Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Wikipedia Jews

Ever wonder why some articles on Wiki are so biased? Ever wonder why the truth never seems to get through on Wiki? Of course, those of us who have actually fought with the Wiki jews understand why, but even I was surprised at some of the info found on this site. I apologize in advance for some of the inappropriate images on the side bars, I have no control over it.

Chief Kapo of the Wikipedia Jews is Jayjg. He is known for having a small penis and compensates by seeking to revert any page that criticizes Israel, the Anti-Defamation League, Zionism or, strangely enough, Martin Luther King Jr. (j00) pages. Users who disobey these categorical imperatives are assassinated by the Mossad or accused of constructing crude nuclear reactors and bombed.
The Wikipedia Jews are empowered by the Nation of Israel, through the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) lobby, which makes an enormous donation each year to Wikipedia's annual fundraising extravaganza. For example, on December 27, 2006, Israel made a single donation of USD $286,800 to Wikipedia, greatly surpassing the usual mediocre $100 contributions from starry-eyed goyim and Japaneses. Indeed, Jayjg is not only AIPAC's lead Wikipedia controller, but is even personally responsible for the cover-up of historical Israeli atrocities.
The Wikipedia Jews got their panties all in a twist when they discovered that the heathen Hindoos of India have used the swastickle as a sacred symbol for over 9000 years. They tried to have the symbol removed from the Hindoo pages.

Now you know. Although this page is truth spun with satire, it just goes to show to what extent the jews will go to in order to keep free inquiry and truth from the average Jack and Jill. They are not called the Enemies of the Truth for nothing.

If wiki is this bad, think how bad the mainstream media is and why seeking political power through the system is futile. Why? Because the media determines who gets elected in this country, and that media is firmly under the control of Anti-White jews. If you don't understand this, you are way behind the curve in revolutionary thinking.

I think I'll put this link up on my links panel, though I'm not sure where yet. Reference it often. It is chock full of revealing information for the budding insurgent. Know whut um sayin?

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