Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hey all you Redbird Fans!

That's what we here in St. Louis call our beloved Cardinals, coached by a mouth breathing fool who doesn't even live in the area.

This is what awaits you when the Mexicans arrive. What will you do then, when you can't pay 150 bucks to take your white daughter or son to worship overpaid negros and mongrels? Frickin IDIOTS.

Many fans don't feel secure at Dodger Stadium

Opening-day attack opens the floodgates from emailers about safety concerns at what used to be a family-friendly environment.

White man gets beat nearly to death in front of his family on opening day. This doesn't just happen in LA. A white man was killed in the parking lot in San Fran a couple of years ago by the same invaders.

Interesting responses:

As one emailer wrote, "I spent many a wonderful day and night out at the ravine, but about 10 years ago I began to become alarmed with the drunks, fights and parking lot. I was a grunt in Vietnam during all of 1968, and it was safer over there than in the Dodgers parking lot."

I'm surprised the LA Times isn't accusing their readers of racism. What's the matter with white folks, don't they know how to celebrate diversity?!

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