Sunday, July 20, 2008

Negro Population Control

Notice who comes to the rescue? The only time there are whites in East St. Louis is to cart out "victims" to hospitals staffed with White doctors.

EAST ST. LOUIS — An East St. Louis man was charged Friday with firing a bullet that struck a 3-year-old boy.Jamil Gibbs, 25, was charged Friday with aggravated battery with a firearm in the shooting. Police say the shot wasn't meant to hit the boy. Meanwhile, Mayor Alvin Parks says the condition of the boy has improved but remains serious."We're praying for the best to come out of this awful situation," Parks said. Why? He'll just grow up to shoot another negro kid

The boy is identified by police as Samuel Scott. He underwent surgery Thursday evening at a St. Louis hospital after the bullet hit his chest area and punctured a lung. Guess who's paying for this, White Man? The boy was in his father's van near Missouri Avenue when shots were fired Thursday afternoon. The boy's mother was also in the vehicle. The shots were meant for the boy's father, according to authorities. Police have said Gibbs had an argument earlier in the day with the boy's father. Negro conflict resolution, probably over a parking spot Meanwhile, Parks said he was attempting to meet with the boy's parents."We do not want to see this happen in East St. Louis," Parks said. No, we'd rather this happen in Whitey's turf. "Our police are working fast to clear this case."Gibbs was taken into custody Thursday afternoon. Police were still looking for other suspects Friday.

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