Friday, September 3, 2010

White Owner Says No to Culture Destroying White Losers

A coffee shop owner across the river in Illinois doesn't want a bunch of white guilt tripping, multi-cultural statists holding a meeting with a "patriotic" muslim at his coffee shop on 9/11 and says No Thanks.

Davis says that Allen's unwillingness to have the event at his venue proves why it's necessary to have the talk in the first place: "It demonstrates exactly why I was having the event in the first place. People have this idea that if you're Muslim, it says something about you."

Well yeah, it does say something about you. Just like being a soft, anti-white egalitarian says something about you, Davis.

Check out the news clip. A "controversy". Why is anything the jews don't like a "controversy"? Check out how they use mystery meat to report on the story. Listen to how that loser compares the White Owner with Bull Connor and Lester Maddox, horrible men were they!

Do you think the media was all concerned when AmRen or Duke's organization was threatened and chased from one place to the other? Was it a big controversy when the final meeting place had to be kept secret until the last minute? Was it a big controversy to have a Black Power Convention in Atlanta recently? 

Like I've always said, when it's time to start terminating our enemies with extreme prejudice, the Controlled Media is job one. Then people like Davis will be next up against the wall.


lormarie said...

Out of curiosity, have you heard about the new movie 'Machete'?

I'm not a huge fan of Infowars but they call this the Latino version of Birth of a Nation...very anti-white film (according to Infowars).

Orion said...

I did Lormarie. Apparently the trailer Shown in AZ had a warning for those who would try to deport the mestizos.

I'm going to download this in torrent and burn as many DVDs as I can and send to to my friends and family. This is great, IMO.

Anonymous said...

The controlled media must be target number one!!! Jewish media must be removed. The jews will never speak for Whites and Americans and will, instead, turn those who should be among our own people to unknowingly work against us.

Remember that the jews have had the politicians under control before they even enter an "elected" office, the determination as to whom is made by them and enforced by the jewish controlled media. Just as a reminder, I remember when the Globe News first published this story. It was of course the only media to touch it and Clinton has always been subject to the jewish control.

Bill Clinton's negro son.