves for the Israeli training and education received by the Georgian soldiers," Georgian Minister Temur Yakobashvili said Saturday.
Yakobashvili is a Jew and is fluent in Hebrew. "We are now in a fight against the great Russia," he said, "and our hope is to receive assistance from the White House, because Georgia cannot survive on its own.

Proud of your Israeli training...must be a lot of women and children to shoot there too, huh? Yeah, hey! A jew wants white boys to come fight yet another war for them! Who would have Thunk it?!

Now you understand why Georgia is so Pro-Western. I'm not even going to go into the Jew George Soro's part in all this. Google it or go to, William has it down.

I urge the Russians to block all avenues of escape, arrest Mikheil Saakashvili and his jewish cabal, give them a quick trial and EXECUTE THEM! Teach the Zionist Entity a lesson they will not soon forget.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Heimdallr, Sound Your Horn!

Ragnarok is close at hand. Break free your chains, Loki! Set sail, Hymir! The Gods Await you on the plain of Vigrond!

The hour of your destruction draws nigh, City of Evil! "You serpents, you brood of vipers, how will you escape the sentence of hell?"

And for all you Judeo-Xtians Zionist rapture bunnies who think you will be sucked up by that great vacuum cleaner in the sky and miss all the fun, think again. You're going to stay right here and bleeeed for us. Yesiree, you will be selected for special treatment, and I know some good ole fashioned REAL Christians that are itching to be at the head of the line.

As for the true Patriot out there, the one who knows what is really happening, I say worry not. The jews always, ALWAYS, over-reach themselves. It's in their nature to do so. They think they have won, that they can attack the Ancient Land of the Aryans with impunity, and pit white nation against white nation at will. But they will fail, as God (or the Gods, whichever you prefer) has decreed otherwise! Watch, and you will see.

I urge all Patriots to prepare yourselves for what is coming. Stock up, draw up your lists, make sure your weapons are in good working order. There is hope in the scope.

More to come.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Gun Grabbers

Wake up, face the truth so you'll understand and be prepared for what's coming down the road very soon.

Patriot's Choice - By Dr. William L. Pierce

Every Saturday until September 11, the 75th anniversary of his birthday, this Blog will replay a selected American Dissident Voices broadcast by the late Dr. William L. Pierce, one of the most influentual voices of the White Struggle.

In this broadcast, Dr. Pierce says that modern "democracy" doesn't work and that White Americans who let themselves be governed by the current system based on party politics and elections are playing a loser's game. As we move closer to the next false flag operation, Dr. Pierce offers the only solution available to Patriots.

An excerpt:

"The point of everything I'm telling you today is this: White Americans who insist on operating according to the old rules, of letting themselves be governed by the current system based on party politics and elections, are playing a loser's game. By adhering to and supporting this system they are betraying their nation and their race. The system already has been taken over by the sworn enemies of their nation and their race. To support the system, to collaborate with the system is to be a traitor to one's people. It is to betray the ideal of self-government established on this continent by our forefathers."

Broadcast Date: 04-28-2001




Friday, August 8, 2008

Insane Lesbian Wants to Raise Her Own Troup

Sheboon Mother wants baby 'boons returned, needs extra income from Great White Father.

Picked this up from the August 7th Insurgent Radio Show, and the Thug report, both of which are on my links panel.

There are two things wrong here: Insane Altruism for mud races and Lesbianism. At least this sick woman was not trying to kidnap White children. This will be on the top of the list when we begin cleaning up our sick, degenerate society.

Houston woman charged with kidnapping five New Orleans children she took in after Katrina
by The Associated Press
Thursday August 07, 2008, 9:10 AM

HOUSTON (AP) -- Tavey, a single mother of two in Houston, welcomed the Alphonse family into her home after they were forced to flee New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. The Harris County District Attorney's office says Tavey is sought on five counts of kidnapping and an Amber Alert has been issued for the children. Authorities are saying Tavey has abducted the five children and is believed to be in the North Texas area.

Story Here

Wake Up, My Fellow Missourians!

This happened not in California, not in Texas, but in North Carolina, about as far from Mexico as you can get. Apparently, not far enough. Do you want to come home one day and get the news that your little girl is gone forever? This is the future, a South African future, unless we put a stop to it, NOW! You can start now by calling this greedy scumbag in St. Charles and ask him why he feels he needs to hire Mexican Invaders and endanger White neighborhoods. Then, you can call these guys and tell them to earn their overpaid salaries and get to work! I normally don't advise having anything to do with ZOG but short of shooting the bastards it's the only thing we can do, for now.

Mexishit who attempted to carry off our genetic heritage, stopped by brave 15 year old white MAN.

Also blogged at Curt Maynard's Blogsite

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Insurgent Radio With Tom Metzger

This blog is proud to present an Insurgent Radio Broadcast from WAR every Wednesday. I urge all revolutionary minded White Men and Women to subscribe to Tom Metzger's Radio club. You'll get 1 to 2 shows per day for the low subscription price of $20.00 per month, A small price to pay for the insight of a man who has dedicated over 40 years of his life to the White Struggle.

So grab your rifle (mag stowed and bolt open, of course) and gather 'round as Tom and his co-host Frank Bower engage in a lively discussion on such diverse topics as Lincoln, Hitler, Religion, Lenin, Politics, Economics and much more. Required listening for the White Insurgent. (Warning: Blight Wingers and System Hacks will be shot at the door)

Broadcast Date: May 26th, 2008

Broadcast Here

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

St. Louis Body Count: 105 - 5 Months Still Left in The Year

15 murders a month. No mention of race yet, but we already know what race the perp is, now don't we?

Young coach shot to death; teen is held
By Robert Kelly

ST. LOUIS — Carl Sharp, a former star basketball player for Jennings High School, had been coaching local youths and trying to keep them off the streets and out of trouble, his former coach says.

But Sharp, 26, of Jennings, lost his own life early Sunday when he was shot to death in St. Louis, apparently in a dispute over a burger order placed at a fast-food restaurant.

Story Here

Stats for St. Louis, Missouri:

population in July 2006: 347,181 (-0.3% change)
(the -0.3 change is niggers being shuffled to the suburbs)

Races in St. Louis:

Black (51.2%)
White Non-Hispanic (42.9%)
Hispanic (2.0%)
Two or more races (1.9%)
Vietnamese (1.0%)
American Indian (0.8%)
Other race (0.8%)

Any Questions?

Monday, August 4, 2008

Coming Soon To St. Louis and Your Town

Think, White Man. Is this what you want to leave to your children and grandchildren? All the blood, sweat and tears our ancestors endured so that we might have a better life is now being lost before our very eyes. If you don't have any respect or concern for your ancestors, you at least need to think about your posterity NOW. We can have a clean, safe, White America once again, but it won't be handed to us. An ocean of blood awaits us, but that is perferable to the alternative: Racial Extinction.

Thanks to DetroitIsCrap blog here

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Real History Comes to St. Louis!

David Irving, attacked unmercifully by the Enemies of all Mankind for writing the truth, will be in the St. Louis area on August 5, 2008 to speak about about his Political Imprisonment in Modern Europe and about Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, Reinhard Heydrich, and Real History, not the kosher approved lies that passes for history today.

I urge everyone interested in the truth to attend this important speech. To register, you can call 305 923 6779 or register Here

If you cannot attend the St. Louis gathering, Mr. Irving will be speaking in other cities this summer. You can get this list Here

Weekend Fun

Motivational Posters ripped from a gun forum I frequent. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Racial Suicide - Dr. William Pierce

Every Saturday until September 11, the 75th anniversary of his birthday, this Blog will replay a selected American Dissident Voices broadcast by the late Dr. William L. Pierce, one of the most influentual voices of the White Struggle.

In this broadcast, Dr. Pierce gives a superb, concise history of the misfortunes that have befallen the White race during the 20th century. Required listening for those who want to understand what is happening to our race in the 21st.

Broadcast Date: 12-23-2000

mp3 Here

wav Here

Text Here