Thursday, May 28, 2009

David Irving Speaks in Norway

And soon, in the United States. If you've never been to an Irving lecture you are really missing something, and something you will never forget.

This is an interesting interview with Irving on Norwegian TV, after being dis- invited (again) from a speaking engagement. Courageous man as he is, he's still going.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Insane Judeo Puts White Women at Real Risk

We have enough non-white crime without having to make up stories about it. This woman claimed some negros bumped her car and kidnapped her and her daughter.

Now this woman has given the enemy plenty of ammunition to generate unwarranted sympathy for da po black mans who ain't never did anything wrong and is always falsely accused. White women will buy the line and continue treating the African as "white like us" until it's too late.

I'll bet you this woman is a judeo-xian type, judging from her job, which is helping the poor of Burma. Why she had to lie about something serious as negro crime to go to Disneyland is beyond me but then, nothing makes sense in a judaized society.

DA: Missing Pa. mom, girl found at Disney World
By MARYCLAIRE DALE – 1 hour ago

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A suburban mother who claimed she and her daughter had been abducted and stuffed in a car trunk is in custody in Florida after the pair were found at Disney World, where they had flown hours after reporting their abduction, a prosecutor said Wednesday.

Bonnie Sweeten, 38, of Feasterville, will be charged with false reports and identity theft, both misdemeanors, Bucks County District Attorney Michelle Henry said.

"We're pleased to be able to announce that she's in custody and more importantly that her 9-year-old daughter is safe," Henry said.

Henry told reporters that Sweeten borrowed a co-worker's driver's license and presented it as her own when she bought an airline ticket and flew to Orlando, Fla., then checked into the Grand Floridian Hotel with her daughter, Julia Rakoczy. The two were arrested at the hotel Wednesday evening, Henry said.

They had minimal luggage and the hotel was paid through Friday, Henry said. Sweeten had withdrawn about $12,000 from several bank accounts over recent days but authorities were investigating whether that money had been stolen.

"We believe that there were some domestic concerns with her husband and some financial concerns as well," Henry said.

The child is to be picked up by her father, Sweeten's ex-husband, and Sweeten is to be extradited from Florida, Henry said.

In the frantic 911 calls, Sweeten, said two men had bumped her 2005 GMC Denali, carjacked her and stuffed her in the trunk of a dark Cadillac. She implied that her daughter was with her in the trunk, according to Philadelphia police Lt. Frank Vanore, who listened to tapes of the calls.

Sweeten, who is white, described her assailants as black but otherwise gave few details about their appearance, Vanore said.

"It was pretty generic," he said.

Police found inconsistencies with her story from the start, and noted that they could not find witnesses on the busy road in Upper Southampton Township who saw an abduction. The Denali was found early Wednesday on a downtown Philadelphia street, about 20 miles away, with a parking ticket issued shortly after the calls were made. Police knew the 911 calls were made in the same area.

Sweeten has two other daughters, a 15-year-old from her prior marriage and an 8-month-old with her current husband, a landscaper. Julia Rakoczy attended elementary school in Bensalem until she was withdrawn from classes May 1, said Susan Harder, an administrative assistant with the Bensalem Township School District.

Her ex-husband and the 9-year-old girl's father, Tony Rakoczy, described Sweeten on NBC's "Today" show as a good mother. He declined comment to the AP.

A man at Sweeten's home refused to comment Wednesday and asked reporters to leave.

Neighbors said the family had lived in their relatively new development for about two years.

Sweeten is listed as a director of a New Hope-based charity called The Carlitz Foundation, run by lawyer Debbie Carlitz. The charity's stated goal is raising money for autism research and for people in Burma. The Web site lists e-mail address for Sweeten and Carlitz, neither of whom returned e-mail messages Wednesday night. Carlitz, whose law license was suspended in 2008 for one year, also did not return a phone message.

"Bonnie was a very, very organized person," said Susan Cordeiro, secretary of the parent-teacher group at Belmont Hills Elementary School in Bensalem, which Julia had attended. "She was at every meeting, she was very involved. ... She's on top of her game all the time, even when she was pregnant."

News that Sweeten and her daughter were safe touched off both sympathy and condemnation for Sweeten on Facebook. One poster expressed gratitude that the two were safe, while another said police should "put her in jail and throw away the key."

One of the posters on the site was Kathee Lipinski, of Warminster. Lipinski said she didn't know Sweeten but was concerned when she heard about a possible abduction happening so close to her home.

"I feel very stupid for believing her story and offering my prayers when she so completely duped everyone, including her family," Lipinski said. "On the other hand, I am grateful it wasn't an abduction. ... I hope her family is able to pull together and heal."

Associated Press writers Bill Bergstrom in Feasterville, Pa., Patrick Walters in Southampton, Pa., and Jennifer Yates in Pittsburgh contributed to this report.

Copyright © 2009 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

Call of the Blood. Where are the Warriors?

Does this get you angry?

Does this make you ill?

As time ticks away and the genes forged on the anvil of Europe sink into the mud...

The future awaits us. But it doesn't have to be.

All we need are a few good men. The coming elites. We await you with open arms.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

St. Louis Crime Fighter of the Month

There goes da white mans, always trying to keep black folk from succeeding. What's interesting about this story is how CPS knew this woman was not caring for her children but still gave her a pass. They didn't want to seem racist. You see, egalitarian liberals are really the racist haters.

St. Louis County woman held in murder of own child

Sharnique Jones, Crime Fighter

CLAYTON -- St. Louis County police today announced that a 20-year-old woman has been charged in the murder of her infant last year.

Prosecutors on May 14 charged Sharnique Jones, of the 3800 block of Salome in North St. Louis County, with second-degree murder, two counts of first-degree endangering the welfare of a child and first-degree assault. Jones is being held on a $250,000 cash-only bond, police said.

Jones was charged with the "intentional suffocation of her 3-month-old infant," who died on April 7, 2008, police said. Prosecutors allege that she suffocated the child after Jones had withheld food from the baby, police said.

Healthcare providers and social workers "had repeatedly warned Jones about the inadequate care she had been giving the infant," St. Louis County police said today.

Then, on Jan. 26, Jones gave birth to a second baby, police said, and then tried to suffocate that child. In addition, social workers and healthcare providers, again, told Jones that she was not providing adequate nutrition.

After the second time Jones allegedly tried to kill her child, police and prosecutors reviewed the first baby's death last year and it was ruled a homicide, police said.

Police would not release the babies' identities.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Patriots vs Jews

Jesse kicks ass on Fox and Friends. Notice the difference between a patriot and a jew. Both think they are being patriotic, but which one is genuine? Hint: It's not the one advocating jewish torture methods. Notice how the jew uses abstract obfuscation when debating, along with his smart ass remarks.

Jesse continues the body slams.

Jesse has some ideas on how to deal with government terrorists as he tussles with another jew. Pay attention at 6:35. Let that statement burn in your insurgent brain.

The 911 Commission Report was full of lies. Why? Because 3000 Americans on 911 died, over 10,000 have died in Afghanistan and Iraq with over 2 million civilian casualties all for ISRAEL. Don't believe it?

New Blog Added - Sojourner

We here at Access St. Louis are jumping for Joy now that this fine Christian Woman has joined our blog roll. It's Christ-centered toward the Israel Anglo Truth and she pulls no punches calling out the enemies of Christ and his people.

So go forth, my brethren, and give her the Kiss of Peace so she may continue to live and prosper under our King Jesus Christ during her Sojourn amongst the true chosen.

May it ever be so!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Media And Their Lies

Right now I have the jewtube on and Greta Van Susteren is discussing among other things, the recent missile test conducted by Iran. With words like "concerned", "frightening" and "terrifying" she and her guest, jewish lick spittle John Bolton, are claiming that Iran wants to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth. Of course, they feign concern about our ZOG troops being in danger so they can use the word "We" in their lies.

So, Did Mr. Ahmadinejad actually say he would wipe Israel off the map? Let's watch.

The jews want their catspaw the Great Satan to attack Iran or use their American supplied weapons to attack them. In order to achieve this, the jewish controlled media will outright lie to get the "Uhmarakans" to join them in their two minute hate and wave the stars and prison bars.

But wait! It's not just the jews media, but the judeo-xtians too! On the 700 club, in between heart tugging video stories showing whites hugging negros and handing the keys of a new home in a white neighborhood to a mexishit invader, perverse liar Pat Robertson is shaking his head in solemn concern and quoting scripture from the corrupted translation of the New International King James Version as he spins his lies about the Iran story. This is all during perpetual fundraising, of course. What did Christ say about these twofold sons of hell?

"Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, because you devour widows' houses, and for a pretense you make long prayers; therefore you will receive greater condemnation."

There is no place in hell hot enough for you, Mr. Robertson.

So what should be done with those who lie to shed innocent blood? We here at Access St. Louis are Racial Separatists, but since we are stuck in a multiracial society (for now) I put this question to the other races also. It's not just white boys and girls that will die for the jews, but black, Mexican, Asian boys and girls too. That's the way Babylon is. It's an equal opportunity murderer. Will you allow that to happen? Time will tell if the races will wake up in time to deal with the misfortune of the nations.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Poetry in Motion

How it's done! From the jew watch disscussion group, hosted by the one and only Mr. James Stenzel from the great state of Missouri.

First up, we have a smarmy little NeoKhan, you know, a flag waving yahoo that thinks he's too clever by half. The type that watches Fox News and thinks he knows it all.

1a. And you're worried about the Jews!!
Posted by: "v.louis74"
Wed May 13, 2009 12:23 am (PDT)

Follow this link for some very interesting by scary statistics

Maybe you should start a group called, or are you too scared that a fatwah will be put out on your head?

Stop being so Jew verskriked, they really aren't the real problem.

Best regards

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1b. And you're worried about the Jews!!
Posted by: "v.louis74"
Wed May 13, 2009 12:24 am (PDT)

Apologies I gave you the incorrect link, here's the correct one.
Scary stuff indeed!


Now Mr. Stenzel replies. Uh oh!

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1c. Re: And you're worried about the Jews!!
Posted by: "James R. Stenzel" jewwatch.2008
Wed May 13, 2009 2:17 am (PDT)

--- In, "v.louis74" wrote:
> Follow this link for some very interesting by scary statistics

And according to the subsequent message, this individual
was so intent on attacking the whole basis of this forum
and parent website he didn't even get his URL correct the first time.

> Maybe you should start a group called, or are you too scared that a fatwah will be put out on your head?

What you don't seem to understand is that this group was
constituted to discuss the popular scholarly website
of amazing facts about the jews, not to discuss comparative
religion, not to discuss islam (or jewsusism, or buddhism or
any other religion, by itself as a religion).

Besides, while you were doing your "research" I guess it
missed your attention that what you suggest has already
been done:

According to the service they chuse to use to determine their
visits/day jewwatch gets about 2,000 more. They selected
a .org domain, but evidently market products. Huh?

Truth isn't a popularity contest, but in this case it seems
that truth is more popular. I know about muslims. A Palestinian
in my locale murdered his own daughter because she dated out-
of-their culture. His name was Zein Isa. So what? Even longer
ago than that a very popular host for a television show
named Sunrise Semester murdered his wife--his name was John
Bittner-Janusch. He wasn't Palestinian.

I saw (live TV) a jew, Jacob Rubenstein, murder a man so
that he could not be meaningfully interrogated about what
part he may ( or may not) have played in the mossassination
of this nation's first roman-catholic sub-cult-of-the-jewsusist-cult
President. The man was a jew. The press continues to this day
to try to conceal that fact by only referring to him by
some supposed organized-crime nickname which doesn't sound
immediately/blatantly jew. The press never tried to cover up
the cultural background of Zein Isa. Many people never would
have guessed him to be Palestinian, only "some foreigner"
but the press constantly mentioned he came from Palestine.

Jewwatch isn't selling anything--we're here, people use jewwatch
to get information about jews. Evidently more people have an
interest in that subject than have an interest in islam.

Maybe that's because jews have been moiling and meddling in
most people's (and Peoples) business for thousands of
years longer that islam has even existed.

Some of us are on a first-come first served basis.

I'm not much interested in keeping tabs on islam, and it's not
because I'm afraid of a fatwah. The jews have already issued
a fatwah on me. I just received my latest token of appreciation
from one of their cowardly apologists/supporters recently. The
amateurish dimwit used an envelope intended for a channukah
greeting (apparently) and thought they could disguise an embossed
feature on paper by painting over it with white-out.

Evidently no gentile genius cowardly-hate-mail-sender was
available to steal the trade-secrets from and stamp
"made in jewsreal" on it so this "einstein" had to improvise
on his or her own.

I won't bore you with the contents. Why
wish a manageable/treatable disease on someone
you fear and loath?

I don't even think you can die of it as a primary cause of death.

Oh, I've got an idea. Why don't you go start your own site
dedicated to watching all the things the muslims have gotten
up-to in response to the anti-islamic, largely anti-semitic
campaign of disinformation and hatred waged by the jews
against them? What's stopping you?

I guess you answered your own question--it is you who are
afraid, not me. I can assure you the originator of my site
fears nothing that walks or crawls on the face of this earth.

Me? I come under the heading "fools rush in where angels
fear to tread". Get over it--I have.

The real question is, why are the jews so damned afraid of
a full disclosure on the subject of jews? Go study my site
and eventually such of it as can sink through the
extremely dense bone of your cranium may answer
my question for you---I'm sure you wouldn't have a clue
on your own.

I suppose I should take it as a compliment you would like
to have me set upon your chosen enemies. I would
prefer not to...

Islam would be having no problem with my society were it
not for the extent to which jews have been successful at
involving my society in the worst idea they ever had--zionism.
For all their rough edges, when they're putting the sword to
people they're generally trying to include them within the
umbrella of islam, at least. They really don't do anything
designed to try to exclude outsiders--to the contrary.

I wouldn't like to live their lifestyle, but I'd rather live
amongst them as an equal than live in a jew-run world as
what it's rulers would consider sub-human work-unit, given
the choice. It's the jews who would force that choice
upon me.

Go back to the home page of this forum and see
what the stated purpose of this discussion group is ---and
please inform us when you have and return here to post
your answer--what in that mission statement for this forum
did you see soliciting suggestions for what other subjects
besides the jews we migth like to operate a website to
fully reveal?

> Stop being so Jew verskriked, they really aren't the real problem.

Really? REALLY REALLY REALLY? Is that for-real? You really
expect me to really believe you really believe that?

The jews and their zionism are a problem. Why they are like
they are is a fascinating subject for discussion. Once we
get that cleared up then maybe we can turn our attention to
why everyone else is as everyone else is.

The entire basis of how I was raised did not spring from
islam, it sprung from judaism. The central figure in the
cult in which I was raised (the presbyterian sub-cult of the
jewsusist cult) is not islamic--though islam does recognize
jewsus as a prophet.

People faithful to the tales behind islam do not wag my national dog.

Jews do.

Islam, whatever else it is, is not a very effective system for
influencing or controlling other peoples. Look at the areas
of the world islam generally controls--not my choice of
locales to take up residence any time soon. I mean,
I like reptiles and lizards but not ones that can eat me. At
that point they change from being a beneficial element of
nature to a nuisance I don't want to live around.

Then look at the locales controlled by the jews through
their jewsusist puppet-strings--the world's prime real-estate.

Areas mostly cleared of the worst of the dangerous wildlife
more than 10,000 years ago. Areas with rich fertile plains,
majestic snow-capped peaks and broad rivers brimming with
delectable edibles.

The only extent to which islam can be a threat to the parts
of the world which are (nominally) jewsusist-controlled
is the extent to which the jewsusist-controlled areas
do not simply reach out and wash the islamic cultures away
in a seething bath of neutrons. That's the measure of the
limits on the control the jews exert on their noachide
thralls--so far.

That tolerance is a function of the racial characteristic
of the dominant gentiles, the europeans or caucasians. That
is also the Achilles-heel which caused the jews to settle
on that sub-set of gentiles to use as their servants to
manifest their insane quest for a homeland for people
whose obvious destiny is to have no homeland. They wrested
one from the people whose language makes up the basis of
their language (you don't find too many jews speaking aramaic
to each other...) and controlled it not once, but twice--
for what amounts to a very short span of the time people have
dwelt there--and lost it to their own lack of ability to keep
it. Most Peoples would be able to take a hint. Not the
jews though.

There's a limit to the extent the jews can get the gentiles
to disgrace themselves in service of the remnants of
that culture which contributed the basis of the powerful
jewsusist/gentile world to show intolerance on behalf
of the jews. That's a built-in safety-valve the european gentiles have. It makes them easy prey to the jews, but also frustrates
the jews from having their way fully with us.

It's my belief the only way that limit will stay in place
is for resources such as jewwatch to continue to exist--hence
my leaping into the breech to see to it.

Long story short: until such time as the muslims are able to
have an 89 year old gentile who hasn't harmed a hair on anyone's
head since he came here extradited to some kangaroo court to
make a mockery of justice in order to create what they believe
to be positive public relations for jihaad (the muslim equivalent of zionism), I'm not starting any websites dealing with a jew-skewed full "disclosure" regarding islam.

Got that?

Run along now, junior. Come back and joust with me
when you can grow a bush and a beard.

James R. Stenzel

Yeeeeha! That Neo just got himself a Missouri Boat ride! :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Which One is The Bride?

Hey Soldier. Is this what you died for? Do you understand what that flag drapping your coffin stands for now?

Friday was a long, busy day for 17 gay and lesbian couples from Missouri.

This can be corrected. Join the resistance. There's a target rich environment out there just waiting for real patriots. Remember, Media first. They are enemy #1.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pus-N-Boots, Executive Blog Editor - Exclusive Video!

Since it's a slow Sunday, I thought I'd share my cat, Pixi Annie Pu Pu (pus pus) with all of you. This is about a year and a half ago, when I was in Calfornia. She was found abandoned in a warehouse in Illinois and the guys were throwing basketballs at her. I'm sure one hit her in the head because she twirls her head around when you come up to her. Other than that, she's fine. She's a great cat, red headed like my step chile but lots nicer than her!

Here she is on my bed while I'm gone to California, getting bugged by my bookkeeper.

Here's her first food dish, notice the fiji water. Only the best for the Blog Executive Editor!

Here she is in my living room, resting after a long night of executive partying, too much catnip and salmon feast!

I love cats. They take care of themselves and keep your yard free of possums, rabbits and field mice. I'm getting a Dog soon if I can fence up my yard or buy some acreage somewhere. I believe in letting animals roam outside, it's their natural habitat.

Happy Mothers Day!

Mother - that was the bank where we deposited all our hurts and worries.

Who fed me from her gentle breast
And hushed me in her arms to rest,
And on my cheek sweet kisses prest?
My Mother.

A man's work is from sun to sun, but a mother's work is never done.

There are times when only a Mother's love
Can understand our tears,
Can soothe our disappoints
And calm all of our fears.
There are times when only a Mother's love
Can share the joy we feel
When something we've dreamed about
Quite suddenly is real.
There are times when only a Mother's faith
Can help us on life's way
And inspire in us the confidence
We need from day to day.
For a Mother's heart and a Mother's faith
And a Mother's steadfast love
Were fashioned by the Angels
And sent from God above.

God bless all our wonderful Mothers, Grandmothers and soon to be Moms. The greatest gift a woman can receive is being a Mother. And who knows? Your child just might be that next great leader that our people are waiting for. Go forth and multiply!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

First Case of Mexican Flu East of Kansas City

Not hospitalized. I guess this flu scare has been overplayed? Who knows. Right now there is a lot of blight wing chatter about it turning into airborne AIDs. More than likely, it's a mutation from a huge pig farm known for filthy conditions in Mexico City, but nothing is for sure. Just more fruits of diversity from the Turd World.

Be careful out there.

UPDATE: O’Fallon man with swine flu had traveled to Texas

By Kalen Ponche
Wednesday, May 6, 2009 5:24 PM CDT

A 24-year-old O’Fallon man who recently traveled to Texas is the first person in the St. Louis region to have a confirmed case of swine flu.

Three other cases involving two people in Platte County and one in Jackson County were detected Tuesday by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in Missouri to eight.

Four additional cases of swine flu are suspected and awaiting confirmation from officials.

It was not clear where the O’Fallon man contracted the disease, although a spokesman with the St. Charles County Department of Community Health and the Environment said the man recently had traveled to south Texas to visit family.

"At this point we don’t know where he picked up the virus," said Cameron Satterfield, a spokesman for the county health department. "It could have been down there, it could have been up here."

The man was not hospitalized and is taking antiviral medications and recovering at home, Satterfield said.

Swine flu is a respiratory disease in pigs that can also infect humans. The virus can spread from person to person through coughing or sneezing.

People who have swine flu are contagious from the day before they start to feel ill to seven days later, according to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

None of the people the man has been in contact with has felt sick, Satterfield said.

As a precaution, several of his co-workers who had contact with him recently are staying home for the next few days, Satterfield said.

"You want to go back a little bit before (the day the person first felt ill) to be safe and make sure you’re getting everybody," Satterfield said.

Health officials expect to see more cases of swine flu in the area.

"We expected this to happen," Satterfield said. "It was a when, not an if."

The O’Fallon man is not in school, but county health officials have been in contact with local school officials to give them new recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about school closures.

"They now say you don’t have to close the whole school down, just to make sure the person stays home and monitor the rest of the children," Satterfield said.

As of Wednesday evening, there were 642 confirmed cases of swine flu in 41 states across the country, and two deaths, according to the CDC. Illinois had the largest number of cases at 122.

Worldwide, the virus has spread to 23 countries with more than 1,800 people sickened.

Satterfield said more people are on alert and if they experience flu-like symptoms are going to doctors and hospitals to get checked out.

If you start to experience flu-like symptoms, including fever, body aches, runny nose or nausea, contact your health care provider.

For more information, visit the CDC website at

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Why They're Called The Enemy Media

The enemy media in this country went ballistic recently over a Mexican Invader in Schuylkill County, PA, who, because some White MEN decided to take charge and defend their town, sent the invader back to Mexico in a cardboard box. They posted pictures of the poor dear and wrote about the injustice he had suffered at the hands of evil white devils.

Well, we know now that this innocent little turd worlder was the vanguard of a drug and crime gang that if allowed to fester, would have turned the county into a living hell.

I know, I used to live in California and I saw this type of thing with my own eyes. Of course, anyone reading this that lives around a large Mexican population knows what I'm talking about. Even the blacks in LA know what I'm talking about, as they are being ethnically cleansed from areas such as Compton.

And of course, If you hear anything about South Africa and Zimbabwe, it's all about how wonderful it is but we still need to help the poor poor african as years of oppression has left him unable to even maintain a civilization. Right?

But what about the pictures and photos of Whites who have fallen victim to our Mexican immigrants who so enrich our daily lives? Where are they? Have you ever read a story about them in the same way the enemy media wrote about their darling turder?

What about Amanda Thomas and Patrick Epley in Southern Missouri?

Manuel Cazares admitted after his arrest that he is an illegal immigrant from the Mexican state of Michoacan. The 32-year-old had several run-ins with law enforcement before the homicides, but officials had never questioned his legal status.

Now he is charged with two counts of second-degree murder and armed criminal action in the Feb. 28 deaths of his ex-girlfriend, 27-year-old Amanda Thomas, and 25-year-old Carl Patrick Epley.

What, no pics of them in the morgue, or of the murder scene? Maybe it looked like this:

or this maybe?

Where's all the sobbing and gnashing of teeth for these victims?

Two Wright City men have been charged with sex crimes against teenage girls. Benito Sanchez-Castro, 23, of the 16000 block of Country Cove Lane, and Jose Toledo-Perez, 24, of the 18000 block of St.

I guess we can't see the teenage girls who are scarred for life, but maybe they looked like this?

Let's travel out to California and check out some more wonderful Mexishit diversity, just doing the jobs Americans won't do, right?

Bologna Family members gunned down in the Streets of Sanctuary Francisco

Edwin Ramos is accused of gunning down Anthony Bologna, and his sons, 20-year-old Michael, and 16-year-old Matthew, with an AK47 assault weapon after they blocked his ability to turn.

Ramos' attorney maintains his client was not the shooter and police have nabbed the wrong person.

But the case has sparked debate over a San Francisco law that shields illegal immigrants from being deported and put pressure on District Attorney Kamala Harris to seek the death penalty against Ramos.

The 21-year-old is an illegal immigrant who has avoided deportation despite previous brushes with the law.

Just another local story that plays itself out everyday in beautiful, diverse California. But no pics of the murder scene or they in the morgue...Maybe they looked like this after being shot with an AK?

Now, let's zoom back to the East Coast, where more Mexican diversity awaits us. This one is in Connecticut, home of the tolerant Yankee and his Jewish buddies from New York.

HAMDEN--A town woman, 25, survived a vicious attack by a co-worker who allegedly tried to snap her neck, stomped on her chest, raped her and left her for dead early Friday in East Rock Park, police said.

After the man drove off in her car, the severely beaten woman made her way from the park, down a hill through grass and branches, to a house on Ridge Road, and frantically rang a doorbell.

A resident who had been sleeping on the couch on the first floor heard a commotion and opened the door to a horrifying sight.

"The girl's eyes were completely closed and blood was all over her face. It was like something out of a horror movie," he said. "She was saying 'Help me, help me, please help me.'"

That's the first story. Boy, when it's a mexishit committing the crimes, the enemy media try their best to cover up facts. But wait! We have another story on the same incident!

The vicious attacked continued as the suspect, identified by police as an illegal immigrant, forced the victim back inside the car and drove to the northern section of East Rock Park in Hamden.

Unbelievably, this woman's terrifying night would continue. She told officers she begged for her life as her coworker raped and beat her again along a deserted pathway in the park. "He then attempted to snap her neck," added Captain Smith. "He stomped on her with his feet on her chest."

Finally, the attacker took off, apparently because he thought his victim was dead. She laid there quietly, without moving, until he drove away and she ran to a nearby house for help.

That was about 3:40am, after enduring two incredibly brutal hours.

The name of her alleged attacker has not been released yet, and police believe he may be in CT illegally from Mexico. He's charged with attempted murder, kidnapping, sexual assault and other charges

No pics of her in the hospital? Maybe she looked like this:

Although the culture enhancing Mexican probably tried to make her look like this:

Oh well, hey. It's just somebody's White Mother, big deal. Nothing to see, on with the next story about poor mexicans struggling to make it in our wonderfully diverse country. Who cares?!

We do. We care very much. You multicultural egalitarian cock lovers who think diversity is so great have blood on your hands. Lots of it. From South Africa (where those pictures were taken) To Northern Europe to America and Australia. All over the Western World we are under attack. A low intensity race war is being waged by the hordes of worthless turdworlders against our people. You are responsible for the rivers of blood that is coming and mark my words, WE will be shedding YOUR BLOOD into those rivers.

So next time you whiners come here calling me ignorant or stupid, PREPARE TO BACK IT UP! Call me a racist, call me a hater, those words are meaningless to me. But ignorant I am not. And one day, an Army of White lone wolves and insurgents will correct your ignorance PERMANENTLY.

Valhalla awaits us, the hottest corner of hell awaits you. Bank on it.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Main Stream Media - Target Number One of the Insurgency

Do you think the jews got into their positions of power by being stupid? They knew this was coming up for a decision and they knew the White men who killed this invader would probably get off. That's why you're seeing the "hate crime" bill up for a vote so early in the congressional session.

In normal times, there is not a one of us who would not feel sympathy for someone who has been beat to death. We are not callous, cold blooded haters without any compassion. However, these are not normal times. We are in a war for survival and when you are in a war deep within enemy territory, you must steel yourself or else you will lose your mind. This type of thing is going to become routine. In fact, it is routine for hundreds of Whites EVERYDAY. Do you ever hear about it? Tell me, have you ever seen a picture of a white person in a hospital bed after being beaten, raped or robbed by a Mexican? We all know the answer to that now, don't we? Yet when an invader gets Aryan Justice we don't hear the end of it from the enemy media.

What does that tell you? It tells me that the enemy media is just as much for the destruction of White Western Civilization as the enemy government in Washington. What should we do with people that want to destroy us? WE DESTORY THEM FIRST. It's as simple as that. There is no grey area to debate. The war is on, it's been going on and we haven't been fighting back.

That has to change. And the first object of our attention will be the Controlled Media in the country. The ENTIRE STRATUM of news and media operations must GO! From the owners, to the editors, to the managers and right down through the ranks until they are either under the ground or looking for other work.

Then we eliminate the Journalism professors and their den of propaganda indoctrination. Have I missed anything?

Of course, this is only one theatre of operations within the whole of the insurgency. There will also be major operations in the Financial, Industrial, Government and "advocacy" Theatres. The ENTIRE STRATUM OF THE SO-CALLED INTELLIGENTSIA in each of these theatres must be wiped out.

Oh, and let's not forget those synagogues of Satan, the Judeo-Xian Churches. I'm sure there are some hungry men just aching for that mission.

And when we are finished, we can start to rebuild something that actually looks like a free White society, and not the Social Marxist Bolshevik "1984" society that the jews and their white collaborators have imposed on us.

Check out this story and observe the biased propaganda that is radiated from every TV in America and you'll understand what I'm talking about.

What they should be reporting is that the town and it's white women and children are much safer tonight. That's the real story here.

Enemy Media Reporting

Friends and relatives of two teens accused in the beating death of a Mexican immigrant struggled to contain their relief as not-guilty verdicts were announced on the most serious charges against the former high school football stars Friday.

Gasps filled the courtroom and some had to be restrained by sheriff's deputies as they tried to rush the defense table after Derrick Donchak, 19, and Brandon Piekarsky, 17, were acquitted of aggravated assault, reckless endangerment and ethnic intimidation for the death of Luis Ramirez.

Piekarsky was also found not guilty of third-degree murder for the death of Ramirez, who died of blunt force injuries after an encounter with the teens last summer.

However, the all-white jury of six men and six women from Schuylkill County jury found Piekarsky and Donchak guilty of simple assault.

The case drew national attention to the small town of Shenandoah, Pennsylvania, highlighting race relations and polarizing the community on who was to blame for the incident.

Lawyers for the teens never denied that their clients were involved in a physical altercation with Ramirez on a residential street the night of July 12.

Instead, they tried to cast Ramirez as the aggressor, and suggested that the other teens involved in the tangle of punches and blows were to blame.

"In my mind it was the lack of evidence to tie these kids to the serious charges that they brought," defense lawyer Frederick Fanelli said.

A cast of witnesses provided conflicting accounts regarding who initiated the encounter and who exactly did what, complicating prosecutors' efforts to assign blame.

"If you ask most prosecutors who are dealing with multiple defendants, and in this particular case there were at least four, it is extraordinary difficult to clear the fog of a fight," truTV anchor Ashleigh Banfield said.

The 25-year-old Mexican immigrant had settled in Shenandoah a year before his death with his wife, a lifelong resident of the faltering mining town, and their young children.

He was walking down a residential street with a friend when he encountered the group of teens, who had been drinking earlier in the evening. Donchak was convicted of providing alcohol to the other teens who were involved in the confrontation, including a juvenile co-defendant and another teen who pleaded guilty in federal court for his role in the fight.

Prosecutors alleged that the teens baited the Ramirez into a fight with racial epithets, provoking an exchange of punches and kicks that ended with Ramirez convulsing in the street, foaming from the mouth. He died two days later in a hospital.

Piekarsky was accused of delivering a fatal kick to Ramirez's head after he was knocked to the ground.

As they poured out of courthouse, the teens' supporters shouted "I was right from the start" and "I'm glad the jury listened" at cameras that caught the late-night verdict.

Don't Miss
No murder conviction in Mexican immigrant's beating death
Town struggles with fallout from immigrant's death

But Gladys Limon, a spokeswoman for the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund, said the jury had sent a troubling message.

"The jurors here [are] sending the message that you can brutally beat a person, without regard to their life, and get away with it, continue with your life uninterrupted," she said.

"In this case, the message is that a person who may not be popular in society based on their national origin or certain characteristic has less value in our society," she said.

The extent of Ramirez's injuries, which had left his brain oozing from his skull, according to medical testimony, should have sufficed for a conviction other than simple assault, Limon said.

"The acts here were egregious in brutality and it's just outrageous and very difficult to understand how any juror could have had reasonable doubt, especially as to the aggravated assault and the reckless enganderment charges," she said.

Limon said her group intends to press the Department of Justice to file federal charges against the teens.

"Luis Ramirez's family deserves vindication for his death," she said. "This incident has not only disrupted Luis Ramirez's family, but the entire community."

CNN's Brian Rokus contributed to this report.

Now, instead of you Nazi marching in your 20th century german costumes and aiding and abetting the enemy, why not try on some fashionable insurgent gear, find the nearest MALDEF office and terminate every mexican inside. It should take you all within 5 minutes with silenced weapons, and you can even blow the place up after you exit. Now that's the message we want to send, not more money to the SPLC by holding a rally. Got it?

For you lone wolves, there are some feds there that are aching for a breaking. If the feds try to bring these soldiers on federal charges, they should feel the steel of Aryan Resistance.

If we can even get to that point, the Resistance will grow and grow until WE HAVE THE POWER to determine OUR destiny.

Friday, May 1, 2009

RPG-7 - Weapon of the Insurgency

During the civil war that will break out inside the Great Satan, that filthy abomination that has become the habitation of devils and the hold of every foul spirit, I don't see any difficulty in obtaining weapons like these. There are millions of them in the Middle East and Eastern Europe that could very easily find their way into the hands of determined patriots. If we have to, we can make our own RPGs, Drones and Stingers. Know why?

We are Aryans.

This is an outstanding article on light infantry vs armor tactics involving the popular shoulder-fired RPG-7. This article appeared in the May-August 1998 issue of "Infantry" under the title "The RPG-7 On the Battlefields of Today and Tomorrow."

For All Seasons: The Old But Effective RPG-7 Promises to Haunt the Battlefields of Tomorrow

by Mr. Lester W. Grau Foreign Military Studies Office, Fort Leavenworth, KS. *********************************************************************

The RPG-7 anti-tank grenade launcher is one of the most common and most effective infantry weapons in contemporary conflicts. It is rugged, simple and carries a lethal punch. Whether downing US Blackhawk helicopters in Somalia, blasting Russian tanks in Chechnya, or attacking government strong points in Angola, the RPG-7 is the weapon of choice for many infantrymen and guerrillas around the world.

The RPG-7 is the lineal descendant of the World War II German Panzerfaust. It is relatively cheap, quite effective and found everywhere. The RPG-7 was adopted by the Soviet Armed Forces in 1961. Today, it is part of the TO&E of over 40 different countries' armies and several of these countries, besides Russia, are licensed to build their own.(1) Other manufacturers include Bulgaria, China, Iran, Iraq, Romania and Pakistan.

The RPG-7 is a shoulder-fired, muzzle-loaded, antitank and antipersonnel grenade launcher which launches a variety of fin-stabilized, oversized grenades from a 40mm tube. The launcher with optical sight weighs 6.9 kilograms (15.2 pounds) and has a maximum effective range of 300 meters against moving point targets and 500 meters against stationary point targets.

The maximum range for antitank grenades against area targets is 920 meters, at which point the round self-destructs after its 4.5 second flight. The antipersonnel grenades reach over 1100 meters. Among the production grenades are the PG-7, PG-7M, PG-7N, and PG-7VL antitank grenades with armor penetrability of up to 600mm of rolled homogeneous steel. The PG-7VR is a tandem warhead designed to penetrate explosive reactive armor and the armor underneath. The OG-7 and OG-7M are high-explosive antipersonnel grenades.(2)

The Soviet Army assigned one RPG-7 per motorized rifle squad.(3) Forces involved in regional conflicts tend to add more RPGs to their organizations. In the Iran-Iraq War, the Iranian 11-man squad had two RPG-7 gunners. In the Soviet-Afghan War, the Mujahideen (4) averaged one RPG for every 10-12 combatants in 1983-1985. By 1987, they were two RPG-7s for every 10-12 combatants.

The Mujahideen formed special armored-vehicle hunter-killer teams where 50 to 80% of the personnel were armed with RPG-7s. This could be up to 15 RPGs. When there weren't mortars available, these groups also used their RPG-7s as a form of pseudo-artillery and conducted RPG preparation fires.(5)

Constricted terrain (mountains, forest, jungle, and population centers) leads to close combat. When the combatants are 10-30 meters apart, artillery and air support is practically nonexistent due to the danger of fratricide. Close combat is a direct-fire brawl in which the RPG-7 excels.(6)

Combat in the High Desert

The Soviet -Afghan War lasted from 1979 to 1989 and pitted the local Mujahideen against the Soviet occupiers and the Afghan communist government. Afghanistan is a rugged land, full of towering mountains, vast deserts, "green zones"(7) and occasional forest. Guerrilla warfare favors the use of light infantry.

The Soviets never fielded enough light infantry to match the quality light infantry of the Mujahideen. The RPG-7 was the Mujahideen weapon of choice and they proved its value as a light-weight killer against Soviet tanks, armored personnel carriers, trucks and helicopters. The Soviets tried to stay at least 300 meters away from the Mujahideen--out of AK-47 Kalashinikov assault rifle and RPG- 7 moving target range.(8) The Mujahideen, on the other hand, tried to get in close and "hug" the Soviet force to escape Soviet artillery and air strikes while using their RPGs to good effect.(9)

Among the forces that the Soviets deployed to Afghanistan were two spetsnaz brigades.(10) The spetsnaz forces were not authorized RPG-7s in their TO&Es. Instead, they were issued RPG-16s or RPG-22s.(11) The RPG-16s and RPG-22s lacked the range and punch of the RPG-7, so spetsnaz troops used captured Chinese and Pakistani RPG-7s. They preferred these RPGs to the Soviet-manufactured model since they are lighter, and have a folding bipod and a convenient carrying handle. The spetsnaz found that the RPG-7 was ideal for taking out Mujahideen firing positions dug into mountain slopes. They would aim the RPG-7 to hit above and behind the firing position, showering the firing position with shrapnel and pieces of rock.(12)

The Mujahideen used the RPG antitank grenades against both vehicles and personnel. The antitank round has a lethal bursting radius of some four meters and can kill with blast and shrapnel. The Mujahideen learned that the best way to destroy a vehicle was to engage it with two or three RPGs simultaneously from a range of 20-50 meters. The chances of hitting the target with a lethal shot are greatly increased by firing a number of shots at close range. Further, the vehicle under attack has less of a chance to react to the attack.

The rebels in Tadjikistan in 1992 applied this same technique when attacking T-72 tanks equipped with reactive armor. Since they lacked the anti-reactive armor PG-7VR tandem warhead, the first gunner would hit the tank to blow a hole in the reactive armor and the second and third gunner would fire the kill shots at the exposed area. This "double-teaming" also usually took out the tank's vision blocks, so if the tank survived, it was blind allowing the RPG gunners time to reposition, reload and reengage. Another "trick of the trade" was to throw a fragmentation grenade on the T-72's front deck to take out the driver's vision block before the massed RPGs opened up on the tank. The optimum shot for the Tadjik rebels was against the rear section of the T-72 turret.

The biggest danger to the RPG gunners was infantry accompanying tanks, so they tried to take out tanks that were out of immediate infantry support range. Further, RPG gunners usually were accompanied by supporting snipers and machine gunners and an assistant RPG gunner carrying an assault rifle. These could protect the RPG gunner from enemy infantry. It was absolutely necessary, if the RPG gunners were not firing from prepared positions, that they change firing positions after every shot. This was especially true if they failed to kill their target with the first shot or the target had a supporting vehicle in overwatch. RPG gunners who were caught up in the heat of the moment and stood their ground were quickly killed.(13)

RPG-7s were especially valuable in executing an ambush. RPG positions were selected with particular care, then dug-in, reinforced and camouflaged. The area behind the firing positions were soaked for two-four meters in depth with water to prevent a tell-tale cloud of dust. The firing position was hidden within local foliage--brush, reeds, corn and tall grasses up to two meters high. It was only necessary to have a clear view of the target and an unimpeded pathway where the grenade could fly without be deflected by twigs and foliage. No matter how well camouflaged and watered-down a position, the launching signature of a RPG is unmistakable. The flash and the whitish blue-grey smoke is a clear giveaway and the surviving RPG gunner is one who quickly shifts positions or dives deep into a hole.

Helicopter Hunting

While the RPG was designed to kill tanks and other combat vehicles, it has brought down a number of helicopters as well. During the fighting in Mogadishu, Somalia in October 1994, the two US Army Blackhawk helicopters shot down were by the RPG. In Afghanistan, the Mujahideen found that the best anti-helicopter tactics were anti-helicopter ambushes. The first variant was to identify likely landing zones and mine them. Then the Mujahideen would position machine guns and RPGs around the landing zone. As the helicopter landed, massed RPG and machine gun fire would tear into the aircraft.(14)

If the Mujahideen could not lure helicopters into an ambush kill zone, the RPG could still engage helicopters. The Mujahideen found that a frontal shot at a range of 100 meters was optimum against an approaching helicopter.(15) As before, the more RPGs firing simultaneously, the better chance of a hit and escape from an avenging wingman.(16)

Should the helicopters be flying further away, it was better to wait until the helicopter was 700-800 meters away and then fire, trying to catch the helicopter with the explosion of the round's self-destruction at 920 meters distance. Chances of hitting a helicopter at this range by the self-destruct mechanism were very limited, but they served to discourage reconnaissance helicopters and air assault landings, particularly if a SA-7 Strela or a Stinger shoulder-fired surface-to-air missile was also firing.(17)

Combat in Cities

In December 1994, the Russian Army entered the break-away Republic of Chechnya and attempted to seize the Chechen capital of Grozny from the march. After this attempt failed, the Russian Army spent two months in deliberate house-to-house fighting before finally capturing the city.(18) During the fighting, the Russian conscript force was badly mauled by the more-mature, dedicated Chechen force. During the first month of the conflict, Russian forces wrote off 225 armored vehicles as non-repairable battle losses. This represents 10.23% of the armored vehicles initially committed to the campaign.(19) The bulk of these losses were due to shoulder-fired antitank weapons and antitank grenades.

The Chechen forces were armed with Soviet and Russian-produced weapons and most Chechen fighters had served in the Soviet Armed Forces. The Chechen lower-level combat group consisted of 15 to 20 personnel subdivided into three or four-man fighting cells. These cells had an antitank gunner (normally armed with the RPG-7 or RPG-18 shoulder-fired antitank rocket launcher), a machine gunner and a sniper.(20) Additional personnel served as ammunition bearers and assistant gunners. Chechen combat groups deployed these cells as anti-armor hunter-killer teams. The sniper and machine gunner would pin down the supporting infantry while the antitank gunner would engage the armored target. Teams deployed at ground level, in second and third stories, and in basements of buildings. Normally five or six hunter-killer teams simultaneously attacked a single armored vehicle. Kill shots were generally made against the top, rear and sides of vehicles. (See diagram 1) Chechens also dropped bottles filled with gasoline or jellied fuel on top of vehicles.(21) The Chechen hunter-killer teams tried to trap vehicle columns in city streets where destruction of the first and last vehicles will trap the column and allow its total destruction.

The elevation and depression angles of the Russian tank barrels were incapable of dealing with hunter-killer teams fighting from basements and second or third-story positions and the simultaneous attack from five or six teams negated the effectiveness of the tanks' machine guns. The Russians attached ZSU 23-4 and 2S6 track-mounted antiaircraft guns to armored columns to respond to these difficult-to-engage hunter-killer teams.(22)

Avoiding RPG Fires

The Soviets were not the only modern army to worry about the effectiveness of the RPG. South African and Namibian forces fighting Angolan guerrillas in Namibia during the 1980s learned to give the RPG a wide berth. Their standard drill, when traveling in an armored personnel carrier and encountering Angolan guerrillas with an RPG, was to immediately begin driving around the guerrillas in an ever-widening circle. They would fire into the circle with automatic weapons. The moving vehicle was harder for the guerrilla RPG gunner to hit and the soldiers were able to exploit their mobility and firepower.(23) Dismounting troops to advance on guerrillas while the stationary personnel carrier provides supporting fire is a good way to lose the carrier.

Tanks and other ground combat vehicles need to be protected against the RPG. Sandbagging and mounting reactive armor were reasonable solutions until the introduction of the anti-reactive armor PG-7VR tandem round. The best short-term solution appears to be fitting combat vehicles with a light-weight stand-off screen. When the Soviets moved through heavy vegetation in Afghanistan, they would sometimes walk a wall of high-explosive fragmentation rounds in front of the vehicles to keep the RPG gunners at bay--or at least to ruin their aim.(24) This is an expensive option in terms of artillery or mortar rounds, but it does work.

When practical, the best way to protect ground vehicles from the RPG is to put infantry well forward of the vehicles to find and destroy the RPG gunners. Combat vehicles should stay out of urban areas or areas dominated by overwatching terrain and tall trees until the infantry has cleared and posted the area. Moving under smoke or at night also helps protect ground vehicles. Convoys should have a security escort, smoke laying capability and helicopter coverage. All vehicle drivers should have several smoke grenades.(25)

There are several ways to protect helicopters from the RPG:

-Vary the take-off and landing directions from the helipads.

-Never fly a "race-track" or other identifiable pattern.

-Never follow streets, roads, canyons or river lines for any length.

-Always allow 500 meters between the helicopter and its wingman. This allows the wingman full range of his weaponry to engage RPG gunners.

-Vary the flight tactics and flying pattern, sometimes flying with two helicopters and sometimes with three.

-Prep a LZ with an over-pressure system (fuel-air) before landing.

-Use pathfinders on any LZ before committing the full landing force.

-Never set patterns by time, formation or sequence of events.(26)

The RPG-7 in Future Combat

The RPG-7 will be around for a good while yet. It is a proven, cheap killer of technology which will continue to play a significant role--particularly when conventional forces are pitted against irregular forces. Russian veterans are enthusiastic about the RPG-7 and have suggested that the Russians need to develop an antipersonnel round, an incendiary round, a smoke round, an illumination round and other special-purpose rounds to give the RPG-7 more flexibility in future combat. (27) US soldiers need to be aware of the RPG-7 and how it has been deployed. The chances are, whenever a US soldier is deployed to a trouble spot, the RPG-7 will be part of the local landscape.

Update: The US Army has lost almost 100 helicopters to RPGs and small arms fire in Afghanistan and Iraq, including some armored Apache attack helicopters. Most of these were not shot down, but damaged so badly they were scrapped.


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