Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Call Of The Blood 4

"Yes, yes, let's outlaw the hate. Let's have love and brotherhood and peace. Peace between the races," they cry. But there is no peace. Look at our cities and our schools today. There is no peace."

Not in Chicago

Not In Kenya


Or South Africa

Why? It's the call of the blood. And if we don't do something to separate from these people...

This is the fate that awaits you and your children. What did you do to stop it?


lormarie said...

Re: Chicago...

Those gang members are basically terrorists. It's time to start treating them as such. They do nothing but destroy the lives of law abiding people.

Orion said...

No disagreement there, Lormarie. I'm sure you would want to be at the head of the line when time comes to deal with these terrorists. You are an smart, educated black woman who doesn't appear to have a mean bone in your body. But that doesn't mean you couldn't mete out Justice when needed.

But why can't the Black community get a grip on this kind of behavior? I hear that there are something like 600 kids shot in Chicago schools. Why can't the Black community in America at least, turn this around?

And why do we see this type of senseless violence wherever the black race holds a majority, as in Haiti or South Africa or Europe?

I know many whites have seen this same behavior wherever blacks lived among them, such as the STL bus attack. That's being going on since the schools integrated.

What to do, Lormarie?

lormarie said...

But why can't the Black community get a grip on this kind of behavior? I hear that there are something like 600 kids shot in Chicago schools. Why can't the Black community in America at least, turn this around?--Orion

This requires an answer much longer than what I will write here but I will do my best. There is a mixture of denial and fear among blacks no matter where they are from. My experience with Africans is that they are the first to point out the vices of other groups (whether it's against American blacks, white Americans/Europeans, or anyone else) while ignoring the horrors all over Africa by Africans. One cannot get a grip on a problem unless they admit that there is one.

This is similar to what black Americans are like...although more willing to admit there is a problem. The issue is blacks here are more likely to blame everyone else except the real culprits...those who commit crimes. We haven't even gotten to the fear issue. Most blacks, like everyone else, fear the criminal element among us. To make a long story short, I don't believe the answer is blacks fixing this problem per se (on a grassroots level), but we need to allow the police to do their jobs and not cry racism when they do.

I know many whites have seen this same behavior wherever blacks lived among them, such as the STL bus attack. That's being going on since the schools integrated.--Orion

I believe that whites are observing but I don't have faith in them as shining examples of civility. I will admit that they tend to show zero sympathy to their criminal element unlike blacks. Besides, there is a long standing belief among blacks (and other minorities) that the worst race to provoke is the white race. Why do you think there is much chatter about the rise of the angry white male or the fear of white nationalism more so than black nationalism, LOL?

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

"But why can't the Black community get a grip on this kind of behavior?"

That has long been my arguement also. Why should whites even have to deal with this. This savage behaviour deserves no comment or consideration other than calling in an air strike.

It is a plus that it is recognized as a problem, without going into the usual rhetoric of blaming whites for this behaviour, for their depressed upbringing, blah blah. White sufferings throughout recorded history far exceeds that of blacks - discussion time is over and we no longer care to endlessly try and convince the unconvincable. An animal is an animal and will be dealt with as such.

There must be more public outcry against this by the black community, with the willingness to take it to the only conclusion that will render a solution. Are yall up for that ?

Of course the police will oppose vigilante action here as well as they would in white communities, but what is rapidly boiling to a head is a total race war based solely on skin color. No alternatives I see.

I've always had the sense that even blacks that oppose it will not sound off too vocally. Deep within they hold a hatred for all whites for indeed it is an ingrained feeling that serves them well.

And when the jungle savages run wild, they will submit to that inner desire to join in. Can't beat 'em why not join 'em ? Well ?

I've noted video's online from black rap crap "artists" who are well aware of the machinations behind the scene ... but hatred for all whites is still nurtured and held close to their hearts. Total trust is something that will never be given by either side.

I'm all for segregation, just as God mandates, but I think good people from different races will survive IF they follow these 2 maxims - clean yer own house and separate unto yer own kind.

Let's not hear the standard diversionary - well whites did this and that. True, and we're gonna deal with it.
And it is the whites who will have to deal with EVERYBODY. And will.

There will be no time nor inclination to deal with gray areas. What aint crystal clear will be presumed opposition.

Joy said...

Excellent post Orion! The images(videos)are a great learning tool when words will not work.


LorMarie, you ARE the black community, YOU can rise up, do Youtubes, posts & call out the wheat from the chaff in your people.
I do in mine, sure it takes guts, and being un-popular with your own, but think of the rewards in your spirit knowing that you are working to pull people out and REPENT for their actions.

Look at the Jews, look how they make ME look like sh*t.
And people wonder WHY I am mad all the damned time.
Religious Jews and right wing Jews are good, but they live in a Christian nation and disrespect Jesus, then there are left wing Zionists and Bolsheviks, and I am only me, do you know how many people that WERE my enemy have told me how important my work is that I sacrifice time in?

It makes me feel good, and not so ashamed anymore. I may die, but NOT in dishonor.
So, I cont. in my work, watching the enemy within my people and I work HARD to show what they have done, I am not as hard-core, but they are pressing me to be more and more.
In the end, they will see, that I even saved them, and not just my nation: America.

Orion said...

But Thermo, Lormarie is our Honorary Aryan. She's a good Black Gynocologist. After the revolution, she's going to have 40 acres and a mule right next door to you, our other Honorary Aryan. You guys can have tea together and sit on the porch shooting shotguns in the air. That's paradise! :)

Orion said...

I just noticed this:

"You are an smart, educated black woman". It's "a", not "an"!

Geez, I need to quit multitasking when posting, or get VA Reb to speeel checker me!


You know, I use to really despise all Aryans. I just thought that they hated everyone.
You have heart Orion.
And you're cute as hell :)
All the best- later

Orion said...

But Thermo, you've never seen me! I'm an orge living in my basement that wakes up periodically to eat cats.

How can you despise Aryans when you're half one yourself? Get in touch with your Aryan side, Thermo! We gots Bolsheviks to shoot! Hail Victory!

lormarie said...

Angry For God,

I'm only one person, not the black community. I agree about sounding the alarm though. My message would be for law abiding blacks to get out now while they can. The criminal element and their enablers really need to suffer the consequences of their actions. In other words, let them self destruct. It's better to have 3 million quality blacks than 30 million dysfunctional blacks in the US.


Yeah, Orion, I could even fool people how 'white' I am. You know- I walk like a damned truck-driver and fart REAL loud...HA HA

They indoctrinate you with that crap up in NYC with the white nationalists, that the "Aryan Brotherhood" are HATERS..bla bla bla.. When you get to be about 30, you stop believing all the BS, b/c your world is TORN APART with Mexican illegals, ACLU bastards, ADL fkheads, and psycho-mindfking Bolshevik pigs. I just cant take IT anymore.

Sometimes, I wish this online crap was physical, b/c IF it was, this enemy of mine would be dead, and I would have a NORMAL life, with NO anti-semitic crappola. I would have respect without having to 'prove' it.
I dont believe you eat CATS and hang in a basement, thats our buddy, the incogFART


LorMarie: My message would be for law abiding blacks to get out now while they can.
I think that may be the ONLY solution to whats coming. Riots probably. They will be out of control, when people see this EVIL govt are LIARS and frauds, all hell is gonna break loose, Im telling ya, IT IS.

Shalmaneser said...

Hey Jeff (Va. Rebel), thanks for the intel a while back on Glenn Miller. Real eye opening stuff. I see now why people are suspicious of Linder, too.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

no problem.

(and the list will enlarge)

Actually Cici said...

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By the way, I don't care who eats bacon- what people put in their bodies is their business (and you can take that any way you want), I just think it's funny that you eat bacon when you look so much like a pig yourself!

Orion said...

What you don't know, CiCi, is that Paulette is well trained in special forces, and knows how to track people down and kill them silently. I also have your ip :)

Barring that, we'd like to say, enjoy your gated community because you'll need it after the revolution comes and you're a widow. Whether it will be the White insurgents, the black nationalists of the Mexican Aztlanders that make you one is hard to tell at this point.

But coming, It'z!


She's an IDIOT, Orion. An Anti-American BOLSHEVIK HAG.

She is the reason that Jews are hated with fury..look how she posts for ie.. If there is anything that a man hates, is a 'woman' that rants on about her sex life- or lack thereof.

As far as her airs with giving herself her own kudos, it won't look that good marching to the chambers here in America after the white folks are THROUGH with the psycho-mind-tripping Marxists, and their phoney Jewish messiah-Obama- that is the anti-Christ, re incarnate.

I pity you NONE, sweet pea, you dug your own grave, it would be better if you move your huge kike leftist nose to Israel, before people catch on to your Anti-God, anti-Christian, enemy loving tricks.


Orion said...

Hail the Victory, Thermo!


Hail the Victory, Thermo!

Shes a CREEP, a REAL creep..following me, then accusing ME of being the lesbo? HA!
We ALL know that leftist feminazi JINO pigs like HER, are the lesbos, she is only projecting that Bolshevik psycho mind-babbling here, trying to gain sympathies...well, march on bolshevik, your days are on the horizon.. America has had ENOUGH of the left-wing COMMUNIST anti-God enemy of America--MOVE TO ISRAEL and get the FK OUT of America, you are no longer wanted OR are you 'tolerated'
STAY THE FK AWAY from ME, Cici-left wing FRAUD-Jew-HAG.

Anonymous said...

god, i just wish there could be a second holocaust in America: the muslims and the blacks. Hate those people.