Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Material Added

We've added some new material to the blog that we hope you'll enjoy and take advantage of.  In our White Nationalist Reading Section we've added Julius Evola's Revolt against the Modern World, Yockey's Imperium,  Richard Fuerle's Erectus Walks Amongst Us and Icebreaker by Victor Suvorov.  All Excellent reading!

In our White Blogosphere section, we've added Aryan Myth and Metahistory.  If you remember Aryan Lord from the Phora or VNN, this is his blog.  Not updated near as much as we'd like but very good quality posts.  Here's an excerpt from  The Kali-Yuga and the Aryan Response

In the Golden Age man walked with the Gods. This was the age of Chronus when there was peace, plenty and harmony. The Old Testament of the Bible captures the essence of this myth with the story of the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve walked with God and enjoyed innocent communion with him. The Indo-Aryans termed this age the Satya or Krta Yuga.
In the Silver Age the rule of Chronus was replaced by that of Zeus and death entered into the world just as in the Garden of Eden with Adam`s eating of the forbidden fruit he lost his immortality and became subject to decay and death. Not only mankind but the whole of creation began a process of decay. Men became impious and began to defy the Gods just as Adam defied his God. However men still lived long lives. The Indo-Aryans referred to this age as the Treta Yuga.

Last but not least, we we'd like to introduce that essence of the unstoppable Aryan life force, Craig Cobb!  Fresh from his escape from Canada, he's landed in Montana and is shaking things up, as usual!  His blog has the unique Cobbian name of "Gooooze:"Neo Weimar Goo Ooze" Podblanc.ORG/Gooooze Nooze".  LOL Craig kills me.  I love that guy, despite his religious views.

All Hail Craig Cobb!  Hail the Victory!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Why Does The Web Like Cats So Much?

Git down from there, stinky!

Cats ignore us, vomit on our carpets, drag in horrible things, demand food, want affection on their terms and stay out all night. Is sharing undignified cat content online our way of getting our revenge on the species?

Despite many of us calling ourselves cat lovers, one theory that’s worthy of consideration (although many of us might not like it) is that we enjoy seeing cats virtually humiliated.

“Most of us who have dealt with cats know that cats are jerks, and while outright abuse is never popular, I think a lot of people just like to see cats get their comeuppance,” says Brad O’Farrell, writer for the Daily Squee, and creator of the Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat video.

“That’s probably why LOLcats are so popular. It’s both funny to pretend that a cat is actually riding an invisible bicycle and it’s enjoyable because the cat is being subjected to an acceptable range of humiliation — it’s funny but not abusive.”

Could be. maybe I like them because cats remind me of females; They're demanding, ignore you until they want something and look so fluffy and innocent when in reality they are deadly hunter killer machines. Plus they are sneaky! But cats take care of themselves pretty much. My cat goes outside when I leave for work, I just leave my garage door cracked open in case she wants to come back in and that's that.

Top 10 Funny Cat Vids on Youtube

This is my favorite. Pus pus finds out she's not really as clever as she thinks!

Who Says Fords Don't Last?

My starter just went out on my 88 (great number!) XLT 4WD Ranger and I had to replace it. Uncle Wolf has 172k miles on him so it was inevitable. After putting the truck on ramps and crawling under to remove it, I checked the starter that I pulled and it was the orginal starter it came with 22 years ago. I just hope the remanufactured one I put in lasts half as long.

I love my old truck. Most women wouldn't understand but a truck is very utilitarian, like a leatherman or a rifle with Pictinny rails. I have a truck bed toolbox in the back that has all my tools, cables and straps and I can throw a couple of select rifles and some ammo in it and head for the deepest woods. The old Ranger can go places a regular truck can't and it's fun to drive in the snow. I can haul, tow, push, pull and go places I wouldn't dare with my car.

Yeah, it's all manual; I have to roll up the windows, turn on the headlights, get out and lock the wheels for 4drive and it creaks some. My kid hates it, she says she would never drive my "dirty ole truck, it smells like a farm truck!"

Yep, and that's just the way I like it. :)

Ya'll get in, let's go 4wheeling!

Friday, October 22, 2010

A White Woman Speaks Out

I wish I could say "and now a word from my wife" but alas, women like this are about as scarce as a cat at a dog show.  We aren't going to win until we have more women like this.  You go gurl!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

America's Mom Passes Away At 94

When America was Free, White and Christian, Leave it to Beaver was one of its favorite shows. It was always one of my favorites and I'm very sad to hear that Barbara Billingsley has left us.

This is one of my favorite episodes. It highlights the innocence of children, the undying love and wisdom of a mother and the role a strong father plays in raising a family.

Goodbye, Mrs. Cleaver. Rest in Peace and thank you for all the memories. You may be gone but your influence as a role model will live on forever.