Thursday, July 17, 2008

They're Still Here, He's All Gone.

Gunnar Zwilling, of Ofallon, Missouri. No children. All gone.

A man from O'Fallon, Mo., who was serving in Afghanistan, was among the nine Army soldiers killed in an ambush last weekend, a relative confirmed today. Gunnar Zwilling, 20, died early Sunday morning in an insurgent attack on an American outpost in eastern Afganistan, said his aunt Lisa Zwilling, 47, of O'Fallon, Mo. "He was a dedicated military man," she said. "He loved every minute of it."
The U.S. Department of Defense has not confirmed Zwilling's death. Nine American soldiers were killed in ambush, officials said. More than 100 militants showered the base with machine guns, rocket propelled grenades and mortar shells. Zwilling enlisted in the Army after graduating from Hazelwood West High School, his aunt said. He was not married, and had planned to make his career serving the military. He was a parachutist with an airborne unit for the past 15 months and was scheduled to return home in about a week, Lisa Zwilling said. She said he has an older brother, Alex, who serves in the Air Force. His mother died last fall, Lisa Zwilling said. His father is recovering from throat cancer. Funeral arrangments are pending.

Yet, they are still here, hijacking your gene pool


Replacing your "white bread" heritage with something more exotic

Partying it up while you lay dying in a foreign country


ripping off your kindred people


Or planning other wars for the benefit of HIS kindred


The truth is, my young friend, your country was long gone before you were even born. It's just too bad no one told you.

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