Wednesday, September 22, 2010

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Under Androcentric Studies. Here's the kickoff post. Female gets the same treatment that millions of Fathers get in domestic disputes and goes postal. Watch out for those Germans!  Interesting comments.

Female German Attorney Goes on Man-Killing Rampage

A 41-year-old divorced German woman shot her ex-husband twice in the head when he arrived to pick up their son, killing him instantly, then bludgeoned her 5-year-old son unconscious before suffocating him with a plastic bag. After the act of family annihilation, the woman went to a hospital to go on a killing spree. After wounding two pedestrians with gunfire, she entered the hospital and pointed her gun at a woman at the front desk, but did not kill her. Then she proceeded to the gynecological ward, stabbing a male nurse in the chest and shooting him multiple times in the head, leaving the 56-year-old father of three dead at the scene.

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lormarie said...

This woman is certainly a rampage killer with a violent hatred towards men. My only issue with the MRA's in the link is that they fail to understand that violence by women is minute compared to violence by men. This world isn't safe for women and children.

Anonymous said...

Women may not be safer from men Lormarie, since in a bare-handed physical fight the average man is stronger than the average woman. Unfortunately, many younger women do not realize this fact of nature, especially when they have had too many drinks.

But to suggest that men are any more violent than women towards children is a blatant lie. In 2006, 57.9% of people convicted of neglect and physical abuse of children were female.

lormarie said...

It's only a blatant lie if one knows the truth but conceals it. I was unaware that the majority of child abuse convictions are of women. That still leaves unanswered questions, though. I still believe that the world is a dangerous place because of men (primarily).

Anonymous said...

@ Lormarie

Sorry for the mix-up, I didn't mean to accuse you of lying.

I will agree with you, though, that (excluding the feminized nations/populations)young males perpetrate the most violence. It's inevitable when human overpopulation outstrips the availability of resources (whether under natural or man-made situations). Sadly, that's the way all humans act when faced with squalor and starvation, only the strong and the cunning survive.

MJ said...