Saturday, February 27, 2010

To Canadian Bob

Oh...who lives in a gated community surrounded by diversity?

CanadianBob PissPants!

Compliant and Yellow and Cowardly is he

CanadianBob PissPants!

If Government control be something you wish

CanadianBob PissPants!

Then drop to the deck and suck like a fish

CanadianBob PissPants!

So I accidently deleted your comment Canadian Bob, but please feel free to post here.  No moderation on posts newer than 14 days.  Tell us again why you Canadians lost your right to own guns?  Because of people like me?  Or maybe soft, compliant, do nothing serfs who only want to consume and obey in security, among the diverse peoples of the earth living right down your street?  If you don't listen, you'll have to feel.  This is your curse now, and will be on you until you get up off your pansy ass and do something.

I doubt you would know what to do with a gun anyway, Canadian Bob.  For the clueless masses such as yourself, guns are for hunting or fondling.  The government doesn't think so, and that's why you don't have the right to own one except under the most restrictive of circumstances.  May your chains lay heavy upon you.  You people, with the possible exception of the British, deserve no less.  And when the Glorious Revolution finally arrives, you'll be included.  Of that there is absolutely no doubt.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How It's Done

Well, not really. I mean, are you that good of an assassin if your pic is plastered all over the news worldwide? Regardless, there are many interesting things we can pick up from the Jews. They would have got this guy regardless of his security arrangements. Remember that. ANYONE can be gotten to. Anyone.

There is this mistaken belief within the movement that to change things you have to take on the Army, Navy, Coast Guard and Marines. Not to mention the secret police forces. Of course, contact with these elements will be unavoidable, but that's not what resistance is about at all. This is how you punish your enemies and effect change in a resistance movement.

Dubai Hamas killing suspects' passports 'fraudulent'

Mr Mabhouh was murdered in a Dubai hotel room, police say
Passports belonging to the alleged killers of a top Hamas official in Dubai are fraudulent, the British and Irish governments have said. Ireland said the names and passport numbers of three suspects did not match anything issued by its officials.

Britain said it believed the six British passports were also fraudulent.

Arrest warrants were issued for the suspects named by police in Dubai, where Mahmoud al-Mabhouh was murdered in a hotel room on 20 January.


One man with the same name as a British suspect said it was not him.

Melvyn Adam Mildiner, a British man living in Israel, told Reuters news agency: "I am obviously angry, upset and scared - any number of things. And I'm looking into what I can do to try to sort things out and clear my name.

"I don't know how this happened or who chose my name or why, but hopefully we'll find out soon."

He added that he had his passport with him.

Lifted a passport and copied it. Or else it was "loaned".

Two Palestinian suspects were being questioned about the murder. Police said they had "fled to Jordan" after the killing, without releasing their names.

Getting traitors to betray their own.

The suspects allegedly trailed Mr Mabhouh when he arrived in Dubai from Syria, paid for everything in cash and used various mobile phones.

Now, if this was a White Resistance hit squad, how would it be different? First, they would have tats all over themselves in plain view, would use their own or some obvious stolen ID, and pay for everything with their debit card. They would use throwaway phones, but would pay for them with their bank accounts.

See the difference?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cupid Busy at the Soulard Mardi Gras Parade

Time to lighten up a bit.  After all, it's Valentines Day, a day to give all your gurlfriens loves and kisses and everything nice!  It was a great Madi Gras.  Mostly White, civilized humans just having fun on a chilly Febuary day.  No negros made this possible.  Imagine what this would be like if it where a "black" Madi Gras, like in NOLA?

ST. LOUIS — Love and beads were in the air Saturday as St. Louis' 31st Mardi Gras parade snaked through downtown and continued into an all-day party in historic Soulard.

"Repeat after me: With this ring, I do thee wed," said WIL 92.3 personality Cornbread, who got his wedding-officiant license from the Internet, according the station's promotions director, Crystal Miles.

Jay and Mindi Hinson, of O'Fallon Mo., exchange rings during "Cornbread's Big Fat Wedding 2" a mass mobile marriage hosted by radio station 92.3 WIL during the 2010 Soulard Mardi Gras Parade. (Emily Rasinski/P-D)

The romance got rolling early as 25 couples got married on a radio station's float moments before the River City Casino Grand Parade stepped off just south of Busch Stadium. MORE

Despite some mischief, most Mardi Gras attendees were full of peaceful smiles and cheers. It's the reason Dawn Niermann of Clayton said she keeps coming back year after year.

"It's just fun to hang out and be in this upbeat atmosphere with everyone," Niermann said. "Every other day, people want to be negative and find something to be upset about, but look around this place. It's ridiculous how happy everyone is."

Just good, clean fun

Even Fido was having a blast!