Saturday, June 4, 2011

Misplaced Priorities and the New America

What do you do when your people face devastating floods, killer tornadoes and other disasters, man-made and otherwise?  Why, you adopt strangers into your midst!   

"It's God's sale," says Jane Corbett, 76, who is in her 29th year of holding the event. She moved it to Nerinx Hall high school in Webster Groves after the sale grew too large for her front yard. The three-day sale ends at noon today.

"Since I was little, I wanted to be a missionary," said Corbett, who first went to Haiti in 1982 at the invitation of a priest.
She stayed a month, without a working knowledge of the language or a place to stay. Her husband took care of their seven children.

I have an idea.  These feel-good haters should practice what they preach, and seek out these oppressed "youts".  Bring your barbeque grill and feed your ego here, fools!

St. Louis, MO (— Gang members plan to take over an area playground this weekend and police are gearing up to keep everyone safe. Fox 2 investigator Chris Hayes has the exclusive report about the annual gathering at a Wellston city playground and what police plan to do about it.

Wellston used to be a safe white suburb of St. Louis until people like Corbett and her "church" had their way.  Now we have this:

Chief Walker says his officers' mission is to keep the peace. They know they're outgunned. He said, "At the present our officers are carrying 40 caliber semi-automatic pistols. We've seized AK 47s, 30 ot 6 sniper rifles, just all kinds of heavy, heavy artillery, some with cartridges that will even penetrate protective vests that are worn by the officers."

Chief Walker added, "There is definitely a disparity in firepower. We have taken steps to level the playing field. We've ordered 4 M16 fully automatic rifles that will be arriving within the next few days to be used as patrol rifles for our cars."

He says they hope to never use the new firepower, but he'd rather be proactive than reactive.

Got that?  Niggers with sniper rifles.  Niggers with AK47s.  This is being repeated all over formally White America.  It is the logical conclusion of the terminal disease called Liberalism.  It will mean our ultimate destruction as a race and civilization.

The only consolation is that people like Corbett, her daughters and her "church" will suffer the consequences, if not from their turd world utopia then from determined White Patriots.  Get ready, because it's coming sooner than you think.


Anonymous said...

Many other intelligent commentators have cited a term originally coined by Charles Dickens. Dickens called it telescopic philanthropy.

Wealthy white women in Dickens' days ignored what their own menfolk did to poorer white families, and concentrated on the suffering and poverty of African and Asian children.

Unfortunately, Marx and Engels had a point. There is and will continue to be a hateful struggle between poorer and richer white people.

Orion said...

This was the promise of National Socialism, the removal of strive between the classes, not the elimination of classes altogether. That is just the human condition.

Altruism towards the mud masses must be stopped somehow. I was just reading a story about a church that is setting out Water Stations for Mexican invaders. Incredible. It is a disease of the soul and must be cured no matter what it takes.

Anonymous said...

30 ot 6 should be posted as 30.06 the correct way to post this rifle's caliber

Orion said...

Or 30 ought 6. The writers of the article were probably shooting for that, but it got garbled in some way. I left it as it was from the original article.