Friday, December 25, 2009

Share Him With The World

Kim Peek, The real Rain Man, passes away at 58. An amazing story of overcoming the world and the undying patience and love of a father who wouldn't give up on his amazing child. That's what the spirit of Christmas is about, right? Overcoming the world and undying love for another.

I loved the movie and really found Kim's story fascinating. Goodbye Kim, RIP.

Rest of the videos and news story here.


AW said...

Thanks for the Kim Peek story. I wonder if Kim ever read any books describing jew atrocities and jew lies, and if so it would be interesting to hear him recount the evil crimes committed against nature and humanity by this sick devil shit.

Here's a few good information pieces for you to counter the filthy non-stop kikespit and kikespew lies shitting out of our jew brainwashing machines:
Convicting the Jews, – Part 1: Never an Honest Jew by Professor Banjo_Billy, Kikenverminologist

Supreme thieves and criminals. Perverts beyond compare. Genocidal
hypocrites. Betrayers of Mankind. Yes, these are all apt descriptions of the Jews. The lowest of scum holding themselves superior to all of Humanity, these are the Jews. But you would never know it if you relied upon what the Jews tell you about themselves blaring from every loud speaker, newspaper and TV tube. Puffed up with the haughty pride of a skunk on holiday, that’s the Jew.
You ladies, close your eyes real tight when you read this because
the subject is so sick and disgusting. Now, don't peek, because I am going to tell you why the Jews seduce little children.
Convicting the Jews, Part 3:
The Rabbi's Nose and the Jewess' Snatch by Professor Banjo_Billy, Kikenverminologist

As a Catholic boy who went to public grades schools and high
schools, it was always curious to me why the Jewish boys always
had the dirtiest jokes to tell as well as the filthiest things
to say about girls. It was not something that dwelled upon my
mind because it was just a curiosity. But the reasons for this became clearer to me in later years.
Doing Evil on the Sabbath is Jewish
by Professor Banjo_Billy, Kikenverminologist

Now, don't think that I am some sort of nasty old man just because
I am lecturing on the lesser-known subjects of the Jewish religion.
It is not me who is obscene, it is the subject matter, itself, that
is so disgusting. Jews are about as disgusting a subject as anyone
could ever consider. So, save your cuss words for the wicked Jews,
not for the professor of kikenverminology who studies these filthy creatures.

Here's the kikeverminologist's directory:

Good reading (I especially like the one about the filthy rabbi kike's hooknose and the nasty stinking jewess snatch, gross but funny), keep up the good work Orion. The time is almost at hand. -A.W.

AW said...

Here's a real required reading in case anyone hasn't read it yet. I guess it's not surprising that niggers are too stoopid to figure out it was the jews who bought, sold, and shipped their nasty asses over here. Good reading-

Orion said...

Ha, I was thinking the same thing as I was watching the videos. I can see him rattling off every country the jews have been kicked out off, and the jews involved in the Russian Revolution!

It's amazing though, how kim's father took care of him everyday for 58 years. He could have put him in an institution and forgot about him, but he chose a different path. No greater love has a man than this.

AW said...

Hey Orion, I stumbled across something thanks to Kim Peek that might interest you and others. hehe

Try out google scholar

with any search such as "expel the jews" and hold onto your hat! Here's an example of the 37,000 entries: Shakespeare and the Jews by jew James Shapiro- "This book is concerned with what Shakespeare and his contemporaries thought about jews...Was it true that jews habitually took the knife to Christians, circumcising and murdering their victims?... accounts of how jews stank and jew men menstruated; how jews abducted Christian children; how jews sought to emasculate Christian men; and how jews after their expulsion from England had migrated to Scotland, which was thought to explain why the Scots were so cheap and hated pork."

Some of the chit is obviously from jew sources that should be disregarded, but it does give one access to a lot of really interesting stuff about jew crimes, lies, and jew atrocities throughout history.

Hats off to Kim Peek anyway.
Happy fucking new year.

Here's the google page it came from in case your interested

Orion said...

Great link, AW. Looks like a good place to mine for research.

Happy New Year to you!