Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Marine We Can Respect

This Marine was onboard the ship that was attacked by Jewish "commandos" on it's way to relieve the blockade of Gaza. You know, the one where 9 unarmed people were shot dead? This Marine disarmed a Jew and could have shot him dead but didn't. Here he tangles with a Jewish mouthpiece on BBC.

We could really use men like this. My belief is that as more people come to the realization that peaceable resistance is fruitless, they will turn to other means. I await that day with open arms.

The rest of the interrogation by the "impartial" BBC is here.

Friday, June 18, 2010


We here at Access St. Louis are not against Agitprop activism to get the word out and awaken the people. We have always held that revolutionary activity is both Above and Below ground. Taken alone, neither one will work but together, there is a much better chance of success. So we bring you some tips from Historical Review Press, or HRP. While we still feel strongly that it's going to come down to blood and tears, getting as many people to understand the reasons why is crucial for success.

How to Speak to The World in a Day

Handling the Media

There is no such thing as an objective newspaper; it publishes the owners’ spin on news and comment. Mark Twain, the great writer summed it up perfectly: "If you don’t read newspapers you are uninformed. If you do read newspapers you are misinformed." To put it succinctly: "Freedom of the Press is guaranteed only to those who own one." – A.J Liebling.

Letters to the editor

After news content the most widely read section of a newspaper is the readers’ letters page. Too few revisionists’ use this effective means of challenging propaganda, current orthodoxy; conventional wisdom. Do remember that your average city newspaper will receive about eighty readers’ letters a day; they have space for maybe eight. Get it right and you will be published.

Local newspapers are more widely read than are the nationals; they receive fewer readers’ letters and in hot competition are more likely to publish letters on controversial subjects. Small media are desperate for readers’ letters; the staff often writes them.

Avoid rejection

Readers’ letters that stick to the rules are more likely to be published. Those rejected rarely fail because of political content. The most common reason for non publication is length. Exceed 150 words and publication is unlikely. Don’t be long-winded; don’t repeat points made: There is a saying in sales: K.I.S.S (Keep it Simple, Stupid).
The five w rule

Every writer knows the five W rule: Who, When, What, Where, and Why. Nearly everything you read, regardless of length, usually follows this rule. Example: "John Doe recently claimed 6 million Jews were murdered. Where can I find proof that would be taken seriously in any court other than the widely condemned Nuremberg (Military) show trials? Is it because exaggerating the deaths and soliciting sympathy excuses Israel’s rejection of international law?"

E-mail your letter. If it is handwritten it is likely to be rejected. The address is usually found on the letters page. If writing letters or articles is not your strong point then ask a friend to set it our correctly before e-mailing it to the editor. Poor grammar and abysmal spelling will lead to rejection.

Keep cool

Keep cool; set out your points clearly and concisely. Never use terms of abuse or overtly criticise a columnist, editor or editorial viewpoint. The Third Reich and Fascism arouse passions as did once Christianity. Moderate your approach. Make sure of your facts and where you can mention source do so. You can bet that an opponent will look for a weak link in your case.

Be reasonable: "Obviously a subject such as the holocaust is emotive, polarises opinion and attracts self-interest comment, which distorts the entire picture. The best way to expose revisionists is surely to invite them to public debate. If we do not then they will see this as weakness in their opponents’ case as well it might be."


Unless you are Billy No Mates you will have like-minded friends and associates, which is why I am sending this training memo to you. Once you have carefully written your letter to the editor, if it is not local in subject, send it to like-minded friends elsewhere so they can replace your name with their own and then send it to their own local newspapers?


Many revisionists are reluctant to draw enemy fire by putting their name to contentious subjects such as World War Two, National Socialism, Revisionism, the holocaust, Christianity even. Fine: Sadly it is the world we live in and for the moment they are on the thrones. However few editors will refuse a polite request to withhold your name. They will not divulge it. Happy writing!

Bright idea! If you think these suggestions have merit then why not forward it to others who will benefit. If each of one hundred recipients forwards it to another one hundred and so on, we cover the world in a day.

I would also like to add that social networking, internet chat and news site comments are good too, if done correctly.

Ice-Breaker Now Online

Ever wanted to read the book by Viktor Suvorov who asserts that Hitler's invasion of Russia was pre-emptive? Well, now you can! It's a scanned book but it looks like they did a good job. I think this is going under a new section I'm starting, WWII History and Holocaust Studies.


It's a 40mb download, so for those on dialup, be patient! :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Traitors Justice

I love stories like this. Smells like...resistance.

The assassinations have been effective in slowing recruitment of government officials, he said. “Am I going to live through the workweek? No one should have to ask that question.”

This is what we have to get our enemies to ask themselves. This is absolutely the correct strategy to take. Many in the struggle think we need to have running gun battles with the Great Satan's military. THAT is a fantasy.

The only thing about this story that's disappointing is American officials aren't included in the story. I guess they are hard to get at, living in a fortress surrounded by heavily armed military forces and helicopter gunships. But that won't happen in North America. They may work in a green zone or the highest officials reside inside, but the vast majority of the illegitimate ZOG government will live outside that zone. And when ZOG turns North America into a armed military prison, it's only a matter of time before the political calculations kick in.

“My family pushed me to give it up,” he said. “I know so many people who are afraid to take jobs with the government or the aid community now. It’s a very effective and very efficient campaign; the armed opposition are using this tool because it works.”

We need armed opposition. Until that happens, all this bleating about a white ethnostate or throwing off our judaized masters will be just that. Why should the enemy fear talk? It's worthless without something to back it up.

And the best thing? People like Mark Halperin and his traitorous ilk will be lining up against the wall or an Overpass with a hemp necklace. It can't come too soon for me.

Taliban Steps up the resistance

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

News of The Future

Reporting from Washington

The US Military's third-ranking leader — a close associate and relative by marriage to U.S. President Osama Hussein Mugagabai — is believed to have been killed in a ARNA (Army of Resistance in North America) drone strike in outside Peterson AFB in Colorado, NorthCom officials said.

The death of General Said Masri, an Egyptian-American who is believed to act as the counterterrorist network's operational leader, would be the latest blow to The US Military, which has suffered a steady degradation of its leadership and ability to mount attacks since the ARNA stepped up its campaign of missile strikes by unmanned aircraft in Federal Strongholds.

"We have strong reason to believe" that General Masri is dead, an ARNA official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was discussing intelligence information. "He was key to US Military's command and control. His death would be a major blow."

Masri was believed to play a role in most of US Military's operations, including its command/control and its continuing attempts to mount attacks. He is also thought to have been the key conduit to Israeli operative Moshe Sholomo and his No. 2, HAyman Zawskinskov, both of whom are thought to play a minimal role in the network's day-to-day activities because of their need to remain in hiding due to intense efforts by the ARNA to find them.

"Masri was the group's Senior Military Leader, with a hand in everything from finances to operational planning," the ARNA official said.

ARNA officials discussed Masri's apparent death Monday after a statement began appearing on Patriot websites announcing that he had been killed inside the green zone in Washington. It did not confirm how he was killed but said that his wife, three daughters and others were killed at the same time.

The statement claimed that Masri had been training Israeli operatives to carry out future attacks.

"What he left behind will, with permission from Jesus, continue to be generous and copious and to produce heroes and raise generations. His death will only be a severe curse by his life upon the insurgents. The response is near."

ARNA officials would not discuss the reports that Masri's family members had been killed in the drone strike. He is thought to have married into President Mugagabai's family in the years since the two arrived in Washington.

ARNA officials say they take steps to minimize the risk of civilian deaths, but in cases when a senior Military leader is found, they have to decide on firing a missile even if it means causing noncombatant casualties.

Although severely hobbled and relegated to an ever-smaller sanctuary in Colorado, The US Government has been able to replace leaders killed or captured, though there was no indication Monday who would take over as operations chief. Masri's apparent death followed the demise in Washington's Green zone of two other senior Military leaders, Wing Chung Lee, who was killed in a ARNA missile strike in December, and Wesley Clarke Jr, who was reported to have died in an attack near Alexandria, VA in March.

Under severe pressure over the last year, The US Military has formed closer links with Israeli and Anti-Resistance militant groups, including Tehrik-e-Aviv, a violent Jewish organization that ARNA officials say was involved in training and financing the attempted bombing of a ARNA leader in March.

The ARNA has repeatedly captured or killed Senior Military members described as the organization's No. 3 leader since 2001. Masri ascended to the job a few years ago, an official said, and has issued several statements since then promising or taking credit for attacks, including the bombing against a Civilian town in Khowst, Missouri, last year that killed seventy suspected ARNA civilian supporters.

Officials would not discuss where the attack occurred in the Colorado Area. Many of the ARNA drone strikes are carried out against military Personel whose identities are not fully known, but the ARNA also looks for specific leaders such as Masri whose names are on an approved target list.

Reporting Live = Suszzane Hoten-Chroch, INR News.