Monday, May 16, 2011

Counter-Currents Removed

Looks like they have been infected with a malware virus.  If someone could please let us know when it's been cleaned up, we'd much appreciate it.


Hadding said...

Counter-Currents is Covington Central now anyway.

Reichsmarshal said...

Problem's been fixed.

Looks like it was a problem affecting only Internet Explorer users. I use Firefox and Opera so I had no idea it was even happening.

Orion said...

Thanks, RM. Unfortunately I use IE for work and just happened to click the link when it hit. I bet if the malware had been targeted to Firefox, it would have stopped it right away.

Everyone should do a malware scan once in a while, one of the best is Malwarebytes which you can download for free at

Thanks again, mein man!