Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ho Hum, Another Negro With a Gun

White Cop shot. Not really news in multiracial America. Really, it's not even newsworthy except for a few things:

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1. The police and military forces are completely integrated. So much so that the rate of miscegenation is far higher than in the general population. In fact, I'm willing to bet that half the police officials in AZ moaning about the new anti-mestizo law are married to one.

2. The vast majority of Police, in particular Sheriff Departments, are made up of returning Iraqi/Afghanistan vets, most of whom couldn't get over their taste for busting down doors and shooting civilians.

3. Cameras. How many times a day are you on video? You'd be surprised. It will only get worse.

So what does this tell future Insurgents?

1. White police, especially the Federals, are not on your side.
2. The suppression of dissent in America will be brutal.
3. Welcome to the Barcoded society on CCTV. Beware.

Just some thoughts for the thoughtful insurgent.

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