Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Insurgent Radio with Tom Metzger

Now that Hal Turner is gone (finally!), this blog will play an Insurgent Radio Broadcast from WAR every Wednesday. I urge all Revolutionary minded White Men and Women to subscribe to Tom Metzger's Radio Club. You'll get 1 to 2 shows per day for the low subscription price of $20.00 per month. Plus, you get zero whining about needing 6k a month, threats to quit, insults or provocations to commit illegal acts. That's for Blight Wingers.

Think out of the box. Be Progressive. Get with the Revolution.

In this broadcast, Tom records a CSPAN interview with David Sirota about his book, The Uprising: An Unauthorized Tour of the Populist Revolt Scaring Wall Street and Washington which can be found Here

If we are going to have a real revolution, both the Left and Right must work together. The populist Left, not the elitist Left, shares the same concerns about the environment, immigration, jobs, economics and war that the Populist Right does. Tom saw this coming long ago.

Insurgent Broadcast of June 5, 2008 Here


Anonymous said...

I want to know why when a beaner only in the country for 2 days can walk into a so called "social services office" and get free money and health care plus food stamps and a local citizen, born and raised a red blooded American can't get a single red cent from no government office?!? I am dismayed after losing my job to this "wonderful" economy it's the the illegals and blacks with 5-10 illegitimate brats get all the state help that I have paid my taxes to receive in a time of need. They all need to go, or maybe forced labor should at least be put back into effect. Remove the beaner and nigger politicians who make it OK for these slime bags to rip America off. If my taxes go to pay for them to lie cheat and steal from our blessed system designed to help Americans I don't feel I should any longer pay any taxes to help pay for their miserable existence. Send them home or execute them, stop making hard working people suffer for their laziness and inadequacy.


Orion said...

I hear you, my friend. We are deep in Indian country. This isn't our government anymore, it's in the hands of our enemies, and we have to come to grips with that realization if we are going to take the actions necessary to terminate it and build something better. This is not going to be though voting or any other system process, but by shedding blood. THEIR BLOOD! Off the land or under it, it doesn't matter to me.

And when the hot war starts, there isn't going to be a place on EARTH the traitors among our own people, who made this all possible, will be able to hide.

Stay strong and have faith, things will work out for you.