Tuesday, March 29, 2011

22 Hundred Mercenaries of the Great Satan Bound for Libya

Camp Lejeune Marines To Libya To Strike At Qadhafi Forces By WCTI Staff

ONSLOW COUNTY -- We've seen Camp Lejuene Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan and now they are joining the fight against Libya.

About 2,200 Marines from the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit will take part in support operations based aboard USS Kearsarge at sea. Those support operations have thus far included air strikes and one rescue operation. The overall mission is to help end the violence directed at the Libyan people.

"Protecting the innocent and conducting combined operations are what we are designed to do, our forces are doing both as part of the U.S commitment to protect Libyan citizens."
The only civilians getting killed are from ZOG air strikes.  The Libyan Government is putting down a rebellion.  Anyone remember Kosovo?

Who are the 26th MEU?

The 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (26th MEU) is one of seven Marine Expeditionary Units currently in existence in the United States Marine Corps. The Marine Expeditionary Unit is a Marine Air-Ground Task Force with a strength of about 2,200 personnel. The MEU consists of four major parts: a command element, a ground combat element, an aviation combat element, and a logistics element. Since its establishment in the early 1970s as the 36th Marine Amphibious Unit, the MEU has deployed extensively, and participated in numerous combat and contingency operations, as well as training exercises. The 26th MEU is based out of Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.

What did Obama and the lickspittle Generals constantly tell us?

"There are no American boots on the ground from this coalition," Gen Carter Ham, Commander of US Africa Command, told Pentagon reporters during a briefing on the operations in Libya.

I don't know how to be more clear than that: No military boots on the ground," Ham said in response to a question.

He reminded reporters that the US President, Barack Obama, has said that there would be no US troops on the ground in Libya.
Anyone who considers the US Government illegitimate, raise your RPG.

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