Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shedrick and Leo

We be Shedrick and Leo. We be robbin banks and shite, 'cause we hear'ed the gubmint be shutting down so they won't be no poleece to shoots us. Daaaayem we wrong!

ST. LOUIS • This weekend, police released mug shots of two men who authorities say robbed a bank Thursday using a grenade and led police on a chase through St. Louis that ended in a shootout.

Dayem Shedrick, where you get them hand grenades?!

Both were released from the hospital by Friday morning after the shootout Thursday morning.

Kent was hit twice in the head in the shootout. He was also hit in the wrist and ankle. Sykes was hit in the hand, buttocks and ankle. His ear was also grazed by a bullet.

Haha, shot in the head twice. Must have been using a 9mm. Nothing less than a .45 will do when shooting silverbacks.

Rest of this hilarious story here...

Shame, two more African Scientists taken from us, thanks to the evil white oppressors!

Hey all you Redbird Fans!

That's what we here in St. Louis call our beloved Cardinals, coached by a mouth breathing fool who doesn't even live in the area.

This is what awaits you when the Mexicans arrive. What will you do then, when you can't pay 150 bucks to take your white daughter or son to worship overpaid negros and mongrels? Frickin IDIOTS.

Many fans don't feel secure at Dodger Stadium

Opening-day attack opens the floodgates from emailers about safety concerns at what used to be a family-friendly environment.

White man gets beat nearly to death in front of his family on opening day. This doesn't just happen in LA. A white man was killed in the parking lot in San Fran a couple of years ago by the same invaders.

Interesting responses:

As one emailer wrote, "I spent many a wonderful day and night out at the ravine, but about 10 years ago I began to become alarmed with the drunks, fights and parking lot. I was a grunt in Vietnam during all of 1968, and it was safer over there than in the Dodgers parking lot."

I'm surprised the LA Times isn't accusing their readers of racism. What's the matter with white folks, don't they know how to celebrate diversity?!

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

East St. Louis Becomes St. Louis Becomes Kansas City Becomes Oakland Becomes...

No matter where you go in The New America, this kind of behavior is the norm.  Get your children ready for it because soon there will be no escaping it. There will be no place to run.

What will you do then?

Edit: Video removed due to autoplay settings.

Why You Can't Beat The Markets

It's rigged.  The big jews that dominate Wall Street all work together and sometimes their white shabbat goy get in on the looting.  What's funny about this story is some "US Attorney General" that is prosecuting these guys is named  Preet Bharara.  Imagine!  But hey, he's the New American, and you know what they say; In the with new and out with the old.   Believe me, there are hardly any White men out there running the money houses.

We'll be discussing that issue too in later posts. 

Anyway, an inside look at just one angle of an insider trading racket.  As you read the numbers just remember, they are the proceeds from the 401k, IRA, pensions and retail investors of millions of White Americans.  Remember these crooks get trillions in bailouts while you stuggle to pay for gas to get to work.  Remember it well.
The middleman worked in 1991 with Kluger at a real estate company, and then with Bauer at Weiss, Peck & Greer, a venture capital firm. The middleman was once a registered trader and later worked in the mortgage loan business, according to the FBI.

Conspiracy, Fraud
The middleman wasn’t charged, while Bauer and Kluger were accused of conspiracy to commit securities fraud, securities fraud, obstructing justice and conspiracy to commit money laundering. Both were ordered detained after court hearings.

Kluger furnished tips about deals and transactions, and Bauer “made substantial trades based on that information and then divided the profits with Kluger and the middleman,” Fishman said yesterday. He said Bauer made more than $30 million, the middleman more than $875,000, and Kluger more than $500,000.

With his profits, Bauer bought a $6.65 million condominium in Manhattan, where he conducted his trading, and an $875,000 home in Boca Raton, Florida, the FBI said.

Complete story here