Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ronnie James Dio 1942-2010

Just read that Dio had died from cancer. Weird, I was just picking and grinning along with this song last night. Back in my big hair days we used to cover this song and a few others. Dio had a tremendous voice. I don't think he was into Satanism and all that, more just magical stuff that superstitous Southern Italians are famous for.

I have a wide variety of musical tastes from classical to country to headbanger metal. I like anything that is musically built well. Dio Started back in the 50s actually, and he played with Black Sabbath, Rainbow and ELF. And it was all white. Heavy Metal is a white thang.

Anyway, a tribute to Dio. RIP.

Blackmore, who Dio played with, has his own band with his wife (25 years his junior). I'm currently playing this for fun since I just bought a new gootar and some recording software. If I can get my brat kid to sing it I might put the recording up if I can figure out the software :)


LorMarie said...

An amazing voice to be missed!

McKinley BJB said...

You think he's going to burn in hell?

Orion said...

Ah, I forgot, Lormarie is our headbanging black gynocologist! :)

A big voice from such a small guy. I don't think he was over 5'4.

Na McKinley. Dio was a catholic so he's probably in purgatory :)

TMJ said...

Hi Orion,
I am off and running and I will tell you why.
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If she falters, I think I WILL go thermo-figuratively. I didnt move to AZ to put up with a bunch of little MURDERING slimes from south of the border.
As far as Ronnie James Dio, He was a Heavy Metal man, tough singing. I liked him better than Ozzie, the wierdo.
I liked War pigs, reminds me of this administration- which is WORSE than the last--and I didnt think anything would top that. But we are finished now, as a nation. We will end up being seperate states.

NOBODY hates this mind-fkers more than ME.

God Bless Orion, see ya in a few weeks, where I will have been rested and I will come back and blow up the blogosphere.

Reichsmarshal said...

I liked Dio as a kid, but found his later stuff to be redundant and lacking the quality of the early records. In spite of that, I'm shocked at his death, as it's a sign of all of us getting older and puts our own mortality front and center.

For a man of such diminutive stature, he had an ego rivaled by few...except the shekel grubbing kikejew Chaim Witz("Gene Simmons")whose obituary I would much rather have read.

Orion said...

I know how you feel, Thermo. We get it all the time from our side. Head out to AZ, relax, spend some money, show your support, and spot out some good sniping positions :)

And if you happen to pass by one of those bolshevik jewish organizations that support the invasion, belt out your highest middle C soprano until all the windows break! That will show them that The Thermonuclear Madjewess is back in town!

Orion said...

Hey RM, I agree. Chaim is one no talent kike that needs an obituary soon. I'll bet Geddy Lee is ashamed to be of the same tribe!

Dio did have some good stuff, I thought his Heaven and Hell album with Black Sabbath was great. He might have had an ego but from what I can gather he was really good to his fans.