Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lormarie Done Had Her A Baby!

Awwww a bundle of babycry and joy! Our Honorary Aryan has found her a guy with a 160 IQ to procreate with and now she's the proud mother of a little baby girl! We here at Access St. Louis, while urging our own women to find a good man and have lots of babies for the coming new White Nation, would like to congratulate Lormarie on her new family. As Lormarie herself said, it's better to have 3 million quality blacks than to have 33 million worthless ones. I think Lormarie, from my dealings with her on JCE, belongs to that 1 percent. She's intelligent, thoughful, calm and collected even when she's viciously attacked as was the case with Apollonian. She understands what it means to live among our people and I think she appreciates it in a white way, not a black. Above all, she's honest and isn't afraid to tell the truth, even if it makes others mad. We here at ASTL prize that highly.

So, Congratulations, Lormarie. Who knows? You may be the Mother Lucy of a whole new race of Blacks that will build a civilization to the stars!



Well, thats great. Congrats!

lormarie said...

Wow, thanks for the mention.

Orion said...

Least we can do for our Honorary Aryan. I'm sure she'll grow up to be a great gynocologist just like her Ma!