Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Exit Interview

This story is repeated thousands of times a week. It mirrors my experience and why I'm in Missouri now. One day hopefully we can all go back to California, heavily armed and smelling the blood. Even if I have to be wheeled back in a chair. How I ache for the day.


AW said...

Orion- Mexifornia is already gone. Brown shitskins by the millions cross the border at will. Aids faggots infest SanFranshitsco--just look at the buttfucking faggot that is mayor of that faggotfest. Ain't much left for whites or decent people except maybe the pot growers up north except guess what the god damn mexishits set up camps in the forests now and plant thousands. It's damn dangerous to go out in the national forests out west now btw.

You think it's bad in Cali, take a look at Texas or Arizona. Filthy fucking mexicans took it all back long ago. The mexishits hand out the welfare and social security to all the other dirty spics now but good luck if you're white. Big fat nasty greaser meximomma with ten illegal turd babies in the store opening packages won't move an inch for you white man and it just gets worse.

Actually, if you want the big picture just look at U.S. demographics now. The south west is owned by mexishit trash and illegals. The south east is heavily heavily infested with nigger trash.
Check this out:

Somebody better warn that lady moving her business to the midwest and she better do some demographic research before she throws down anyhere because guess what, there is nigger and spic filth in all our cities now, and even if you move to the country in some areas be careful or you will find yourself in close proximity to a brown or black mud infestation. Look what happened to Kirksville, Missouri IT'S FULL OF ILLEGAL SPICS or look at all the filthy spic mexishit trash in Iowa of all places. She could end up feeling like she is back in mexifornia. LOOK FOR WHAT WE CALL IN FLORIDA "SUNDOWN TOWNS" WHICH MEANS NIGGER YOU BETTER BE OUT BY SUNDOWN, LITERALLY. Niggers and spics tend to stay away from these areas. Try talking to a nigger about lynching sometime and see how scared they get. hehe The kikes running the federal government even made a new federal law last year making it illegal now to display a noose -- because IT SCARES NIGGERS AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHH THAT'S FUNNY AS HELL.

In the near future we are going to use these fema buses, trains, and detention centers THE KIKE SCUM BUILT FOR US to load ALL the dirty niggers, filthy spics, and EVERY LAST DIRTY FILTHY HOOKNOSED KIKE AND THEIR NIGGER PUPPET OBONGO UP AND SHIP THAT SHIT OUTTA HERE. That day is just around the corner.

Filthy traitorous kikes did this to us by their ZOG zionist occupation of our government, treasury, and media with intentional open door mud immigration laws to dilute us and make us a minority in our own land. The filthy kikes are CURRENTLY importing 125,000 turd world muds into our country EVERY MONTH!!!!!WHILE 20 MILLION AMERICANS ARE OUT OF WORK! UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE

Joy said...

Good rant AW!


Orion, I went to Cali last week, I am so sorry, it is a sh/thole. It made my heart sink in despair.
Here, for you:

Merry Christmas..with a sad heart to our long lost nation, whose forefathers blood is demanding vengeance from us.

y soc said...

They can run, but, they can't hide from the mud-tide.

"A clandestine group calling itself the
Sons of Glendower has stepped up a 9-year-old arson campaign
against English-owned property in Wales, increasing fears that the
attacks will begin to claim lives.
The group chooses violence to fight what many Welsh oppose _ the
increased immigration of the English into Wales."

They gave a whole new meaning to the slogan "Come home to a real fire".