Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shedrick and Leo

We be Shedrick and Leo. We be robbin banks and shite, 'cause we hear'ed the gubmint be shutting down so they won't be no poleece to shoots us. Daaaayem we wrong!

ST. LOUIS • This weekend, police released mug shots of two men who authorities say robbed a bank Thursday using a grenade and led police on a chase through St. Louis that ended in a shootout.

Dayem Shedrick, where you get them hand grenades?!

Both were released from the hospital by Friday morning after the shootout Thursday morning.

Kent was hit twice in the head in the shootout. He was also hit in the wrist and ankle. Sykes was hit in the hand, buttocks and ankle. His ear was also grazed by a bullet.

Haha, shot in the head twice. Must have been using a 9mm. Nothing less than a .45 will do when shooting silverbacks.

Rest of this hilarious story here...

Shame, two more African Scientists taken from us, thanks to the evil white oppressors!


jomamma said...


"nonula" = the word verification to comment. How appropriate.

kerdasi amaq said...

Automatic shotgun. Nice!


His shirt reads: "I hear voices in my head, but they speak RUSSIAN".

Joy said...

"Shame, two more African Scientists taken from us, thanks to the evil white oppressors!"
HAHAHAHAHA! Now that is funny!