Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Blog Added

Under Androcentric Studies. Here's the kickoff post. Female gets the same treatment that millions of Fathers get in domestic disputes and goes postal. Watch out for those Germans!  Interesting comments.

Female German Attorney Goes on Man-Killing Rampage

A 41-year-old divorced German woman shot her ex-husband twice in the head when he arrived to pick up their son, killing him instantly, then bludgeoned her 5-year-old son unconscious before suffocating him with a plastic bag. After the act of family annihilation, the woman went to a hospital to go on a killing spree. After wounding two pedestrians with gunfire, she entered the hospital and pointed her gun at a woman at the front desk, but did not kill her. Then she proceeded to the gynecological ward, stabbing a male nurse in the chest and shooting him multiple times in the head, leaving the 56-year-old father of three dead at the scene.

More here.

Friday, September 3, 2010


An Earthquake stronger than the one that hit Haiti and no one dies. Some people found obstacles in their way, of course.

The two-storey 1920s home of Neil and Cathy McPherson, in the suburb of Merivale, had its two brick chimneys demolished and ceilings cracked.

"You couldn't walk, it was so frightening," McPherson told NZPA.

"We've lost treasures but that is neither here nor there - ornaments and dinner sets."

She said her husband tried to rush to the nearest beam to their bed, but tripped in the dark over a heater that had fallen over and then found his path blocked by about 200 books that had fallen off their shelves.

The JewsMedia was so desperate to show that we are all equal that they reported looting in the streets!  As we all know of course, the JewsMedia loves to lie.
Civil Defence asked people to assess their home or workplace for damage; look for and extinguish small fires if safe to do so; and not overflow the phone lines with non-emergency calls. They were also asked to check on elderly neighbours.

ChristChurch, New Zealand right after the earthquake. Order among chaos. Be sure to check out the eyewitness report on "looting".

Haiti moments after the earthquake.

Well, at least they are both speaking European languages, no?

White Owner Says No to Culture Destroying White Losers

A coffee shop owner across the river in Illinois doesn't want a bunch of white guilt tripping, multi-cultural statists holding a meeting with a "patriotic" muslim at his coffee shop on 9/11 and says No Thanks.

Davis says that Allen's unwillingness to have the event at his venue proves why it's necessary to have the talk in the first place: "It demonstrates exactly why I was having the event in the first place. People have this idea that if you're Muslim, it says something about you."

Well yeah, it does say something about you. Just like being a soft, anti-white egalitarian says something about you, Davis.

Check out the news clip. A "controversy". Why is anything the jews don't like a "controversy"? Check out how they use mystery meat to report on the story. Listen to how that loser compares the White Owner with Bull Connor and Lester Maddox, horrible men were they!

Do you think the media was all concerned when AmRen or Duke's organization was threatened and chased from one place to the other? Was it a big controversy when the final meeting place had to be kept secret until the last minute? Was it a big controversy to have a Black Power Convention in Atlanta recently? 

Like I've always said, when it's time to start terminating our enemies with extreme prejudice, the Controlled Media is job one. Then people like Davis will be next up against the wall.