Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Preaching Cowboy

Whenever the Chosen people are in danger of being destroyed for a lack of knowledge, of going to Babylon, God sends forth prophets to warn his people to get them to turn from their wicked ways and come back to God. In Deuteronomy 28 we have a clear warning of what will happen to us if we turn our backs from God. Most of it has come true. Yet contained in the book is a promise, that if God's people will turn back to him and follow in his ways, all things will be restored as before.

Pastor Peters was such a prophet, though he would never say so himself. As I was listening to the two hour tribute to the Pastor on SFA radio tonight, I was struck with how much the Pastor had influenced many people and how much love and respect there was for this great Man of God.

When I heard the news that the Pastor had passed away, It hit me pretty hard. I mourned for almost a week and I'm not a man that normally breaks down at such news. But for almost 15 years he had been my Pastor. I drove from California to LaPorte to get baptised in 2006 in his church. Every Sunday I would take communion and attend the Internet service and listen to the 24/7 radio stream almost constantly. His broadcasts would go with me to the gym in my MP3 player. I loved his series The Aliens Among Us and The Unseen War. I never missed his Thanksgiving story about how God had his hand in preparing for the pilgrims to settle in Plymouth and thus blaze a trail for the millions of our people that was to come.

 When I would rough it in the woods I'd take my laptop and converter and listen to him among the wildlife, cleaning my guns and gear after a long day of training and preparing for what is to come. When I was in the sleeping bag my books for nightly reading were Everything you wanted to know about gun control and America the conquered. Pastor Peters, more than anyone else, was a great inspiration to me. He was like a father, so it was quite a shock to find out that he had left us.

There aren't many men I look up to as inspiration but Pastor Peters was one of them. Tough, sincere, honorable and a fighter, Pastor was a man's man. Besides the message of hope and truth he brought to his people, I think those hard, cowboy qualities are what attracted so many to him. No one wants a effeminate preacher tickling your ear with what you want to hear and pastor would have none of that. He told you what he believed was the truth and if you didn't like it then you could just move on and find Joel Osteen or someone that would make you feel good. Pastor wasn't about preaching a false creed of  love, peace and inclusiveness to make you feel good. He was about waging a spiritual war of warning his people what would happen if we didn't get right with God and raising up acres of diamonds men, of Gideons chosen few, people that would carry the fight against spiritual darkness and death.

I loved the stories Pastor used to tell, about the time when he was dragged by a horse and almost lost his life, to when he worked a wielder, of this times on the jewish controlled campuses fighting the commies to the State's attempt to get him to sign as a political advocacy group and refusing, resulting in the church being seized by the Enemies of Christ, to the sadder times when he lost his only son and then his son's mother. Pastor Peters went though a lot, was tested mightily and passed it all with flying colors. Men of his caliber, at least in the pulpit, are few and far between. If we had men like Pastor Peters in the pulpit across America, this country would not be facing the disaster that stares us in the face today.

I said back in 2009 that this was the beginning of sorrows, and things are coming to a head soon. Before that happens though, the wars in heaven are waging and must be won, and it must be waging something fierce for God to call up such a Warrior as Pastor Peters.

Thank you for all you have taught me, Pastor. I know I'm a stiff necked blackslider sometimes but I never leave the flock. I hope I get to meet you again someday, swinging that sword and smiting our enemies into the spiritual dust. With Pastor Peters now at God's side, we will win for sure.

A good video of Pastor's service, communion time.

You can find the SFA channel here with plenty of video.


Joy said...

Very nice tribute.

Thermo said...

I get SO back-slidded at times, TOO!

My hubby is a STIFF-NECKED 100% Jew!

He has a great heart though.

We go to a fellowship of Christians and right minded Jews. Yeah, there are a few here in the mountains.

I was away from God for 7 years, from 2000-2007 and I have always been prophetic (God shows me things way before they happen) and for SEVEN years I left God and Jesus and it was HORRIBLE. Almost homeless, I also went through one whole year of this horrid pain in my gut, turns out the pain was appendicidis that turned into a 2 liter cyst mast.

They had to rip my stomach open ONE WHOLE FOOT. I was in the hospital fighting for my life for 6 weeks.
Thank GOD I am alive.
To fight another day.

A man came and gave me a word; "You are given another chance!"

I turned away from my terrible ways of pretending there was no God and God blessed me HUGE.

That is the benefit of repentence.