Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Market in Green - No Jews, Just Right

It's the jewish holiday and if you turn it to CNBC, you'll see the trading floor almost deserted. A dirth of the regular guests is also apparent, with only the CNBC "staff" available to discuss the current situation. Suprisingly, I hadn't realized that Mark Haines was jewish. Apparently he is, or else he's taking the day off in honor of his jewish owners.

NYSE Advancing Issues 2247
NYSE Declining Issues 1053
NYSE Trading Volume 2.7 bln
NASDAQ Advancing Issues 1504
NASDAQ Declining Issues 1312
NASDAQ Trading Volume 1.0 bln

Not bad, huh? No jews, and the market is actually honest. as you can see, volume is pretty light, as there are no kikes to short, sell, or raid the markets. Bernake and Paulson and all his kike friends are absent too. Point this out to your friends and family.

Congress is basically in recess because of the "jewish holiday". Just flip through your channels and check out who is absent and who isn't.

Anyone that doesn't realize we are living in a judazied society as sheep to be fleeced needs to get a clue.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Banker Bailout Bill Voted Down!

Republicans unhappy bankers not sufficiently covered, wanted to give the screw to homeowners. Dow down 700 points, most since 2000! Great Depression on track!Breaking News

Market Meltdown

Down down 300 points, Fed injects 600 billion into the system with no affect, bailout will pass but it won't do anything to stop the bleeding. Hedge funds are liquidating their positions, short sellers are pounding anything they can get their hands on.

If you're in the market, this is bad for you. If you have a revolutionary frame of mind, this is all good. the only commodities worth anything will be lead and powder. Before the New Order can take place, the old Order must be swept away, and the redemption can only be in blood.

We are living in interesting times.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Government More Dangerous to Our Liberty Than Is The Enemy It Claims to Protect Us From

If they are going to suspend the right of habeas corpus anyway, YOU MIGHT AS WELL GIVE THEM A REASON TO DO IT! If they are going to call you Traitors, Then so be it! We OWE Allegiance to our People! If they want to label you as "terrorists", GIVE THEM A REASON! There is no greater honor or glory as to fight the evil that like a cancer is consuming our Race, our Heritage, our Culture, our Civilization to utter extinction.

These people cannot defeat you! It is only FEAR that will defeat us! They can only kill us one time. If you continue to live under their deadly, destructive order, you will die one thousand times, everyday!

The time is growing near, Dear Patriots. For those of us who have dreamed of this day, suffering for so long under the strain of a utterly corrupt and illegitimate power, we are ready and we welcome it. We will either throw off our chains or we shall die as free men, ON OUR FEET! Why? Because we know something better will rise from the ruins; a new people! a new Order! If we refuse to act, EVERYTHING WILL BE LOST. IRREVOCABLY. FOREVER. What will the Gods say to you then?

And for those of you that won't fight, May your shackles weigh heavily upon you, and may your posterity cease to exist. forever.

Thanks to Western Voices World News for the video.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Arkansas "Evangelist" a Converted Jew

Think you'll hear this on the evening news? If you answered yes, then you need to pull yourself off the Matrix. Also, when pointing out the genetic nature of Negro crime, The aforementioned Negros like to hoot and holler back that Whites make up most of the child molesters and serial killers, which is just more jewish brainwashing regurgitated as fact. Meet "Pastor" Tony Alamo, The poster boy for today's Main Stream Judaized Xianity. BTW, if you run into someone that is named after a city, a color, stone or something weird like "Alamo", you can discern with reasonable accuracy that the person is a Jew.

Authorities did not say when minors were taken across state lines or which states were involved, but Alamo has ministries in California and Arkansas.

FBI documents identified Alamo by his birth name, Bernie Lazar Hoffman. Alamo has said he was born Jewish but converted to Christianity.

Aliens in Our Midst

Picked this up over at American Nationalist Union, a must visit site for anyone that seeks to make sense of today's events. This video is perfect to pass on to a friend or loved one that desires milk, but is not yet ready for the meat.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Insurgent Radio With Tom Metzger

Note: This post was edited to include the Wednesday show instead of the Tuesday show, which was also an interesting broadcast.

It's Wednesday night folks, time for Terrible Tommy and Insurgent Radio! Tonight, we play the September 24th part A show. Tommy discusses some interesting topics, and plays some disturbing audio about gun confiscation in New Orleans and the use of Christian Pastors in accomplishing this. Also, some eye opening info on Juan McCain. Lots of other great stuff from Tommy, as usual. Guess who is singing the intro. Don't miss this show!

And now, hereeeeeeees Tommy!

If you like what Mr. Metzger has to say and would like to lend support, subscribe to the show. You'll definitely get your money's worth.

Also, Tom is going to restart his highly successful Public TV series "Race and Reason". If you'd like to help with this or be a guest on his show, send him an email.

Taking Care of Your Own, A Tale of Two Races

The first is about a boy who suffers from a rare disorder and how the family and the community responds. As I've said before, only Whites are capable of true altruism. Do you think if this kid were born in India or Africa, he would be cared for? Only if Whites were there. Otherwise, he'd be out in the streets to beg and fend for himself or if in Africa, he's be on someone's menu.

Back in November, Brenden's hometown of roughly 15,000 people raised $20,000 to help buy basics -- like a bed and a desk -- for Brenden's oversize frame. Because Brenden can't easily bend his knees or ankles, the local fire department donated a lift chair, the kind that electronically powers him into a sitting or standing position.

You can read the rest here

Meanwhile, in East St. Louis, Negros express their feelings for the disabled, as seen in this story

The victim, who police did not identify, was hospitalized with injuries investigators termed not life-threatening, including broken bones and severe malnutrition that winnowed her weight to less than 100 pounds.

Police said the victim's mental capacity of a 6-year-old diminished her ability to report the abuse, inflicted while she lived with an aunt, who investigators say directed the beatings until she died last week of a massive heart attack.

Two teens, no less. They learn 'em early in the community of color.

Army Unit From Iraq to be Stationed in CONUS This October

Army Unit to Deploy in October for Domestic Operations (martial law coming after economic collapse and/or coming attack on Iran?):
Beginning in October, the Army plans to station an active unit inside the United States for the first time to serve as an on-call federal response in times of emergency. The 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team has spent thirty-five of the last sixty months in Iraq, but now the unit is training for domestic operations. The unit will soon be under the day-to-day control of US Army North, the Army service component of Northern Command. The Army Times reports this new mission marks the first time an active unit has been given a dedicated assignment to Northern Command. The paper says the Army unit may be called upon to help with civil unrest and crowd control. The soldiers are learning to use so-called nonlethal weapons designed to subdue unruly or dangerous individuals and crowds.

This video is Jerome Corsi, talking about the traitor Bush's new "National Security" Directive.

Glorious days are coming for the Revolutionary. Will you die on your feet or live on your knees? The future of your posterity awaits an answer.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Remember Those WaMu Commercials?

You know, the ones depicting Whites as evil, greedy, clueless, stupid, moneygrubbing bankers, and the oh so cool negro? No jews mind you, just Whites? The CEO of Washington Mutual, BTW, is a kike. Neat, huh? This commercial is especially sickening, as you have a sheboon asking for free checking and some Raja acting like, well, a dothead.

These commercials were targeted at the mud masses. And they worked. Washington Mutual is now trading at 4.07 a share, down from almost 40 a year ago. Haha! Here's a representative sample of "minority banking":

"Washington Mutual made 43 home loans to Vijay and Supriti Soni of Corona del Mar since early last year and six of the 22 homes sold have already gone into foreclosure, The Orange County Register reported Sunday.

The Soni family financed $24.5 million in real estate purchases and is now being investigated for possible fraud by the Orange County District Attorney's office, the newspaper said

WaMu is holding billions in worthless loans it made to the muds. This hasn't stopped the banks from circling the waters, however:

"Banks including JPMorgan Chase & Co., Citigroup Inc., Bank of America Corp. and Wells Fargo & Co. are interested in Washington Mutual, three people with knowledge of the talks said Thursday. HSBC PLC and Banco Santander SA also are interested, The Financial Times reported."

With the RTC type bailout coming, WaMu will be able to dump some of the toxic mud assets. Because of that, it will be bought. 4 bucks a share is a steal, and when someone does buy it, the stock will shoot up. So, get in on the raid and good trading on this mud-loving piece of shit bank!

Oh, and when the short ban is lifted, ROB THE BANKS!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Guest Editorial - A National Bankruptcy Act

This is pretty good. If you know anything about National Socialist Germany in the period between 1918-1933, you'll know that Germany was not just on the brink of collapse, but for all intents and purposes, had collapsed. It was the National Socialists that engineered a remarkable recovery in just 7 years, and it's something we need imitate. Of course, it won't happen and it is my belief that we will have to resort to violence if there is any chance of saving our civilization, but this type of thinking should be incorporated into any political platform that advocates for the White Working Man.

A few things I'd like to add to this excellent essay. First, the outlawing of so-called "ARMs" or Adjustable Rate Mortgages. Second, the outlawing of usury over 10 percent, and that is with ANY credit, including credit cards. Third, the strict regulation of Banks, investment houses, the equity, commodity and exchange markets. Outlawing Hedge Funds would be a huge start.

As a great man once said, The people were not put here on earth for the sake of the economy, and the economy doesn't exist for the sake of capital. On the contrary, capital is meant to serve the economy, and the economy in turn to serve the people."

THAT should be the battlecry of any White Workers Party!

A National Bankruptcy Act
A Modest Proposal

Bill White
American National Socialist Workers Party

Commentary -- Reading today of the Bush Administration's bail out package, which involves printing $1 trillion dollars to bail out Jew bankers who lent money at interest rates that drove their customers bankrupt, I sigh a bit. Bush is working ad hoc to bail out very rich people, while ignoring the problem, what caused it, and how it needs to be fixed. I think government "take over" of the loans, perhaps not literally, but through legislation disposing of them, is necessary, but a government "purchase" of them for face value is not. The Jews banks have to lose money while the working people they stole from have to be protected, and what we ultimately need to do is see someone have the political courage to propose a National Bankruptcy Act, which will reorganize all the debts of the people and businesses of this country. Unfortunately, we will not likely see it until the crisis gets so bad it bankrupts the government and ruins the currency as well, which is where we are headed.
The crisis started when Jewish money lenders decided the time had come to stop shearing the sheep and start slaughtering them. Now, like African tribesmen in Zimbabwe who have just taken over a white farm and slaughtered the cows, they are wondering why the milk has stopped flowing. We cannot feel bad for these big banks and we must punish them for what they did.

The process started a long time ago, as we have discussed in several issues of National Socialist magazine, particularly our issues on Walmart ("Meet the Jew that Raped You") and Usury. The Jews began moving production and factories overseas, wages started to decline, and the Jewish banks began replacing production with credit. Workers started borrowing to make up for their declining wages, and the vicious cycle set in. The Jews then overturned state usury laws and began packing fees and interest into loans that drove effective interest rates into the hundreds of percents. People started to go under. In the first wave, they seized family farms and cornered the market on agriculture. Now, they want to corner the market on all other real estate through foreclosures and short sales.

When you loan money to someone at an interest rate so high you know they will not be able to pay you, that is usury, and it used to be a crime. Desperate people who need money to obtain things to survive will take bad deals in the short run in the hope of making good on them in the long run. In other words, they will buy time. One can take advantage of this desperation to make them sign agreements that they can never live up to, and to control this, we once had legislation that limited the things that two parties can contract. This made people inclined to take unworkable solutions find workable ones. Libertarian disciples of Jews like Von Mises call this "statist tyranny" and "interference in the free market."

The banks reformed legislation to allow themselves to loan money at rates people couldn't repay, and then set up a system of loaning money that allowed people to repay one loan they couldn't repay with another loan that was even worse.

The trouble with this kind of lending is that it has to end with the lender taking the assets pledged as security and making a profit selling them. If it ends any other way, it inevitably bankrupts the lender. They may collect a lot in the short run, but if they cannot take something and sell it to a third party to collect on the debt in its entirety, interest and principle, then eventually they will have stolen everything there is to steal and not be able to steal any more. Their income source will dry up. The only way they could survive this is if they took the money they were making and piled it up somewhere, investing it into something useful, instead of continuing the scheme. The Jews didn't do this -- they kept putting money back into the scheme.

So we've reached the point where they have stolen everything there is to steal, and now the thieves are bankrupt and asking for a bailout. Since they are also handling most of the country's savings, their failure endangers a lot of common people, too, and they are claiming there is no way that this can be fixed unless they pocket huge amounts of money, and the government makes good on their thievery by printing money to pay the debts working people cannot. This is the wrong approach.

If Bush prints $1 trillion more dollars and puts it in circulation, instead of doing what he has been doing, and what Clinton did before him, and giving it to China, Japan and Saudi Arabia to stick in a vault, then he will cause massive inflation. Those nations may dump their dollars on the market as well, and that will cause more massive inflation. This massive inflation has been coming for a long time, and the effect of it will be to make the dollar worthless. We already need hundred dollar bills to fill up our gas tanks and buy groceries; just ten years ago I thought it was a lot if it cost twenty bucks to fill my tank; soon we will need thousand dollar bills, and ten thousand dollar bills, and all sorts of bills the government has never had to print before. It will be the wheelbarrows full of money, but with debit cards giving some convenience to the process. The ultimate end of the path the Bush administration is pursuing is a cancellation of the dollar and the reissuance of a new dollar or other currency.

True, this will end up cancelling some debts, but you can imagine the big banks will be lobbying hard to have all consumer and mortgage debts translated from old dollars to new dollars, and the effects of inflation stopped. After all, when they saw they were bankrupting their customers, they pushed to "reform" the bankruptcy laws to keep the system going just a few more years. When they see the currency collapse, they will push to have all their debts adjusted for inflation or otherwise pushed past the 20%+ interest rates that were seen in the early 1980s.

What is needed instead of the destruction of the currency is a National Bankruptcy Act that will treat all classes of debtors, from the smallest working person to the biggest bank, fairly, and without blame or hatred or finger pointing among whites of all classes. The Jews we have needed to push off this sinking ship for a long time, but white bankers and white workers are now in the same boat because of them, and we must work together to put forward a plan of revival.

The first step involves massive cancellation of debts combined with a compulsory reform of the credit rating system that does not penalize consumers for participation. Mortgage debts must be written down to the value of the security and unsecured debts must largely be cancelled. The fact of irresponsibility or irresponsibly obtained consumer goods must be set aside -- the bankers who lent the money gorged on their consumer goods just like the people who borrowed it, and just about everyone shares equally in the blame. And for those people who live on cash and are going tsk tsk at those who took the opportunities the system gave them, they should remember that their "cash" is really just a complex investment in a mixed bag of high grade corporate and governmental debt, and that if this reform does not go through, their one dollars in money markets and bank accounts will be worth ninety seven cents, then ninety five, then ninety, then fifty, then ten, then nothing. The money of the United States is fundamentally worthless if the institutions whose debt guarantees it fail, and having "saved" it in large quantities is not going to protect you if the system falls apart.

The purpose of these debt write offs cannot be "foreclosure" or the seizing of goods that people pledged as security, but need to utilize to be productive. The mass seizure of homes, cars and other common items must be stopped, and the debts restructued to match the security's current value. The values of homes were inflated; the value of mortgages were inflated; and now everyone is holding assets, whether debt or real property, that is no good. The goal must be to make these assets good, and that involved writing them down to realistic values.

This includes writing down debt obligations of banks, insurers and financial institutions that lend to each other, writing down obligations to the fed, restructuring insurance policies protecting against losses on these obligations, and taking all the unrealistic numbers and writing them down to realistic levels.

Once this is down, the government must then work to bring the currency crisis, which has not yet broke, under control to bring stability to the system. This involves two steps: One, reducing the US spending that is driving the country further into debt, and, two, restructuring US trade policy to encourage the domestic production of goods. In the past thirty years, we have restructured our economy to create a lot of jobs for people who were processing papers to mortgage our assets, and eliminated productive labor. Productive labor must return.

This plan is going to involve a lot of steps the government will not like to take, because they are not internationalist, whether of the Marxist Jewish or libertarian Jewish variety.

The first is institution of trade barriers and the elimination of free trade agreements, which will drive prices up in the short term and make it profitable to open factories in the United States to produce goods domestically. This will take a period of adjustment but will end up well for the country, and will occur in the long term, anyways, as our currency will become so worthless we will not be able to purchase foreign goods for reasonable prices if we choose mass inflation over rescue.

Second, we must end all foreign wars and foreign occupations, not for principle, but because they are bankrupting us. Next to foreign trade, foreign wars have been the major reason the US has printed currency in the past decade. An increase of about a third in prices can be attributed directly to printing money to pay for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. This means that the cost of three dollars worth of food is now four dollars because of the amount of money the government printed to pay to invade Iraq. We can no longer afford to occupy foreign countries, and should bring our military back and dramatically scale it and our military spending back, at least until we can afford the luxury of an imperialist army. I, of course, oppose an imperialist army, but the debate of the rights and wrongs of it is no longer relevant -- its clearly bankrupting us and we have to cut it back to a minimum -- just enough to defend ourselves -- until we have a surplus, which we can then discuss spending on military expansion.

Third, we need to dramatically reduce the number of useless people we support. This is a racial argument and a racist argument, but the fact of the matter is that the average Negro household in the United States, even where both parents are married and employed, consumes more government services than the parents produce. Niggers on welfare, as we all know, are basket cases. We need to take all people on welfare and put them to work producing goods or engaging in economically useful activities. If we cannot do this, we need to expel them from the country. Why expel them? Why not "let them live"? Because if you take their welfare check from they will die, and they will either die slowly and publicly and create health problems from their corpses, or they will have to be killed. To avoid having to deal with the problem that we have a lot of useless people that we cannot afford to continue to keep alive, we should dump the useless people on another country and make it their problem. Its the strategy Mexico has been taking towards the United States for decades, and its a strategy we have to take.

Now, most people receiving welfare or disability (particularly psychiatric or substance abuse related) can work, but choose not to. Take away their check and let them get hungry, and they will work. Keep giving them a check, and we are reaching a point where the checks will start to bounce. If the checks start bouncing, they will riot. So, better to put them to work while we are not in an emergency, and ease them into it so that they grumble but don't go crazy.

And for those who truly cannot work, we should institutionalize them, either in prison or a hospital. If we got the rest working, we could afford it, and it would create a benefit to society to keep those folk from interacting with the general population.

Yes, this is all discriminatory and will involve government structuring of individuals lives. It is also sane and good and for the benefit of all.

With those three fundamental changes to the economy -- a change in trade policy, a change in war policy, and a change in welfare policy -- we can eliminate the root causes that are bankrupting the government, and will interfere with the government bailing out institutions that are bankrupting the rest of us.

Give people their houses; give them their cars; give them good productive jobs; and, give them a stable currency. Give banks enough money to stabilize themselves and preserve liquidity, but make them take write downs and losses on the debts they have to cancel. Give government guarantees of hard earned savings of working people and enact legislation to confiscate the wealth of those who profited from once criminal acts. Eliminate the government policies that are driving the government bankrupt, and which the financial system has been trying to cover for for fifty years. Rebuild the entire economy on a new, firm basis. Institute a National Bankruptcy Act.

There will be a lot of details to cover here. Contract law will have to be modified, government grants will be needed, government-compelled restructuring and nullification of loans as a pre-condition for government aid will be needed, and a lot of foreclosed property will need to be returned to its owners. Jews will object, because there will no parasitical activities for them to participate in. White people will not, though those corrupt whites that served the Jew system will scream. Jew intellectuals, both Marxist and libertarian (and neo-conservative) will scream their pet policies are disappearing, or that "freedom" or "the people" are being harmed, but they can be silenced through repressive political actions. After all, when the ship is sailing well, you can afford to have lunatics running around talking about sinking it; when the ship is sinking, those lunatics need to be tossed overboard to keep the healthy passengers alive.

I don't anticipate any of this happening at once. I expect the government will be unable to enact the kind of legislation needed, and it will take ten or more years of failed economic policies to compel the government to make a change. I do foresee that the government will take actions, like inflating the currency, that will lead to predictable consequences -- the collapse of the currency -- that will lead to predictable necessities -- the reissuance of a new currency -- that the government will not want to do. And I foresee that the government will be reluctant to cancel the little guy's obligations to the Jews, while eager to give the Jews money "to save the system."

This happened in Germany, and several other European countries, in the 1920s and 1930s. The currency was based on mortgages -- the rentenmark. The government was transferring massive amounts of wealth overseas -- Ludwig Von Mises' World War I reparations payments. With no domestic industrial production, the people borrowed against their real estate until they went broke, and the democratic governments tried to fix things with inflation, which got out of hand twice and destroyed the currency.

Adolf Hitler fixed this, but it took a lot of misery and desperation to make it so. He took the country through a national bankruptcy, issued a new currency, restored wrongfully foreclosed property, redistributed land to farmers, got industry restarted, and built Germany into the world's most powerful single nation.

We have a model for reform staring at us, but we have to be brave enough to take it. With the current state of things, and the current condition of the press and the people, who have gotten arrogant in their error because what they were doing "hadn't failed yet", its going to be a hard step for us to take. The Jews, who have seen this train wreck coming for a long time, have indoctrinated us not to take the steps needed to fix things, because those fixes involve cutting off blood to the economic functions they suckle. But when our country follows its current course to its end; when it fails; when it descends into chaos and poverty; and when no one can stand to listen any more to the Jews and their lies; National Socialism will be sitting there, waiting in the wings, waiting to step forward again to rescure a drowning people.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Racism Sucks

So says the Neegro. He and his buddies are laughing about how they are going to run everything and whitey ain't going to do anything about it.

Let It know what you think.

The Insurgent with Tom Metzger

No radio tonight, instead we bring you a four part video series of Tom interviewing Wyatt Kaldenberg. If you now anything about the history of W.A.R., you will know about Wyatt Kaldenberg. Kaldenberg brings an outlook that is badly needed in our struggle against the global oligarchs. Remember, CAPITALISM IS THE ROOT CAUSE OF OUR RACE PROBLEM. We need more thinking like this and less of the conservative, pro-capitalist, reactionary, Libertarian, Alex Linder type thinking that permeates thoughout the "Movement". If the struggle moved more toward White Working Class issues, we'd progress a lot further.

These videos and others can be found at resist.com under the heading "tommy tube". We hope you enjoy them.

Interview with Wyatt Kaldenberg Part 1

Interview with Wyatt Kaldenberg Part 2

Interview with Wyatt Kaldenberg Part 3

Interview with Wyatt Kaldenberg Part 4

The Mastermind Behind Credit Default Swaps (CDS)

Credit Default Swaps were referred to by Warren Buffett as "Financial Instruments of Mass Destruction". Here is your Saddam Hussein. Hey look! Another member of the Oppressed! Awww, bless its lil heart, she was just trying to help out her fellow oppressed while making a quick buck awww...she even had time to have a baby. Wonder what race it is...Indian? Paki? The English girls love their Indians. Wanna bet she's not even married? Hey, she's a 21st Century girl!

"When Blythe Masters checked into a London hospital to have her baby, she brought a wireless device to get quotes on commodity derivatives. It remained unused. “Funnily enough, it turned out that being a mother was somewhat more time-consuming than I thought it would be,” Ms. Masters says. Her passion for trading derivatives has served her well at J.P. Morgan, which she joined in 1991 after she got a degree from Cambridge University. Ms. Masters made her career early on by recognizing the potential for credit derivatives, hedges that banks use to offset the risk of loan defaults. Despite her youth, she had enough gravitas to convince regulators around the world of the essential soundness of the little-known financial instruments."

It's a woman's world.

Subprime Meltdown # 2

Folks, here is the crisis in a nutshell, something no one will admit to yet everyone who is anyone in the business knows: The ZOG forced the lenders to cut loans to Invaders and Africans. The Street, always eager to make a quick buck, practically threw away loan standards that had been in place for White Folks, and preyed on the muds. Predatory Capitalism, you see, is truly colorblind in its exploitation.

"During the racial pandering mania, down payment standards were reduced greatly and eliminated entirely in some cases, as President Bush cited down payments as a “barrier to home ownership among the disadvantaged.” (Duh.) And, when the predictable happened, and houses were foreclosed upon, the banks were taking houses that had an almost 100% principle balance-to-value percentage, and then forced to sell them (if they could) for values far less (as it could only be, see above) than the principle amounts they approved the mortgages for on these houses. Now you see why Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy on Monday? Predictably, down payment stanards have returned." Read on...

Subprime Meltdown - Who's to blame?

Raja, he sell to you nice house, cheep!

"The untold story in this whole national crisis is that President Clinton put on steroids the Community Redevelopment Act, a well-intended Carter-era law designed to encourage minority homeownership. And in so doing, he helped create the market for the risky subprime loans that he and Democrats now decry as not only greedy but "predatory." Read on...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Deprogram USA with Craig Cobb

Access St. Louis is proud to present Deprogram USA, news and commentary for Whites presented by Craig Cobb, an expatriate now living in Estonia. You can participate in the program through the chat link at Podblanc. Time to get off the Matrix and face reality.

This is the September 15th show and can be accessed at podblanc.com, which can be accessed under the White Video Link. Video for Whites by Whites. White Now.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Revolutionary Studies No. 1 - A Born Revolutionary

Did you know that long before the Racialist Struggle even thought of an alliance with the Resistance in the Middle East, the Left was not only allied with "Islamists" but were actually a part of the Resistance? That's right. Germans, Swiss, Italians, all were involved with the Palestinian resistance to the Jewish terror state. One man, Ilich Ramírez Sánchez, a Venezuelan born to a dedicated Marxist Attorney, led them all.

This is a fascinating story and one that provides many lessons for the future revolutionary. As you read this, you'll see they were full of ideological zeal but short on practical knowledge, whether it be in weapons or adhering to "operational manoeuvre" doctrine as it applies to revolutionary tactics. This is a mistake that won't be repeated again, right? Of course not. We are Aryans.

On Sunday, December 30, 1973 in an affluent suburb of London, a young man opened the front door of the mansion, where he was employed as a butler, only to be confronted by a young, dark-complexioned man with a gun. The man pointed the gun at the butler and demanded in heavily accented English, to be taken to Joseph Sieff, the owner of the house. Sieff at sixty-eight, was one of the most successful and influential Jewish businessmen in London. Not only was he the president of Marks and Spencer, one of the largest department stores in England but, more importantly to his uninvited guest, was also an honorary vice-president of the British Zionist Federation, an organization that had been instrumental in raising millions of pounds for Israeli charities...

The daring assassination attempt was the first act of violence by this young man with the unusual name. Even though he had failed to carry out his deadly task, he had succeeded in escaping unharmed. Had he been arrested on that cold December night, we might never have heard of the man who became known as "Carlos- The Jackal," the world's most notorious terrorist.

Children of Jewish Democracy

"We are not the children of the dictatorship; we are the children of the democracy," Michele Bravo, 17, said at a recent afternoon party. "There is much more of a rebellious spirit among the young people today. There is much more freedom to explore everything."

Mud prepares to propagate his genetic garbage in White Chile

Democracy is a flawed Political Ideology which in the hands of Jews and degenerates, brings about the collapse of civilization. Interesting that when Chile was ruled by a dictator, there was nothing like this going on. Now that Chile is a Mobocracy, all people can do is wring their hands and lament about their children, powerless to do anything about their future. What a shame.

America, State Sponsor of Terrorism

ZOG agents of state terrorism

The most vital example of American state terrorism being translated into war and regime change is Pakistan, which is also currently the hottest spot in the government plan to ignite world war. It is here where you can clearly see the circular logic that fuels the terror war. American-funded “Islamists” are destabilizing Pakistan to justify American intervention to seize Pakistani nukes before the American-funded “Islamists” can get their hands on them.

Not only is the United States and it's master, Israel, getting ready to spread the "war on terror" to Pakistan, it's trying to inflame India into joining the Great Satan to destabilize Pakistan.

You can read more about the greatest sponsor of state terrorism here as we introduce a new website from the left, The Online Journal.

Tens of Thousands of Iraqi's are coming to Missouri and the US in '09

Still think your government is "for" you? It's not, it's an agent of Global Governance. Anywhere the Great Satan appears, it brings death, destruction and misery, creating a hell on earth that any sane person would want to escape from.

Say hello to your new neighbors.

The United States expects to admit a minimum of 17,000 Iraqi refugees in fiscal 2009, which begins October 1, the department's senior coordinator for refugees said. Thousands more Iraqis and their family members could arrive through a special visa program for people who worked for the United States or its contractors.

More here.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Guerrilla Politics and Other Insurgent Tactics

There are many in the Struggle who advocate withdrawing from the System and not getting involved with politics. I understand this position completely, because the System is totally arrayed against us. Now we are faced with two completely jewish candidates for President of the United States. Both will continue the war, raise taxes, work for the corporate interests and most importantly, both will take orders from their Jewish Masters. So the sentiment has always been, "Why vote? What good does it do us?".

Although I agree with most of Mr. Metzger's positions, I disagree with the position of shunning system politics. While I understand that even if our side were to win the presidency of the United States tomorrow, the system would refuse to swear our guy in. However, I believe the concept of "little war" or Guerrilla War, against a powerful enemy is useful here.

For example, registering to vote will automatically put you in the jury pool, where you can practice jury nullification or refuse to convict on so-called "hate crimes". With jury nullification, you can nullify any law that is anti-white. You can refuse to convict on anything. You can also hang a mud, which is always good. Therefore, I urge every White racist/racialist/nationalist to register to vote.

Although you really can't make a difference in national politics, you sometimes can on the local level. Usually, Politicians get their start in local politics. A jew running for a judgeship, or a black running for council, can many times be stopped at this level or at the very least, the fight can poison the atmosphere and make the person's term ineffective.

Another area is creative agitation. Here's an example. Recently the RNC announced that it would be spending 2 million on Security for it's campaign headquarters in light of the recent attacks in Kansas City and Pennsylvania. Now, one's first reaction would be indignation and anger, but this is only if you are a reactionary right wing conservative. What a revolutionary would be thinking is ways to amplify this situation. For example, you could put out signs that say something like "THE TIME FOR WHITE RULE IS OVER! LONG LIVE OBAMA AND THE PEOPLE OF COLOR!" and sign it something like, "Coalition of Black men and white women for Obama" or "The coalition of black and brown". You get the idea. You could even buy a 9 dollar throwaway cellphone and call the RNC and..well, be creative! Think Revolutionary!

Here's another example: This Story found at the St. Louis council of Conservative Citizens is dynamite. You could take these pics

And caption them with something creative like "Jamal and Lequisha just cancelled your votes 71 times" and either make up a poster or flyer and plaster it all over white areas. You could also order some obango 08 stickers and plaster them all over negro areas.

In short, revolutionary minded people want the system to crash, and participating in the political process can hasten this. We should not just sit on our hands and complain, but get out and help the bring on the conditions that will result in the ZOG losing all control. When that happens, taking care of our jewish race problem becomes one hundred times easier.

For those about to revolt, we salute you!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dr. Pierce

Although the events of this day in 2001 have overshadowed your birthday, we still remember the birth of a man, a White Patriot, that did more to awaken the Aryan Spirit in us than almost no other.

Dr. Pierce tireless worked to warn us of the danger facing our race, and today I present two videos that continue his work. I'm sure if Dr. Pierce were alive today, he would be advocating an armed revolution which, because of our indifference and jewish induced coma over our situation, is the only thing available to us today. And I would further venture to guess that the first item of business would be the jewish controlled media, and they would have to be removed FEET FIRST! So, let us measure up to the task at hand and get busy doing what should have been done decades ago.

Dr. Pierce on Judazied America, Part 1

Part 2

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Insurgent Radio and Revolution

Tonight, we replay a broadcast by Lone Wolf Frank Bower, who reads from the book War Of The Flea by Robert Taber, a classic of Guerrilla Warfare in Theory and Practice. Frank makes some good points about studying military tactics and counterinsurgency, which is my area of study and something I will be posting information on soon. If you are going to be a Revolutionary, both subjects are required reading. I will also be posting my thoughts on armed lone wolf tactics and it's utility in the coming Revolution.

So, without further ado, I present Insurgent Radio with Frank Bower.

This is a current broadcast from September 8th, 2008 and not available in the archives for at least another month. Why wait when you can get it as it happens? Subscribe to Insurgent Radio today!

Friday, September 5, 2008

A Clarion Call to The Creator Race From Dr. Pierce

Every Saturday until September 11, the 75th anniversary of his birthday, this Blog will replay a selected American Dissident Voices broadcast by the late Dr. William L. Pierce, one of the most influential voices of the White Struggle.

Today, Dr. Pierce wants to be frank with you.

"In my earlier talks, I've tried to be polite. I've tried to avoid offending or shocking anyone. Today I need to be very blunt. I'm sorry if I offend you, but the time is very late and the matter at hand is far too urgent for politeness. I want to say a few things very plainly, very clearly."

And very clearly does Dr. Pierce lay out the threats our Race face as he issues a clarion call to all White Men and Women to face this threat, without evasion or compromise.

Kinsfolk, Our time is short, and all this talk about revolutionary timing not being here yet is a thing of the past. The time for Revolution is NOW. Prepare yourself. In coming weeks, I will be posting revolutionary theory, strategy, tactics and organization from my many years of studying revolutionary and resistance movements from around the world, including the ones going on now in Iraq.

This I know for a certainty: If we do not act soon, everything will be lost. Forever. Our race is at the 11th hour. And when the White Race, the Creator Race, has been absorbed into the genes of the lesser races, It will be only a matter of time before the Earth travels through the ether, lifeless, dead.

Will the gods welcome you to the hall of the honored if you allow that?

I consider this to be one of Dr. Pierce's greatest speeches available today, and I urge my kinfolk to get it out to the people as much as you can. And now, I give you... Dr. William L. Pierce

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Program of Repatriation

This is chapter 15 from the book, White America by Earnest Sevier Cox, published over 70 years ago in 1937. While we didn't have the Mexican disaster upon us when this was written, it is striking in it's prophetic accuracy as to our situation today. I urge my Kinspeople, and the people of St. Louis, to read this important book and arm yourself with the knowledge you'll need in destroying the objections of those who have not eyes to see nor ears to hear.

Our time grows short. The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who do nothing in time of crisis. Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains or slavery?

This book can be found at Tom Metzger's site in PDF format for you to pass along to all your friends and enemies here

The attainment of White America is not possible save by removing the Africans and excluding the Asiatic.

If the Asiatic of the Western States continue their rapid increase through their excessively high birth rates, it may be necessary to colonize the American Asiatic. The removal of the black man will not save us if we permit the yellow man to enter, nor will the exclusion of the yellow man save us if we permit the black man to remain. Those who favor the solution of one of the problems will be concerned in the solution of the other. These two great purposes go hand in hand, for any success in the meeting of one of the perils will have a reflex influence upon the meeting of the other. But it is the "black peril" rather than the "yellow peril," with which we are primarily concerned, and we will confine the program to those measures necessary to solve the Negro problem.

The program of repatriation should consist, in part, of temporary measures. In general, the temporary measures should insure the purity of the white race by prohibiting the intermarriage between members of the white race and those of any other race; the suppression of race friction, by concerted action on the part of leaders of both races; the opportunity for the Negro to maintain himself economically, though this work a hardship upon the white man; the education of the Negro, with special regard for the requirements of his future home.

The temporary measures are preparatory merely. They will not solve the Negro problem. The nation cannot continue part European and part African. The future holds before us either a white America, with its concomitant progress, or a mongrel America, with its decay of culture. Amalgamation or separation is the only solvent of the Negro problem.

The white man at his best progresses but slowly; mixed with the blood of the Negro, his offspring is below the creative level. No people partly black are able to compete with a people wholly white. These deductions are drawn from six thousand years of history, and are not speculations based upon chosen theories.

Within this generation America is to decide whether the future American is to be wholly white or partly colored; whether Caucasian institutions based upon Caucasian manhood are to be perpetuated or whether African and Asiatic blood, one or both, are to eventually qualify Caucasian possibilities. There are now eleven million Negroes in the United States. Our children shall confront twenty million. The Negro has increased as fast as the white since we became a nation. His relatively low position in the percentage of population in 1920, as compared with his numerical proportion in the entire population in 1820, has been determined mainly by the arrival of white immigrants.

Though mongrel America be in the distant future, yet it is the height of race insanity to ignore it because we shall not witness its consummation. If we fail to make America white when such attainment is possible, and bequeath to our children the burden of the black when that burden has assumed such proportions that they shall find it impossible to save race and culture, we are unworthy of our ancestors and will be a curse to our posterity. If we pity the living Negro and scorn the unborn white our race is doomed. Our children have the right to demand of us that they be born white in a white man's land. To deny this right, to ignore this elemental call of blood, stamps us as ungrateful for the past and unmindful of the future. It cannot be that we are willing to debase our descendants to secure ease for ourselves! This consciousness furnishes a basis for hope. When the fond parent asks himself if he is willing to leave in our midst the present number of Negroes and their future increase as an intolerable burden upon his own flesh and blood, he is conscious of an unwillingness that this be done. The future of our race and civilization depends upon the strength of the unwillingness and the manner of its manifestation.

Already part of our original America stock, and too, that part which has contributed most of our material greatness (the colonial stock in New England), is failing to reproduce itself in excess of its death rate. Within the past fifty years the whites of the agricultural south only have increased faster than the Negro. With the coming of the industrial era in the South it remains to be determined whether this increase will be maintained. Outside of the Southern States, the low birth rate existing among descendants of the colonials, if considered in relation to the Southern increase, will reduce the total increase of the colonial American to a percentage not greater than that of the Negro. We are recruiting from foreign whites who, if they are of high race stock, soon adapt themselves to the family standard of the American homes.

We cannot look forward to immigration to maintain the white man's proportion above the black, for America will eventually become congested and immigration assume immaterial proportions.

The creative element in our civilization is essentially Nordic. Upon this element our future, if it partakes of glory rather than abasement, depends. This element, derived from the capable people of Northern and Western Europe, constitutes an overwhelming proportion of our white inhabitants. But it is just this element of our population which is heading straight to that reproductive condition to which France has fallen and to which England is drawing near. France barely retains her numerical status; England's increase is slow and is ever growing less.

The recent great war was made certain by the "race suicide" of France and England in contrast to the great increase of the Germans. During the Franco-Prussian War (1870) the Germans numbered but three millions more than the French; now they number thirty millions more. The increase of the Germans drove France into the arms of her hereditary enemy; England. The world has given due credit to the Germans for the brilliancy of their intellect and the genius shown in their organization. However, the real source of the German preponderance, both in peace and war, is the excess fecundity of the German women over those of France and Great Britain.

The problem of the lack of increase of the inhabitants of white nations is not within the province of this treatise, but we shall have to take stock of the low birth rate of white Americans and the falling off of Nordic immigration to the United States in order to form judgment as to the necessity of repatriating the Negro. If the American white homes reach the French standard, which they are ever tending to do, this alone will make imperative the repatriation of the American Negro.

The program of repatriation will need to be founded upon a knowledge of its necessity. A survey of our situation will give this knowledge. The survey will reveal the Negro as an alien race which will forever prevent the attainment of our destinies as a Caucasian nation. His presence alone, though we could remain uncontaminated by his influence and blood admixture, will defeat our aims; but it is impossible to dwell with his future millions and remain free from his influence and his blood. Such knowledge as this is the first essential in the program of repatriation. We must realize the necessity of repatriating the Negro. If we do not have consciousness that repatriation is imperative, no effective steps will be taken to solve the problem which confronts us and neither our race nor its culture will survive. Believing that we shall continue to exclude the yellow race, we may definitely affirm that the increase of civilization or the decay of culture will result form the one way or the other that we solve the Negro problem. As we are not to exterminate the Negroes, we are to amalgamate our race with theirs or remove them to a separate location. Let us keep in mind Egypt, India, and a score of other analogous instances in which the white man has not survived contact with the colored, and civilization has not survive the white man.

We are, then, to secure knowledge of the history of the contact of the races and observe the results upon the white race of its long dwelling with the Negro. We are to apply this knowledge to our problem, and from such application determine measures that are necessary to enable us to escape the fate of other white peoples who have dwelt with the Negro.

Having knowledge of the past and of the present, we are then to devise some effective means of disseminating this knowledge. A few individuals may make available all the knowledge that is necessary; that is, the acquisition of the necessary knowledge may be the work of a few experts in ethnology taken in its widest sense. But how to get the majority, a constitutional majority, of white Americans to see and appreciate what the Negro problem has meant to the nation in the past, what it means at present, and still more, what it will mean in the future, is the difficulty before those who have given it sufficient attention to understand that delay makes solution difficult, and that too much delay will mean the impossibility of separating the races and will lead, ultimately, through the generations to come, to a Negroid America.

There are many men and women, capable and well prepared to carry on an agitation for the removal of the Negro, basing their arguments upon self-evident necessity. Those thus constituted for leadership in the agitation which must precede repatriation should supplement their knowledge by searching the authentic records bearing upon the contact of races and observing the results upon civilization when it is in contact with colored races. This supplementary source of information is more important than that knowledge which is acquired from local or contemporary sources, for it furnishes a view of our race in contact with the Negro throughout many centuries, and has the additional advantage of removing a vexed question out of the realm of sectionalism and prejudice.

Students of the Negro problem who are to aid in disseminating information upon the problem should not be content with less than the best arguments and the most forceful illustrations. This, then, constitutes another reason for seeking information beyond that obtainable from the history of North America, for here our persistive color line and bountiful Caucasian immigration tend to obscure the ineradicable issues involved in the contact of the races. We have remained white for three centuries, while other communities, once white, in this period, have become mongrel.

The practical operation of the color line debarks the Caucasian and the non-Caucasian. It is in this sense only that we may be said to have remained white. The non-white are on the other side of the color line. The fact that one-fourth of the so-called Negro population in reality have Caucasian blood in their veins, should teach us that the function of the color line is to prolong merely, not to perpetuate, Caucasian purity. Our danger from miscegenation is a slow and ill-appreciated danger. It is insidious, and we are lulled to a false sense of security. The prepared student will be able to make it clear that miscegenation is to be eventually a universal fact, but, that during the centuries intervening until a majority of Americans have Negro blood in their veins, we are not to escape the stress of race conflict; that turmoil will continue while amalgamation is in process. Culturally, our civilization will be qualified both extensively and intensively by the Negro's presence, but cultural progress will not cease until the Negro and the mixbreed, by reason of their numerical preponderance, attain practical sovereignty of the nation. (In order to illustrate the subsidence of civilized culture as result of, and in direct proportion to the rise of mixbreeds to sovereignty, read Latin America, by F. Garcia Calderon.)

Let the reader of this and other volumes dealing with our impending decay realize that it is the duty of every individual to do his share to avert the danger. Do not shift responsibility to others' shoulders. Agitate this question. Organize societies whole purpose it is to study the Negro problem in the light of history. Urge the necessity for action in public, in private, and in print. We are not fighting a war of extermination. Our solution of the problem will better the position of the Negro as well as make possible the continuation of the culture of the white.

The future is before us. We are bequeathing to posterity an ever increasing burden whose devitalizing influence will reach the source of progress and beneath which our civilization will not survive. Others have fought for a desire; we fight for a necessity. Others have sought to promote our civilization; we seek to make its continuation possible. If we do not make America white, we shall have proven false to race and institutions.

We have received a white heritage from our ancestors; shall we bequeath our posterity less? For countless centuries our race has been dominant among the peoples of the world, shall our children be counted among the mongrels? The white race nor its culture has ever survived prolonged contact with a colored race, shall America repeat, or shall America reverse history? We of this generation are to determine whether the American of the future is to be wholly white or partly black. The Negro problem is to be settled by the separation of the races or by the amalgamation of the races. There is no doubt as to the nation's ability to repatriate the Negro. Repatriation is possible! It is necessary! If we do not repatriate the Negro, our race will become Negroid and our culture will decay. If we do repatriate the Negro, our civilization is to increase, and our future belongs to God.

War Criminal Prepares For World War Three

US War Criminal Dick Cheney issued a direct threat to Russia today, saying the Zionist Occupied Government will incorporate the former soviet republic of Georgia into the Axis of Evil, Also known as NATO. Georgia's Israeli controlled puppet president, Mikheil Saakashvili, wagged his tail in appreciation. The War Criminal went on to denounce Russia's "illegitimate" invasion of Georgia, seemingly unfazed by his hypocrisy in leading the United States in an illegitimate, illegal aggressive war in Iraq, an illegal act based on lies he had a major part in propagating.

Dick Cheney in his Future Home

The War Criminal Dick Cheney also pledged 1 billion dollars in economic and military aid to Georgia, despite consulting with the taxpayers who would foot the bill. Of course, in the jewish democracy practiced in the United States, permission is not needed as the citizen's sustenance is taken at gunpoint.

It is still unclear why Russia has allowed the War Criminal to leave Georgia and haven't had him arrested.

St. Louis Food Fights Continue

"It's very heartbreaking," Andrews said. "All this came about over a hamburger. It's a terrible situation."

One of the niggers claim it's because of the economy. Maybe. I think it's a combination of both African genetics and the Economy. If that's the case, White Folks better prepare for the collapse that is coming. Niggers will kill you over a hamburger.

Only in Nigger America.

Story Here

St. Louis woman dies in another fast-food dispute
By Joel Currier

ST. LOUIS — For the second time in a month, police say a fight over fast food has led to the killing of a St. Louis resident.

Decora Jenkins, 18, was fatally shot early Monday in her home in St. Louis after arguing about a fast-food meal, police said.

Jenkins died from a gunshot wound to the head shortly after 1 a.m. in her home in the 1600 block of McLaran Avenue in the city's North Pointe neighborhood, police said.

Jenkins, her boyfriend, 20, and Erika Wherry, 28, returned to Jenkins' home after ordering food from a fast-food restaurant.

Wherry and Jenkins' boyfriend began wrestling over the food, police said. Wherry then picked up a gun and fired it toward the boyfriend but instead hit Jenkins, who was standing behind her boyfriend, police said. The boyfriend was unhurt except for minor gunpowder burns. Neighbors said Wherry is Jenkins' aunt.

Prosecutors charged Wherry on Monday with involuntary manslaughter.

Neighbor LaJoy Andrews said she had dropped the three off at the house after a block party, about an hour before the three drove to a nearby Rally's Hamburgers.

Andrews, 34, said Jenkins lived with Wherry, her father and younger brother, and had just earned her high school equivalency certificate last month. Andrews said Jenkins had planned to go to beauty school. Andrews described Jenkins as a "high-spirited" and "positive" person who rarely let anything bother her.

"It's very heartbreaking," Andrews said. "All this came about over a hamburger. It's a terrible situation."

Andrews said tough economic times may have factored into the argument.

"It's sad out here right now," she said. "There's no jobs. Everybody is stressed out."

On Monday afternoon, a swarm of ants was attacking two Rally's hamburger wrappers on the front porch of Jenkins' home. A man who answered the door declined to comment.

On Aug. 3, Carl Sharp, 26, of Jennings, a youth coach and former basketball player for Jennings High School, was fatally shot in the 3800 block of Lee Avenue in St. Louis after a dispute over a hamburger order placed at a fast-food restaurant. Police arrested a 16-year-old boy in connection with that shooting.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Insurgent Radio with Tom Metzger

It's Wednesday night with Terrible Tommy as he discusses the police riots in St. Paul, how to act Aryan and lots more. Also, TT plays some calls from the Aryan Hotline; Lone Wolf from Cleveland, Texas finds diversity at the local liquor store and wonders if he's crazy for finding it disgusting, Detroit lone wolf calls in and comments on the how fast the Detroit metro area is becoming an African Jungle and what the Afreekans will do when Obama gets elected. TT has his own comments about that situation that no one should miss. Also, some funny takes on diversity sensitivity training! Don't miss this show!

Broadcast Date: September 3, 2008 here