Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Live in California?

Better get your ammo while you can.  On Febuary 1st, AB962 goes into law.  What is AB962?  It makes it illegal to order hangun ammo over the internet.  And that's just the start, folks.  You see, in the Peoples Republic, you can have diversity or freedom, but you can't have both.  Jews, Negros, assorted mud.  They all eventually lead to destruction.   The boys in the pointy white hoods back in the 50s and 60s were dead right. 

Ammo prices are now going to become very expensive in Atzlan.  Don't worry though, the Mexicans who will waste you will have their ammo handed to them, free of charge. 
I can remember a time in CA when it was white and free.  That's before the Willie Brown and Nancy Pelosi types took over.  I can remember when you could even drive in CA without auto insurance, it was that libertarian.  But no more.

Gun Laws in California

I'm so glad I left CA and moved to an area of the country where it's stil free, nominally white and christian.  Why don't you do the same?  Ya'll come, and bring all your rowdy friends too!  And be sure to check out our ammo links and get it while you can!


Anonymous said...

Ok, I'll let it slide and not make fun of you since you admit being from aztlan, formerly known as California...but the apostrophe goes after the y as in you all.

God bless y'all.


Orion said...

I appreciate it, Stevn. I get kinda weepy when someone makes fun of the way I talk :(

Anonymous said...


Orion said...

Hey! Watch out. When I get real sensitive, I start chewing beechnut and cross drawing the .45s!

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

"Yall" is a perfectly legal and acceptable word for use here in the south. No need for one to get all defensive or apologetic. The valid point being missed here is -


(keep 'em straight man !)

Self Defense Sprays said...

Well if they won't sell ammo on the net anymore you can still purchase in gun shops right? Why do they pull this *&*((? Unbelievable. This country is heading towards defending the common criminal not the good law abiding citizens. I sell self defense weapons and even those are banned in certain states. I can buy a gun, kill someone but I can't purchase a pepper spray or stun gun?? What's wrong with this country? Oh and by the way! I like your y'all!!

Orion said...

Hail Jeff! Yep, getting more and more all the time and we hope all Ya'll git some too!