Friday, April 27, 2012

How the Jewish Media Spins News

The controlled Media in this country, in concert with the current administration, are so anti-white that they will try to portray Zimmerman as anything other than what he really is, then portray the Negro Martin as a poor, oppessed "black yout".

This is replayed in Media Outlets all over the country, every day.  Still think we have a free press?


lormarie said...

I'm going to leave it all up to the courts to decide but the media (on Martin's side) was smart to constantly show pics of him young and cute. Reality is, 17 year-olds don't look like babies but fully grown men. The way he looks shouldn't be the deciding factor wrt the verdict. Fully grown men are sometimes aggressive but they can also be the victims. Know matter which way it goes, I've learned that the media simply cannot be trusted. I also suspect that Zimmerman stayed out of jail as long as he did because of his last name. I could be wrong about that but it's certainly plausible.

Orion said...

Hey it's Lormarie, our favorite black gynecologist! Careful Lormarie, you're starting to sound like Patricia McCalister, the truthteller at the OWS gathering in LA.

I thought that about Zimmerman at first too, but there was an article out about him which was really revealing. Have you read it?

If that link doesn't work, just google "George Zimmerman: Prelude to a shooting".

lormarie said...

I'm aware of the African roots. That's the case with many Latinos but for some reason, it doesn't matter since the physical appearance is more important than genetics (it seems). I have no particular hatred for Jews but I do believe that anyone Jewish (or partly) reaps the benefits in some way. My personal belief is that racism didn't lead to the shooting.

Hadding said...

I know that's supposed to be a joke but in Sweden the news-media really do alter photographs to obscure the prevalence of non-Whites in violent crime.