Sunday, January 10, 2010

Beware Droid Phones

If you depend on a smart phone for work, Droids are pretty nice. I hate Apple for GP, and crackberrys are out of the question, since they stole the technology from what I think is a white man. Besides, their Indian engineered software sucks bigtime.

So I'm stuck with joogle. At least it's free, and they do seem to have their stuff together. The Droids running OS version 1.5 though, have a big problem: Their BT stack SUCKS.

In order to make a phone call on my BT, I have to pull out the phone, call up the number and hit dial before I can use the bluetooth. WTF? I can't hit my bluetooth and say call so and so? Supposedly this is going to be fixed in version 2.1, but the upgrade won't be available for Carrier provided phones until Q1 of this year. Lame! The new Nexus has 2.1 though, so if you have 500 bucks for a non tethered phone, you're in luck.

Just a word of warning if you are looking at the new droids. Make sure they have OS 2.1 and work with your BT.


Mad Jewess said...

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Mad Jewess said...

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Orion said...

Don't worry, Thermo. Help is just a Droid app away! With a Droid phone, there's an app for avoiding Mossad assassinations! Don't let them get ya, Thermo!

lormarie said...

In order to make a phone call on my BT, I have to pull out the phone, call up the number and hit dial before I can use the bluetooth. WTF? I can't hit my bluetooth and say call so and so?--Orion

I have a blackberry 8830 and it contains the voice dialing feature. I'm due for a new phone this year so I may get the same plus a bluetooth.

Mad Jewess said...

With a Droid phone, there's an app for avoiding Mossad assassinations!
----Its not the Mossad that will kill me, it is the Bolshevik YES WE CAN Patrols, right here in USA with their smiley faces and nike sneakers.
Fkn schmucks.

Mad Jewess said...

Hey, Orion, this is a great friend of mine from NYC:
Urban Crime News Straight From 'da Hood

Great site to find the daily genocide of 'evil' whitey :( :(

Orion said...

Now see? Lormarie distilled what I was trying to say down to three words: Voice Dial Feature. Lormarie is a smart gynocentric NY Author!

Voice dial has always been standard on my phones, I don't know why I didn't think to ask about it for the droid. I guess I just assumed a smartphone would have it.

Get ya a BT Lormarie, so everyone will think you're talking to yourself as you walk through the supermarket heh heh.

Orion said...

Thermo, don't worry about those bolshevik lameos. They don't realize that you are a highly trained in Brazilian Jujitzu and knife fighting!

I have that website linked under my white web section. Good site!

Mad Jewess said...

Orion, that dude that writes on the Thug Report talks in paltalk chat all the time. He flat out says that he was 'never a racist'. I know this is truth. He said that he would watch the NY Post every day and they put the black on white crime on the 15th page, you know the deal..
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NY was such a nice place at one time, it is SO gone. NEVER to return, which is why, I also am a RADICAL.

LorMarie said...

I finally saw an ad for the Droid phone. Looks cool.

Mad Jewess said...

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Orion said...

Lormarie, I'd stay away from the Samsung Moment. Not only does the BT stack blow, but the speakerphone sucks bigtime. The android OS is pretty good though, if they will fix the BT stack.

Orion said...

Have you been over there at media matters exploding in megaton mode, Thermo?

Those traitors should be careful of what they wish for. It might not turn out they way they want. Not with Thermo leading her crack insurgency cell!

Mad Jewess said...

Have you been over there at media matters exploding in megaton mode, Thermo?
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Well, what can I say, I will give it a few days.. they banned me the last time for taking up for Pat Robertson. Well, sorry jerks over there, Robertson is RIGHT.

Mad Jewess said...

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Mad Jewess Crazy Lady said...

Orion, check this one out as well:
I LOVE this website!