Wednesday, July 29, 2009

St. Louis Police Kept Busy

Still handing out traffic tickets to white drivers, however.

By Melina Ann Collison

St. Louis –The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department was kept very busy last night with three different shootings. During these three acts of violent crime 4 individuals were injured.


Meanwhile, no description of the guy who is posing as a gas worker and robbing elderly white people:

By Melina Ann Collison

St. Louis –The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department is reporting that a man has been dressing up as a Laclede Gas utility worker to steal from them.

The unidentified man has targeted 5 people so far. He poses as a Laclede Gas employee, gains entry into an elderly person’s residence, and then steals or orders them to give him money.


Interesting tidbit: Did you know that Laclede Gas was the first Utility to be listed on the Dow Industrials? Yep, sure was.

Monday, July 27, 2009

A Happy Story For A Change

This is from a couple of years ago, but it's still heartwarming to view. In Springfield, Missouri, A little white girl gets ahead of her mom and skips off the bus but then turns around and starts to walk out in traffic. A white bus driver (see them nowadays?) reacts swiftly and...well, check it out.

Don't you feel good inside? I love happy endings like this.

Here's the story from a news source

By KYTV/NBC News Channel

SPRINGFIELD, MO -- A Springfield, Missouri bus driver is hailed a hero for running into a busy street after a 3-year-old girl.

Security cameras on the city bus captured the moment last Tuesday when the toddler got off and started walking straight into moving traffic.

Driver Chris Leslie dashed out the bus door and grabbed the girl just as a truck screeched to a stop in front of them.

"I saw she was going to go. I have a girl that age and I know what they can do. I hit the horn and saw she wasn't going to stop, so I undid my seat belt and got out as fast as I could. Luckily I grabbed her in time," said Leslie.

The girl's mother was pushing another child in a stroller and had warned the child to wait for her. Leslie says he's just glad he was at the right place at the right time.

When he got home from work that day, he says the first thing he did was hug his 2-year-old daughter.

Friday, July 17, 2009

I Love Missoura!

Ya'll come. There's plenty more room for White Folks that think like this. Bring yo guns 'cause we's gonna have us a revolution!

It's shaping up now that Chicago will be be the center of ZOG power and the place of Synagogues to persecute Dissents while Missouri will be the center of the Insurgency. At least, I hope so!

Monday, July 13, 2009

God Angry - Does Not Want Jews in His Space

Remember what happened the last time a jew was sent into space? God Smite it down, over Palestine! Texas, that is. Now, another jew is about to move into God's Dominion. If I were a crewmember on that shuttle, I'd be calling in sick!

Mark Polansky, the Korean Jew:

Here we see Mark with the pilot, anyone care to take a guess on what he is? Beats me. Ain't white though.

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — NASA faced the prospect of more stormy weather Monday as it tried for the fifth time to launch shuttle Endeavour to the international space station.

Thunderstorms prevented Endeavour and seven astronauts from blasting off Sunday evening. Forecasters said there was a 60 percent chance the weather would force yet another delay Monday evening for the space station construction mission.

"It's just not our day for the weather," launch manager Mike Moses said following the latest postponement

"We'll be ready," commander Mark Polansky said.


Whoa, hell! A jew in charge of the launch! I wouldn't be spectating around there, either. If you do, bring your fireproof umbrella, you're gonna need it.

Ye have been warned!

Behold! The Anger of a rightous God!

Remember what Jesus said to the scribes and pharisees so many years ago:

"I am from above, Ye are from below." John 8:23 KJV

Jesus didn't say it but implied that you all need to stay here (below). Don't be coming up here cause the devil is confined to the earth!

And now, a word from our sponsor, The Spirit of Truf. Flowing straight from the survival scroll!

Africans Angry - Will Give Traditional Dance During All Star Week

St. Louis Negros Show their displeasure!

Members of the group, the African-American Business and Contractors Association, said at a news conference in St. Louis that they want the region to know that too few minority contractors are being hired as subcontractors on public projects.

"It seems like things have changed. In reality, they have not changed," said Hilary Ogunrinde, owner of HLS Hauling and member of the contractors association. "You should be outraged because there is discrimination in your neighborhood."


Draft? Who Needs a Draft?

Just tank the economy and they will come!

Marine Corps could have too many Marines
Posted July 10th, 2009 by Jeff Schogol in Stripes Central

The Marine Corps could be a victim of its own success in recruiting and retaining Marines.

The Corps has exceeded its monthly recruiting goal every month this fiscal year, making 114 percent of its June quota with 4,155 new recruits.

The problem is, the Corps is currently above its authorized active-duty end strength of 202,000.

“As of today, 10 July, the Marine Corps' active duty strength is 203,768,” Corps spokeswoman Maj. Shawn Haney said in an e-mail. “Keep in mind that it is the summer season which will mean a lot of flux between now and the end of the FY.”

Last month Corps Commandant Gen. James Conway said recruiters have had to curtail their efforts in part due to its success retaining Marines.

“We can – without any additional authority – go up to about 204,000; I have told our people, don’t do that, okay; let’s show some management skill here, regulate this thing,” he said. “A little past 202 [thousand] is okay, but not much because we don’t have the money really to go beyond 202,000.”

The Corps has also slashed the number of Military Occupational Specialties that rate a re-enlistment bonus in fiscal 2010.

Meanwhile, the Navy and Air Force both met their monthly recruiting goals for June, and the Army made 103 percent of its goal with 6,207 new recruits.

As of the end of May, the Army was about 1,000 above its authorized end strength with 547,981 active-duty soldiers, said Army spokeswoman Toni DeLancey.

And On That Day, You Will Reap It!

God I love this scene. Change the characters around a bit and this is what I wish for more than anything!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Blog to the Ever Growing Roll

Looks like a good blog to have around revolutionaries such as ourselves. Check it out, it's on my blog roll and we hope you enjoy it!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Support and Encouragement

I'm sure you've probably seen the "Farce of July" story on sites like Kentuckyanna True News and Western Voices, and I won't duplicate it here. I notice when I talk with people about our Mestizo problem, I hear a lot of comments like "they should speak English" or "they should assimilate". That is not the revolutionary attitude to take.

Posters like this:

And This:

Should be spread far and wide in the enemy neighborhoods, with patriotic callings to all Mestizos to rise up now and drive out the white devils!

While posters like this

And this

Should be spread in our White communities with the appropriate propaganda.

The key is separation. We must have it. We will have it.


As Regards 'Patriotism'

by Mark Twain

In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot. Mark Twain’s Notebook, 1905

IT IS AGREED, in this country, that if a man can arrange his religion so that it perfectly satisfies his conscience, it is not incumbent upon him to care whether the arrangement is satisfactory to anyone else or not.

In Austria and some other countries this is not the case. There the state arranges a man’s religion for him, he has no voice in it himself.

Patriotism is merely a religion -- love of country, worship of country, devotion to the country’s flag and honor and welfare.

In absolute monarchies it is furnished from the throne, cut and dried, to the subject; in England and America it is furnished, cut and dried, to the citizen by the politician and the newspaper.

The newspaper-and-politician-manufactured patriot often gags in private over his dose; but he takes it, and keeps it on his stomach the best he can. Blessed are the meek.

Sometimes, in the beginning of an insane shabby political upheaval, he is strongly moved to revolt, but he doesn’t do it -- he knows better. He knows that his maker would find out -- the maker of his patriotism, the windy and incoherent six-dollar subeditor of his village newspaper -- and would bray out in print and call him a traitor. And how dreadful that would be. It makes him tuck his tail between his legs and shiver. We all know -- the reader knows it quite well -- that two or three years ago nine-tenths of the human tails in England and America performed just that act. Which is to say, nine-tenths of the patriots in England and America turned traitor to keep from being called traitor. Isn’t it true? You know it to be true. Isn’t it curious?

Yet it was not a thing to be very seriously ashamed of. A man can seldom -- very, very seldom -- fight a winning fight against his training; the odds are too heavy. For many a year -- perhaps always -- the training of the two nations had been dead against independence in political thought, persistently inhospitable toward patriotism manufactured on a man’s own premises, patriotism reasoned out in the man’s own head and fire-assayed and tested and proved in his own conscience. The resulting patriotism was a shopworn product procured at second hand. The patriot did not know just how or when or where he got his opinions, neither did he care, so long as he was with what seemed the majority -- which was the main thing, the safe thing, the comfortable thing. Does the reader believe he knows three men who have actual reasons for their pattern of patriotism -- and can furnish them? Let him not examine, unless he wants to be disappointed. He will be likely to find that his men got their patriotism at the public trough, and had no hand in its preparation themselves.

Training does wonderful things. It moved the people of this country to oppose the Mexican War; then moved them to fall in with what they supposed was the opinion of the majority -- majority patriotism is the customary patriotism -- and go down there and fight. Before the Civil War it made the North indifferent to slavery and friendly to the slave interest; in that interest it made Massachusetts hostile to the American flag, and she would not allow it to be hoisted on her State house -- in her eyes it was the flag of a faction. Then by and by, training swung Massachusetts the other way, and she went raging South to fight under that very flag and against that aforetime protected interest of hers.

There is nothing that training cannot do. Nothing is above its reach or below it. It can turn bad morals to good, good morals to bad; it can destroy principles, it can recreate them; it can debase angels to men and lift men to angelship. And it can do any one of these miracles in a year -- even in six months.

Then men can be trained to manufacture their own patriotism. They can be trained to labor it out in their own heads and hearts and in the privacy and independence of their own premises. It can train them to stop taking it by command, as the Austrian takes his religion. .
(1.) Ed. note: Twain was referring to the Boer War and the Phillipine 'Insurrection' -- both colonial wars of imperial aggression against native peoples in South Africa and Asia fought around the turn of the previous century. Twain was a member of the "Anti-Imperialist League" formed to protest against the colonialization of the Phillipines after the Spanish-American War.

New links, Blogs and Forums Added

Added some new links to our every growing roll call. I certainly hope the reader will take the time to peruse them, they have been picked for interest and diversity.

First up is Martin lindstedt, a patriot that might seem a bit on the crazy side but still full of Christian Racial radicalism.

Second we've added Pastor Wickstrom's blog. Another firebreather that takes no prisoners.

Third we've added Occidental Dissent, a rather highbrow blog to compete with Majority Rights and others of their ilk.

Forth, we've added material from way back to 1994-2005 with such giants as Jim Floyd (anyone know what happened to him?) Willie Martin, the Special Forces Resister and Tom Chittum. Take a walk through the past on the issues of the day!

Fifth, we've added Stumble Inn to our Forums section.

We hope you enjoy it. Here at ASTL, we try to have something for everyone!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dying For Empire

Is it Patriotic? Is dying in some far off country for monied and alien interests really defending your people? Or is being opposed to the corrupt Empire the patriotic thing to do?

Come, let us reason together.

The founding fathers and the common man who took up arms against the British were British subjects, taxpaying citizens of the British empire. They were called terrorists, unpatriotic traitors and anything else the British government could throw at them. Many were imprisoned, some where executed. Others lost all they had in order to separate from what they saw as a corrupt, evil government. Two thirds of their fellow colonists however, wanted to remain "subjects", bleating in unison "O why can't we all just get along? Why must we have such disruption in our lives? All we want to do is consume and obey in safety and security". The corrupt British government considered these people, who went on to become Canadians, "Patriotic".

Even then, the British government could care less about White people if it interfered with the profits of the wealthy interests that controlled it.

He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.

The British allied itself with racial aliens against it's own people, and hindered the White colonists from expanding further west. The British government you see today, importing thousands of racial aliens into Britain daily, is the evolutionary result of the government our ancestors fought against.

If we were to draw of a list of grievances against the ruling Regime in Washington today, what would they be? What are the indictments today?

1. It (the government) has deliberately allowed the invasion of over 100 million racial and cultural aliens into our land where they have been waging a race war against our people and imprisoning anyone that has dared to fight back or object to the destruction of our Nation and gene pool.

2. It has set loose at gunpoint the African, coercing with massive firepower the integration of our schools and neighborhoods with the result being ruined lives, cities, towns.

3. It has at laid on oppressive taxes and allowed monied interests to steal and rob us with impunity.

4. It has allowed a alien minority to seize control of the government, which has used it for the exclusive use of an alien power in the Middle East.

5. It has created a mercenary Army, both government and civilian, to wage unjust and illegal wars around the world. It has murdered our racial stock in two fracticidal wars.

We could go on and on, couldn't we? The sad fact of the matter is, before 1965 we had a nation in the real sense of the word, although even at that time it was in an advanced state of decay. The question one must ask themselves, do we have one now? Or do we live in a multicultural, multiracial political entity held together by oppressive laws and firepower?

America as it was originally proposed no longer exists, and the great experiment known as the United States is over. The only thing that matters now is survival of our people, the people of European descent, not waving a flag or the pledge of allegiance.

Governments are temporal. Races can be, too. The difference is, you can always create a new government but once the race is gone, it's forever. Never to return. This is what we must prevent at any cost.

When Will We Get It Right?

What a shame. This guy had rifles, silencers and C-4 that he pilfered from the ZOG.

Ryan D. Webster, 23, of the 100 block of Margaux Court, near St. Charles, admitted that he possessed a variety of explosives stolen from the St. Charles County Law Enforcement Training Center, 1835 South Highway 94, sometime between June 3 and 12, 2007.

He pleaded guilty of unlawful possession of a silencer and possession of stolen C-4 plastic explosives and other materials. Sentencing is set for Sept. 24.

Federal agents found the explosives — and more than 15 rifles, shotguns and pistols and a homemade silencer — in a search of Webster's home in January.

A confidential informer working with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said that Webster was preparing for the end of the world in 2012 and disliked African-Americans and Jews, Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Bert said in court. Bert also said that a photo existed of Webster in full Nazi SS uniform.

Bert said that several witnesses told investigators that Webster both showed and demonstrated the explosives and searched the Web for information about the manufacture of explosives and the conversion of semi-automatic weapons to full automatic.


Next time someone is lucky enough to come in to some boom-boom, carefully wrap it up, put it in a container with some dessicant and bury it. How hard is that?

Meanwhile, out in Jesse James country, another patriot is arrested by the Great Satan:

Robert Neil Joos, 56, a self-professed white supremacist from McDonald County, was charged Thursday in federal court with illegally possessing firearms, the U.S. attorney’s office said.

A search of Joos’ 200-acre property was the result of an investigation into a “retreat location in McDonald County used by white supremacists,” said Matt Whitworth, acting U.S. attorney for the Western District of Missouri, in a statement.

200 acres of property to train insurgents in the coming civil war. Gone. Why? Because some idiot that will go unnamed dropped joos name at an "Aryan Fest" without checking or vetting the person or persons, who turned out the be a traitorious ATF "Confidental Informant" or CI.

So in a short amount of time we've lost a potential training site, explosives, manufacturing skills (silencers) and two patriots to what amounts to sloppy security.

This has to stop.

Number 1 - DO NOT DROP NAMES OR MAKE CONNECTIONS WITH ANYONE WITHOUT CHECKING THEM OUT FIRST. Of course, this only applies to activities that can get you thrown in a ZOG prison, not for "above ground" activities, though it wouldn't hurt to implement some security vetting in an above ground organization either. There's nothing worse than having a meeting with a punk informer or government agent sitting in on your discussions.




There is never going to be any meaningful resistance without security. It seems that White Nationalists, blight wingers or anyone else are incapable of maintaining even the most basic security measures. THINK! It's not that hard.

More Info here at originaldissent

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Waiting for the Real Revolution

So you think you're a Yankee Doodle Dandy? A Yankee do or die? A real life nephew of your uncle sam, born on the forth of July?

Mentioning America's founding fathers, Biden told the new Americans from across the world that "as of today they're your founding fathers."

Traitor and Zionist bootlicker Joe Bidenstein gives Whites a good poke in the eye, along with all Patriot Iraqis.

During the ceremony, an inheritor of your posterity passes your inheritance on to the new posterity:

While the true inheritance is buried into the ground

Replaced by the enforcers of the New America

We're so excited! We're busting with pride! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hal Turner and The Synagogue of Satan

As everyone knows, Hal Turner is now sitting in a Jail under solitary confinement, charged with hate speech against the enemies of our race. A negro judge of the occupation government has denied him bail. He will be on his way to join Matt Hale and Bill White in Chicago for a kangaroo trial before being thrown in prison.

Now, I have no love for Hal Turner. I was one of his biggest opponents on VNN and at the Knoxville rally. I think he is a huckster and he's in it all for himself. His wolf cries were all show for the most part. I have and still want him to drop out of the so-called movement because he's a liability, in my view. He drains needed resources from our meager funding and competes, not works with, others in the movement that are actually trying to build something.

For a long time I thought he was a Fed and there is no doubt he had a cozy relationship with the Law. This was seen at Knoxville. I no longer think he is a Fed but a lot of his antics you could pull right out of the Fed manual of subversion and division.

That being said...

Anyone who has ever been in the system of the Great Satan knows how bad it is. You are stuck in a cell with the lowest of the negros along with white filth that should have been aborted years ago. The food sucks, your day is regimented, you're subject to the most degrading of checks and you must always watch your back. In addition to that, you are forced to read the same book over and over, if you're lucky enough to have one. Anyone who has not been in that situation has no idea how bad it is, to lose your freedom, have some fatass nigger guards barking at you and nobody basically giving a flying leap about you.

I heard a clip of Hal calling from the Jail in which he basically threw Bill White under the bridge so he could highlight the "injustice" done to him. At the end, he started crying and I'm not going to hold that against any man in his situation. But I say to Hal Turner now: SUCK IT UP and be a man! You are now a prisoner of our hated enemy and you must show some guts like Timothy and the Bruders did and not grovel or whine or talk bad about soldiers behind the wire. Whether I like it or not, people are looking up to you, and if you fail this test, you will validate in the eyes of all except the biggest suckers that which I wrote about you above.

You're not the only one that has gone though this and you won't be the last. I predicted at the beginning of the year that this would be the start of sorrows, that some of us would struggle through, others would quit, and others would cross the bridge of sighs. You're on that bridge now, and it's important that you do what you can to set an example for the others.

And to my kinsfolk who are out there, steel yourself. You are to be brought before the synagogues and they will persecute you. IT IS COMING and will happen to more and more of us. Be prepared, have faith and realize the road to victory is full of sacrifice.

I never cared for Matt Hale or the Creators, or Hal Turner, or Bill White for that matter, though I had more respect for him than any of the others. But each of them I have sent support, because in this struggle for survival we must all hang together, or we will surely hang separately. Let's defeat our common enemy first before we start chasing each other with the rope.

If you want to send support, here's the address for Hal:

P. Turner
1906 Paterson Plank Rd.
North Bergen, NJ 07047-1900

And to the ZOG agents both goverment and private that read this blog (I know you do) I quote from John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath:

"in the eyes of the hungry there is a growing wrath. In the souls of the people the grapes of wrath are filling and growing heavy, growing heavy for the vintage"

Soon the vintage of our wrath will spill forth. It is already written.