Monday, May 2, 2011

ZOG Announces Bin Laden Still Dead

The Great Satan has just announced that resistance leader Usama Bin Laden has been killed in Pakistan. I can imagine the press release now:

Osama Bin Laden, the terrorist responsible for the murder of 3000 Americans (mostly jews) has been killed while hiding inside a mansion in Pakistan. Special teams from the Bin Laden task force found him wearing a dress trying to hide behind young girls while pleading for his life. Evidence of a decadent western lifestyle was apparent as CIA teams went through the mansion looking for intel on other operatives.

Now real patriots understand that Bin Laden has been dead for years, probably buried in the mountains of Bora Bora or else dying a natural death from his age and the ailments he suffered from.  This is simply a tactical move on Satan's part  to provide cover and reposition the pieces for their deadly game.

Domestically, Obama needs an out in order to claim victory in Afghanistan and re-deploy the troops. The Taliban are never going to be defeated and Obama is looking to his re-election bid.  Obama was elected in the first place to end the illegal war in Iraq and Afghanistan and on the hope he would bring real change on the economy. Failing the latter, he now has to salvage the former.

Secondly, A General who presided over both insurgencies is now in charge of the CIA. This is no accident. If one has been paying attention, the jews and their lapdog step'n fetchits are planning another 911 type terrorist attack very soon. Probably in Europe, but also very likely somewhere in North America. It's really anyone's guess what the enemies of God and all mankind will do next.

For real patriots, not the ones that wear the flag of the enemy on their shoulder and kill for their jewish masters, the implications are clear. ZOG is preparing the final steps to ending all resistance to their rule. Fourth Generation Warfare is being taken to a whole new level.

Soon, straddling the fence and/or doing nothing will no longer be an option. Decision time draws nearer by the hour.  Be prepared.  Everyone will be needed.


THERMO said...

Bin Laden has been dead for YEARS. That is what I believe.
Meanwhile... I BET that the half breed Kenyan will push through an exec order for illegal slime to have citizenship.
Nevermind all of this, no attn to the man behind the curtain..

Orion said...

That's what I think too, but who knows? Who can believe anything this illegitimate government says? As for the illegals, he needs votes so you probably right. That invader from Shitcago, in the House of Representatives no less, is threatening to block latrino support if he doesn't do something.

Even worse, a lot of white traitors are right behind him.

lormarie said...

hhmmm, I find that a lot of people believe this to be some type of sham. I believe that he died recently but whatever the case, I expect things to get a whole lot worse as far as terrorism is concerned.

lormarie said...

One more thing, how was it determined that most 9/11 victims were Jews?

"the murder of 3000 Americans (mostly jews)"

Joy said...

That was satire lormarie. Only a few if any jews were harmed/killed in the making of this terroristic government production.

Orion said...

Lorimae is too serious sometimes, Joy. I think she might have a dry sense of humor :)

Lor, did you see the videos? I haven't seen them except for some stills but it's kinda funny they have the video taken from his back watching tv. It's just too much. Check this out:

lormarie said...

I guess I have to stop thinking that people with certain ideologies are serious all the time.

Yes, I saw the video of him watching TV and he looked rather strange.

THERMO said...

I just dont believe he was kia NOW.
I would not give a damn if he was kia as well.

As for Jews that were killed at the WTC, yes, true, there were plenty.

But, many people were killed and it does not make the US govt any more credible.

OF COURSE there is going to be more terror, the left wing PIGS started this mess in the east. All of that 'democracy' crap. The east does not give a damn about democracy, inc Israel, the dictatorship.

THERMO said...

Jews were killed too, sorry to disappoint ya all.

Come on Joy....Please.. PLEASE. WTC was the financial capital of the world...and ya all know how dem greedy JEWS luvs that $ bill.


(I LOVES dat $ bill too, God just didnt give me the Jew brain, maybe that was a good thing? )