Sunday, February 6, 2011

Revisions to the White Blogosphere

We've removed Semitc Controversies, since the only controversy there is whether or not the blog is semitic.  In it's place we've added CounterCurrents, a blog with some great writers and is, incidentally, at odds with Hunter Wallace over at Occidental Dissent.  Now there's some controversy.  We like that, don't you?

(4) One cannot reform or work within a system that will not honor the values of freedom of speech, rule of law, and fair play that it professes to hold dear. This has the potential to be a clarifying and polarizing moment for White Nationalists. Events seem to be arguing against the conservatives and “mainstreamers” who would reform this system and in favor of those who wish to wash their hands of it and instead focus their time, talents, and limited resources on creating an alternative. That’s what Counter-Currents is here for.
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We here at ASTL have long held that there is no reforming this system. To advocate working within this system for anything other than it's utter and complete destruction is folly.

Jared Taylor and others who think they can swing their purse at the enemy and call them "horrible" because they would try to suppress their right as Free White Men to meet freely and exercise their constitutionally guaranteed right to free speech are sadly mistaken about the nature of the forces that oppose us. And as long as this fundamental misunderstanding continues we will go NOWHERE.

Now I realize there are those who say we can vote our way out and armed resistance is futile.  I understand there are those who say we need to grow Victory Gardens and just withdrawal from the system.  I'm here to tell you that is not going to deliver us from the present evil.  If you want to grow a garden for freedom and western civilization fine, just know that it will have to be liberally watered with the blood of our enemies before we are once again free.  Thus has it ever been and will it ever be.

There is a reason the Founders of this country, White Men all, placed the Second amendment after the First, and it was not for hunting 4 legged animals. It was for hunting down and eliminating 2 legged ones who would dare violate the rights of Free White Men.

It appears the time is fast approaching when exercising that right will not be an option, but a necessity.  


MAD J said...

I dont understand why Jared Taylor is not just fighting fire with fire; SUE.

I dont get anything anymore.

Megyn Kelly poses like a SLUT for GQ, AND endorses the 'gays', as well as Man Coulter and Palin.

They cannot fight this, so they are giving in like Lot with Abraham in Sodom.

I just want to cash it in and prepare for insurrection.

Some writer that I 86'd, I noticed the other day took you off my website.

I am sorry.

I will add you back on in the AM.

As far as these JEWS; I dont know what more I can do to say I am sorry.
Now we can see why time and time again, God allowed the Jews to be taken over by their enemies.

I am only happy that I had a half norm family.

Orion said...

They are all sellouts, Thermo. Keep your powder dry and your aim true because one day, coming itz!

INCOG MAN said...

"There is a reason the Founders of this country, White Men all, placed the Second amendment after the First, and it was not for hunting 4 legged animals. It was for hunting down and eliminating 2 legged ones who would dare violate the rights of Free White Men."

Effing great quote.

Yeah, we're not going to vote our way out. Just look at the job FOX news just did to Ron Paul:

Getting real close to the time we need to take the flintlock off the mantle.

Reichsmarshal said...

Looks like the sissified "inna-leck-shuls" at accidental dissent are crumbling one by one. First Cunt-hair intimated that he was throwing in the towel(not that I ever considered him one us anyways) and now this William Rome kid is crying like a baby since Matt Parrott threw a few well placed rotten tomatoes at Rome's notion that the new winning strategy is to "embrace diversity." Our way of no compromise is apparently too hostile since he has to reconcile his "beliefs" with the fact that his family are practicing mud sharks.

I used to find all of the goings on over there nauseating. Lately though, my ribs are sore from all of the laughter these emasculated eunuchs have provided.

For more substantive insights, I've been enjoying Counter Currents quite a bit. Looking forward to the next salvo from that camp....

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

(Kinda off topic but anyone we know) -

kerdasi amaq said...

Did you see that video posted on Wickstom's blog?

"Japan is doomed".

It shows a map with a new coastline for Kansas City!

Orion said...

Jeff, I saw that. Of course, it was ahem, a diversitee.

Kerdasi, Japan is in a bad way and they aren't telling half the story. I always wondered about that biblical verse about half the fish in the oceans dying. Its becoming clearer now.

Thanks to everyone for posting, I really appreciate it. I'll pick up blogging some more here in the future. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the fine links I have for you. I also hope to get the downloadable books back up, they will be needed soon.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

I thought it was in ol' San Antone ... the home of the "famed" computer warrior :)

Orion said...

Heh, He's not allowed a weapon. Instead, he's giving radio interviews now. If I can find it I'll put it up.