Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Expanding On The Obvious

A messsage from Dr. William L. Pierce

If we are honest with ourselves we know that we all crave a healthy society again, we need it. But too many of us have let ourselves be persuaded by the enemies of our people that the type of society we need is no longer attainable. Our enemies tell us, "We have destroyed the order in your society. We have made everyone equal, and you dare not try to take that equality away. That would be like trying to take candy away from a child. We have opened the candy store and told all the children that they can have as much as they want, and it's all free. They all will fight you if you try to change that, if you try to tell them that they must earn their candy." And our enemies grin in triumph when they see how that demoralizes and discourages so many of us.

And they tell us, "We have destroyed the homogeneity in your society. We have replaced your homogeneity with diversity. We have brought every non-White type on the face of the earth into your midst, we have brought them in by the millions, and we have forced you to mix with them. Now there's nothing you can do to restore your homogeneity." And again they grin and say, "What will you do? Will you try to root out every non-White and every mongrel and send them all away or get rid of them? You don't have the stomach for that. So you'd better just learn to live with all of these non-Whites and mongrels. Pretty soon you'll be a minority in your own land." And they gloat.

And it is true that many of us do not yet have the stomach to do what must be done. And so the suicide rate and the divorce rate and the abortion rate will keep rising. The government will continue building more prisons. The cults will continue thriving. And the Jews and the liberals will keep telling us how wonderful everything is, how things have never been better, how we should appreciate all of the equality and diversity.

But all the while the number of us who do have the stomach to do what must be done will be growing. Our numbers are growing, because more and more of our people are coming to understand that the only alternative is death: death for our society, death for our children, death for our kind. What the Jews and liberals have done to our society is lethal. It cannot be sustained.

Order and homogeneity, a sense of identity and belonging, are not just luxuries for us. They are essential. Without them our society sickens and dies. The liberals may not be able to understands that, and the Jews, with their media propaganda, try to keep the rest of us from understanding it, but we can see the proof of it all around us. And we are determined to do whatever we must do to have once again a society for our own kind, a society to which we can really belong and feel a sense of responsibility to, a society in which we have a place and are appreciated if we fill that place well, a society based on order and quality and structure and commonality. We will have it. We will do what is necessary.

"And it is true that many of us do not yet have the stomach to do what must be done."

What will it take?  I say to you now if we do nothing but talk, then 20 years hence, provided we are still allowed to talk about these issues, we will be doing it hunkered down within a barred house, the sounds of blaring mariachi music and gunshots filling the night air, afraid to even venture outdoors.  And god help you if you live to be a ripe old age and are thrown into a nursing home, where only muds are attendants and you're slapped around and the threat of rape constantly at your side.  Believe me when I tell you, they hate your guts and have no respect for you.  Why should they?  They took it all without a fight. 

You should check out this post over at Armed with Knowledge and view the vids.  Spread them around.  We need to wipe the grin off our enemies faces, and soon. 


AW said...

Orion- It looks like we will have to 'play it by ear' as they say. Between the joos propaganda machine and all the phony joo blogs and thousands of acts to confuse and misdirect us, including the kikes in DC and their bogus ploys, we cannot be sure which way things will go.

Otoh, we know for an absolute fact that something real big is coming down soon. It is starting to seem like the joos are spitting and shitting lies out of their mouths in an attempt to shake people up. Either way it won't take more than a few percent to stand up and then maybe the sheep (lemmings) will follow. What do you think of this shit that came out a month ago?:


orion14 said...

I hope it's true.  We need the storm to break loose.  And it is true that we should be careful as there is a lot of disinfo and cointelpro out there.  I think after awhile though, we'll learn to counter it and even develop our own.  At least that is my hope.