Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Question For White America

The Illegitmate government has a message for you:

Wait. There's more.

Calderón Calls for Restoring Assault Weapons Ban

Story here

We are on the Catalaunian Fields, the crossroads between a genetic and cultural extinction or preservation. There is no time for divisiveness. Pagan Germans and Christian Rome united to save Western Civilization. We must do the same. We are surrounded by enemies inside and outside the Gates.

God will give us victory but it won't be given through inaction. Time grows short.

My question to the White man reading this; Can we resolve this by a "northwest migration"? By growing gardens and hiding when the enemy comes, as some in the struggle suggest? What will you do to reverse the tide, White man?


THERMO said...

The time to get these Fkers in on the State of the Union address.

I will get the mossad to wipe them out. That would be a change we could believe in.

Hey, check out my new banner, it says "Thermo-Nuclear" under my name.
I couldnt resist ;)

Orion said...

Haha, I saw that. All Hail Thermo, the next Emil Maurice! Hail the Victory!

Be sure to read about the 5th paragraph down.

Mad J said...

I'll take that as a compliment..;)

Pat Buchanan wrote a piece that I think was correct; way too many Jews on the SCOTUS. Many Jewish people got angry. Whaah. A$$holes..

WND.COM goes to my site. They wrote up a piece called "AHOY GRINGOS!" Usually they are semi-P.C. but since my site is visited by some power bloggers, radio-talk show hosts, even the Pills-berry Dough boy- Beck, they use my materical.

Some dumbass Bolshevik-Jew called the leader of the Tea Party a racist.
Talk show host Steve Malzberg, another rogue Jew like me said;

SO, What if he is a racist? There are no laws gainse BEING a racist.

THAT came from MY website.

So, people are tired of the fkn race card- FINALLY.
Happy Sunday, praise God to give us another day to avenge our grandparents from WW1 & 2 against this sin and debauchery run amok.

I went balistic this AM over what they did to that gorgeous young lady that was the REAL winner of the SHAM Miss USA pageant.

Orion said...

Yes, Emil was a dedicated 1/4 jewish National Socialist who helped smuggle out Mein Kampf and was one of Hitler's closest friends. He was one of the co-founders of the SS, member #2. Of course, no one knew about his ancestry until Himmler brokered a power play, but even when Uncle Wolf found out he conferred honorary Aryan status to him.

Here's some more info:

Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction, No?

It's good people are getting of the race card bullshit. I predicted 2010 would be a turning point (check out my new years post) and it can only get better. Obama is the best thing that could have happened to this country.

kerdasi amaq said...

FC I have to say that I am opposed to this new law in Arizona...Would all anti-American traitors to the Constitution stand up and clap loudly.

FC Gracias, you approve of us using your country as a garbage can for our unwanted peons.