Saturday, February 27, 2010

To Canadian Bob

Oh...who lives in a gated community surrounded by diversity?

CanadianBob PissPants!

Compliant and Yellow and Cowardly is he

CanadianBob PissPants!

If Government control be something you wish

CanadianBob PissPants!

Then drop to the deck and suck like a fish

CanadianBob PissPants!

So I accidently deleted your comment Canadian Bob, but please feel free to post here.  No moderation on posts newer than 14 days.  Tell us again why you Canadians lost your right to own guns?  Because of people like me?  Or maybe soft, compliant, do nothing serfs who only want to consume and obey in security, among the diverse peoples of the earth living right down your street?  If you don't listen, you'll have to feel.  This is your curse now, and will be on you until you get up off your pansy ass and do something.

I doubt you would know what to do with a gun anyway, Canadian Bob.  For the clueless masses such as yourself, guns are for hunting or fondling.  The government doesn't think so, and that's why you don't have the right to own one except under the most restrictive of circumstances.  May your chains lay heavy upon you.  You people, with the possible exception of the British, deserve no less.  And when the Glorious Revolution finally arrives, you'll be included.  Of that there is absolutely no doubt.


lormarie said...

Isn't it much safer in Canada as far as the crime rate is concerned? While I believe in the right of law abiding citizens to own guns, I wonder if there is a connection between gun control and lower crime rates. Then again, the population could just turn to knives like in England.

Cleveland here said...

Switzerland is safest country in the world. Almost every every house hold has a M16 because of guard service.

Answer to the question would you even think about trying to rob someone who would just point an M16 at you?covel

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Never got to see the comment in question, but reading between the lines of what you say .. was it something along the lines of -

"you radicals make us all look bad ! If you would only work within the system and drop all the non PC talk we could really accomplish something !"

blah blah blah

Yeah, like trying to get real justice from within their constraints is working. Yer allowed to bitch 'n whine (to a limited degree) but don't get no real ideas of actually changing anything for the betterment of the white folks. We are not to be numbered amongst the "Bob's" out there.

Been there, had aplenty.

"Laws ? We don't need no stinking antichristian laws !"


Orion said...

Yep Jeff, that's pretty much what it said. I meant to approve it ( he commented in a post from 2008 I think) but I was multitasking and accidentally deleted it. I would like to have seen the link he left, but alas, too late.

Cleveland, good point. Compare the UK with Switzerland and we can see what good gun control does.

Lora Mae, ain't you ever heard?


MAD said...

You all know that stupid hussein Obama used the bob the Builders YES WE CAN song, right?
What a pathetic bunch of crap.
Bob is a 'stupid' white guy, Wendy is the 'brilliant' feminist, and JJ the black dude may as well be the 'savior' of the stupid cartoon.