Saturday, November 28, 2009

Jim Giles Interviews

If you've ever perused the Media section of our blog, you'll find a link to Radio Free Mississippi, the home of the straight shooting Mr. Jim Giles. Jim is the genuine article, a true son of the South. He doesn't sugar coat anything and seeks only the truth wherever it can be found.

Mr. Giles has been on a interviewing spree lately, and he has some good interviews posted up on his site. We'll put up two of them that might be of interest to readers here at Access St. Louis that contrasts each other quite nicely.

The first one is with Glen Miller, Former Head of the White Patriot Party, at one time the largest Pro-White organization in the country. I realize there is a lot of controversy surrounding Miller due to his association with the Order and the aftermath, but I think our vistors should at least listen to this interesting interview. I have to tell you, listening to two southern boys discuss the issues brings back memories of home.

The interview is here in Mp3 or Windows Media, whichever suits your fancy.

The second interview is with Arthur Kemp, currently a spokesman for the BNP in the UK. Mr. Kemp you might recall, penned the book March of the Titans, The history of the White Race. It's an interesting book to say the least, and we'll be adding it to our list of recommended reading.

In this interview, which can be found here in Mp3 or here in Windows Media, Mr. Kemp argues, correctly, that the movement struggle is hamstrung by the costumed Nazis who think it's still 1933 or the White boys in the Hoods who still think it's 1868. What I disagree with Mr. Kemp on is how to obtain political power in North America.

Mr. Kemp makes some strawmen arguments that this isn't 1776 and we aren't going to run down from the hills and our farmhouses and take on the Great Satan. Of course not. In the 21st Century, it's all about Asymmetrical 4th Gen Warfare and the War of the flea. It's all about destablization of the current regime and it's hold on power in North America. Anyone that would take on the military forces of the greatest police state since Stalinist Russia isn't really thinking outside the envelope. Look, if there is any chance of gaining power through the political process, we should do it. I believe Revolution is a multi-faceted approach. No one tactic will work, but taken together, it can be a winning strategy.

Mr. Kemp's proposals on the other hand, are tactically deficient. I suppose Mr. Kemp's arguments are valid in the UK, where guns and ammo are non-existent and the police state is even greater than here in America, but when you don't have any other recourse, Ghost Dancing with the political system makes sense. To me however, that's all it is; Ghost Dancing. The last shrill before the final retreat. But I digress.

Regardless, Mr. Kemp is a good speaker, as we see here:

We hope you'll visit Jim's site which is located under our Media section and check out more of Jim's interviews.


Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Haven't watched your flics yet or visited that site, but I will.
I'll bet this is the same article I just read on a UK blog (about Kemp) and have been waiting for the fella to acknowledge my request.

He says Christian Identity is the worse enemy around, 'eh ?
Well, he was right about there being no compromising. Just another fake in the ranks, like the BNP crumbling to pressure and admiting everyone.

I'll listen as I mentioned but if VNN is ZOG funded as Lindstedt says, that's another point against Miller. Reckon useful info can be gotten from different places and redirected properly.

Good work on showing Kemp's true colors.

Orion said...

Not sure what to think about VNN. There's a Linder interview on Jim's site too. Majority Rights did an interview also, but I haven't heard either one yet. I don't understand what kemp has about CI but I'm pretty sure he's not a Christian to begin with. I do agree with him on the Nazis Kluxers, but the rest of the interview was pretty "British", if you know what I mean.

lormarie said...

I was shocked to find an interview of an old aquaintance, Sue Neiderer.

Orion said...

You two were out there fighting the system, Lormarie? I haven't heard the interview yet but from what I can tell in the intro, she's on the right track.

Orion said...

Linder makes some good points in this post on his forum:

Kemp makes two errors off the bat:

1) Ron Paul movement is not pro-White in any sense. It may be made up of whiteskinned individuals, but they do not consciously identify as White, and do consciously resist any who point out what they really have in common. And their champion, while fully aware of the racialist cause, runs from his own words, scared by a 23-year-old queer jew.

Which leads to point two:

2) The answer is because the majority of people who understand the issue of racial demographics have been sucked up into the dead-end politics of the cancers listed below.

Wrong. Millions more who understood race wasted their lives and money behind one of the two parties that are the only ones who ever win elections in America. No, contra Kemp, the movement hasn't failed, the movement has, so far, been defeated. There is a difference. Saying the movement failed means that what the movement did is the reason for the outcome. That may be true in a sense and to an extent, but it pales beside enemy action in explaining the outcome to date. The problem White Nationalism faces is neither one of philosophy (as some maintain) nor of mechanics (as Kemp maintains). It is a technical problem; a power problem rather than a presentation problem. The fundamental problem WN/racialism faces is not how to dress, act or argue, rather it is how to thwart an enemy who controls all the high ground - all the money, all the tv cameras, all the manure-spreaders (GEM - govt, education, media).

BTW, the buried axiom of Kemp's remarks is that racialists/nationalists somewhere else have done better than in the U.S. Who would these be? The BNP? They have not reversed a single law damaging whites, and they can't even mention the real enemy lest they be thrown in jail. RSA? One shields a polite laugh. Who then? The only ones who have succeeded were the NS in 30s Germany. I'll repeat again, that no matter what self-appointed experts say, dressing up like nazis is no deal-breaker in the post-modern west, where everything old is new again. It might not be advisable, but it is not something the success or failure of a movement will turn on.

Can be found here:

Joy said...

It's good to see Mississippi awake and at the 'front'. MS is my home state! As my mamaw would say "Mississippi is the best state in the Union"!

Orion you're cooking! Good to see you at the fires again.

Orion said...

God Bless Mississippi! I used to live in Columbus in the Northeast corner of the state when I was just a little fella. It's a beautiful state, I really love the Magnolia and river birch trees there. We used to visit an old farm that had an antebellum mansion on it and it was something else visiting that house. The ceiling were at least 20 feet high if I remember right it had a lot of rooms. We remember sitting on the wide porch and shelling peas with the family that lived there. Great place!

Joy said...

Orion! The majority of my kin are in Louisville! I grew up in Meridian though. I have alot of the same memories too! Hey cuz!

Reichsmarshal said...

Thanks for spotlighting Jim Giles and his show. He's got a new fan in me. There's so much information and resources on your side bar that I can't possibly look into all of them, so good stuff inevitably slips under the radar.

The Glen Miller interview was quite good. I haven't yet steeled myself to listen to the pompous Arthur Kemp yet, but I did peruse the archives and listened to a Jared Taylor interview and the mother of a girl who was victimized in another nigger bus beating.

In listening to the Miller interview, I found out that Terrible Tommy Metzger was interviewed. Downloaded and next on the list, along with 7 other notables.

This guy (Jim Giles) is important. He has interviewed some pretty mainstream people and his common sense approach and rational search for the truth would catch on like wild fire in this age of universal deceit(if the kikejews would ever allow him a national stage, of course).

It might be a little late in the game to be trying to reach our brain dead Kindred, but, this is the type of guy we need doing it.

Orion said...

Glad you found it, RM. Giles seems to be on a roll with these interviews. I've always liked Jim. He used to post on VNN and really got all the knuckledraggers there hooting and hollering when he said we should start using the word "African" instead of "nigger" when talking about negros because it took the "American" out of the phrase and it denoted something alien without being offensive. We all know how lemmings shut down when they hear the Gasp! N-word!

I thought it was a great idea when talking to the general public.

Also, there is a video on this blog somewhere of Jim giving a speech and after he's finished and walking away, some fool tries to pick a fight with him. Haha, big mistake. It was great :)