Saturday, October 24, 2009

Do You Feel Lucky?

Well, do ya? Then visit this site for all your ammo needs! Looks like a well run site and there's even live chat. Now who has that? To be honest, most firearms/ammo sites seem to be run by 20th century trogs, but not this one. Need more than 25,000 rounds? No problem! Send them an email and get set up!

Here's the site URL:

We'll be putting it under our Weapons, Ammo and Supplies section of the blog. Be sure to pick up the link and add to your blog or website too!

Thermo, now you have an ammo source for your arsenal. Go nuclear!

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Dont worry about me, I am with the Oath-keepers, and joining the Minutewomen, I am fully locked and loaded. I will be the first one to TELL ON THE BOLSHVIKS!! YEAH, and God will see me straight into Heaven for saving mankind--lol