Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jewish Demoncrat Shot In AZ

Probably by an angry Mexican or a member of the mexican cartel. She never met a hate crime law she didn't like and she voted for the Dream Act.

Giffords was elected to Congress in the Democratic sweep in 2006. The first Jewish woman elected to Congress from the state, she made her Jewish identity part of her campaign.

“If you want something done, your best bet is to ask a Jewish woman to do it,” said Giffords, a former state senator, said at the time. “Jewish women — by our tradition and by the way we were raised — have an ability to cut through all the reasons why something should, shouldn’t or can’t be done and pull people together to be successful.”

Wailing here

When are you kikes going to learn? Not until all of you are in gas ovens again I guess.


Orion said...

Haha, a federal judge is one of those shot. Today is filled with good news!

Anonymous said...

White guy. Jared Loughner. Here's his youtube page:

Orion said...

False alarm. Revolution isn't happening yet. Apparently they have taken down his facebook page. Someone picked this off of it before it went down.

About Jared - Fight the Right! Obama and the Progressives will overcome the tyrrany of big business and the racist Tea Party. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

I think this guy was a nutter who was all over the place. Oh well.

Reichsmarshal said...

Don't despair, Orion. The messenger is not so important, nor is even the intended message(disjointed and confusing as it is) being sent.

What we can take solace and some degree of hope in, and regime criminals can quake in fear knowing is that "you can be taken down. Any time, anywhere."

The fact that this guy is starting to appear to be more leftist than tea party type hasn't stopped the Stormfronters from pissing their pants and quickly condemning this "tragedy." Apparently, they are convinced that posting on a message board is going to usher in the Whitopia they dream will be a bloodless endeavor.

This is all I need to know that the target selected is not worth a single tear drop:

"Giffords signed Hoyer-Cantor letter to Secy. Clinton from 327 House members

Dear Secretary Clinton:

We are writing to reaffirm our commitment to the unbreakable bond that exists between our country and the State of Israel and to express to you our deep concern over recent tension. In every important relationship, there will be occasional misunderstandings and conflicts.

Our valuable bilateral relationship with Israel needs and deserves constant reinforcement. As the Vice-President said during his recent visit to Israel: "Progress occurs in the Middle East when everyone knows there is simply no space between the U.S. and Israel when it comes to security, none. No space." Steadfast American backing has helped lead to Israeli peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan. And American involvement continues to be critical to the effort to achieve peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

We recognize that, despite the extraordinary closeness between our country and Israel, there will be differences over issues both large and small. Our view is that such differences are best resolved quietly, in trust and confidence, as befits longstanding strategic allies. We hope and expect that, with mutual effort and good faith, the United States and Israel will move beyond this disruption quickly, to the lasting benefit of both nations."

Source: Hoyer-Cantor letter to Secy. Clinton from 327 House members 2010-LT-UB on Mar 25, 2010

ETA said...

Sounds like the shooter was just a nut but even so, a jew congresswhore and a federal judge? Talk about a “Dream ACT!” I dream about sh*t like this every night! Damn fine shootin!

Also, man, that poor f*cker, his life is hell now - solitary confinement in a ZOG cell for life - you commit to this kind of an act - better save a bullet for yourself…

Orion said...

Haha, Hey AB, long time no see! yeah, that's a dream act if there ever was one. Too bad it was some lone leftwing nutjob and not a disciplined, armed cell of the white resistance. It would have gone much smoother than it did, with no collateral damage.

RM, you should see hunter over at OD. He's pissing his pants about this and trying to pin it on "Vanguardists"! Damn, that boy needs to try and put some of his intelligence to good use.

Reichsmarshal said...

I did indeed see Cunt-hair's panty pissing and hand wringing over the whole thing. "This will make us look bad." I thought cunt-hair was a "winner" now and joined the Beck-Palin-tea bagger- "victory" lap, and had denounced "us"?

I like Greg Johnson's comment over at the Accidental Dipshit:

Greg Johnson says:
January 9, 2011 at 5:54 am

After a long day of hard work editing articles and a book; organizing lectures, conferences, and meetings; planning for the American Renaissance Conference; writing thank you notes to donors, etc., I checked out OD, where “real world” is just two more words on the internet, to find that Witless Wallace has been glued to the TV all day because of some shooting in Arizona, obviously hoping he can blame the shooting on one of us evil vanguardists. Here is his latest wisdom about vanguardists:

They are losers who do absolutely nothing but try to make our job more difficult. We are fools to associate ourselves with them. Undoubtedly, the ADL and SPLC are browsing their websites to collect ammunition to use against us in their fundraising appeals.

Of course just last year, Wallace was one of us losers (or “fucking losers” as he likes to put it). Since then, he has lost readers, writers, friends, and comrades, and he has become a laughingstock because of his manic podcasts and his spectacular wimp-outs on Jim Giles’s show and on camera with Jeffrey Imm. So, by my count, Wallace is quite a bit less than a fucking loser now.

How, then, has he hosted his ass high enough to shit down on people like George Lincoln Rockwell and William Pierce, who for all their failings still managed to accomplish more for the white race than a couple of fat eunuchs snapping pictures of Jeffrey Imm with a cell phone and tittering about their cleverness?

Simple: Wallace has now declared himself a Republican/Tea Party fan. They are winners, so he is a winner too. Just like all the other couch potatoes who become winners by watching their chosen team win on TV.

We vanguardists are accused of making Wallace’s “job” harder? What job would that be? Blogging to an ever dwindling audience? That’s nothing but political pantomime.

Wallace writes that the ADL and the SPLC are mining the websites of us evil losers to use against White Nationalism. Funny, but that’s exactly what Wallace has been doing for months now: trolling my site and constructing malicious spins, distortions, and witless parodies. Food for thought, no?

With “friends” like Witless Wallace, who needs the SPLC? No wonder he fantasized about working there during his psychotic break (the only one he will admit to). Perhaps the next time the thought crosses his mind, he can present OD as a writing sample.

He’s a natural smear-monger. Full of venom and unrestrained by honor or honesty.

MJ said...

Nope all BS, I have the truth and Wordpress DISABLED me from posting.

See my alternative site:

Bout f'n time I got the BADGE of honor!

mj said...

Anyway: I am out of here now and OFF the internet.

Fk it.

I worked HARD to expose this left wing shit, and unless you are a left wing BOLSHEVIK or a poltical Zionist CRAZY, you are NOT allowed to have a website in AmeriKa.

ta ta.


Orion said...

I saw that post by Johnson. I'm amazed HW let it stand. Pretty right on, IMO.

He’s a natural smear-monger. Full of venom and unrestrained by honor or honesty.

I'm afraid you're right, RM. You had him pegged long ago. I like to give people some slack but it look like it's wasted on HW. Too bad, what a damn shame.

Orion said...

Wha, Thermo?! They can't do that! Get yourself a jewish lawyer and sue them for all they got!

Pretty soon you'll own Wordpress and it will be renamed Thermopress! :)

Cleveland here said...

I don't think this Gifford is a joo. Not one mention about her being a joo in the joo media that I have read, heard or seen..

You can rest assure if she was a joo their would be all the usual anti semitic bullshit and White Nationalist neo Nazi ramblings.

And of course you can count on some member of her family that had been halocausted eighty years ago.

I am usually pretty good at exposing the beanie wearing filth but this time I can't.

ETA said...

Jew congresswhore - straight from the jew ....

ETA said...

Straight from the jew....

Reichsmarshal said...

Orion, have you seen Cunter's latest post "Violence and Vanguardists"? He seems to be connecting dots that aren't there on the one hand, and on the other, seems almost disappointed that the shooter wasn't a WN(I say White Nationalist because I don't know what the fuck a "vanguardist"[sic] is).

"Is violence really the answer?" reads one caption under a picture of the kike-ess.

Of course not, cunter. Let's keep voting for the same kosher kandidates. That's really gotten us closer to our objectives.

He hasn't shown this much remorse since denouncing the "extermination" of some hypothetical jewish kids on Jim Giles' radio show.

Reichsmarshal said...

The above url along with Bloody Bill's quotes from the kikess herself in this blog post, have me pretty sure she's a jew.

It's true though that they haven't played that aspect of the story up(yet) very much. Why? My only guess is that this punk is a kike himself according to what I'm reading today, and that just doesn't fit the template. Better to still pin it on the tea baggers even though he's a leftist.

I had to laugh though when they tried to tie this nutter to Jared "I'm o.k. with jews, how about you" Taylor and calling American Renaissance an "anti-semitic organization." Apparently, fox jews channel and the DHS are walking that one back. Wont keep 'em from telling lies in the future though.

Cleveland here said...

Sorry Gang,
I called it early.They are playing the race card now on MSNBC.Keith Olbermann show tried and believe it or not some joo from the southern poverty bullshit said the shooter wasn't.
I think ReichsMarshal is right the shooter is a joo too. Remember the Columbine kikes?

Anonymous said...

Very strange that only one site you link to is reporting that the shooter is a Jew. These "pro white websites" should have been all over this and early. Looks like the anti-Jew media is kosher as well. No wonder it's a joke.

Arizona Shooter Jared Loughner is Jewish

by James Buchanan

The man who shot 19 people in Arizona, killing six and severely wounding Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, is Jewish according to an interview by a reporter from Mother Jones magazine. The Mother Jones article notes “about eight hours before he allegedly killed six people and wounded 14, including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.), in Tucson—Jared Lee Loughner phoned an old and close friend with whom he had gone to high school and college. The friend, Bryce Tierney, was up late watching TV, but he didn’t answer the call. When he later checked his voice mail, he heard a simple message from Loughner: ‘Hey man, it’s Jared. Me and you had good times. Peace out. Later.’ That was it. But later in the day, when Tierney first heard about the Tucson massacre, he had a sickening feeling: ‘They hadn’t released the name, but I said, ‘Holy sh-t, I think it’s Jared that did it.’ ‘ Tierney tells Mother Jones in an exclusive interview that Loughner held a years-long grudge against Giffords and had repeatedly derided her as a ‘fake.’ ….Tierney believes that Loughner was very interested in pushing people’s buttons—and that may have been why he listed Hitler’s Mein Kampf as one of his favorite books on his YouTube page. (Loughner’s mom is Jewish, according to Tierney.)” Loughner also listed the Communist Manifesto as one of his favorite books.

There was a speedy attempt by the left-wing media to portray Loughner as a right-wing lunatic even though other statements by people familiar with Loughner described him as a leftist.

So a mentally ill, left-wing Jew shoots a Congresswoman and the mainstream media tries to pin the blame on the Tea Party, on right-wing White Gentiles and on the pro-White movement. This should be a good reminder to everyone to be suspicious of the mainstream media.

kerdasi amaq said...

From the Pravda ru forum:

Originally Posted by Zharkov
But a Congresswoman is a terrible mind to waste.

Good thing her brain wasn't injured by having a bullet hole in it.

Maybe it will grow back.

Ancient nation says:

...she was a zionist jew...and an abortionist.....part of the elite politicos that destroyed america....the death penalty...arizona style......but the woman was brainless...the bullet went through without killing her...

That made me laugh.

Orion said...

Haha, that is funny. I can't believe a 9mm FMJ went through the bitches head and she's not a vegetable?

She will be leading the charge on gun control and political "politeness".