Sunday, July 20, 2008

Want Action, Soldier?

Come home and put your military skills to work. Patrol the borders. Eject the 100 million non-whites who have invaded your country and are turning it into a third world hellhole. Take out the cabal in DC who are the enemies of the White Man.

That's where true honor lies.

posted: 3 DAYS 5 HOURS AGO
BAGHDAD -- Spc. Grover Gebhart has spent nine months at a small post on a Sunni-Shiite fault line in western Baghdad. But the 21-year-old soldier on his first tour in Iraq feels he's missing the real war -- in Afghanistan, where his brother is fighting the Taliban.
With violence in Iraq at its lowest level in four years and the war in Afghanistan at a peak, the soldiers serving at patrol station Maverick say Gebhart's view is increasingly common, especially among younger soldiers looking to prove themselves in battle.

Rest of this sad article here


Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Hello Bloody Bill ...

Greetings from Virginia - saw your comment on Kentuckyanna blog and yer pic caught my attention .

I was cruising around trying to find some old blog sites where I've visited before and found Kentuckyanna again .

Can you tell me - did I see an article on there from a Glenn Miller ? If so , is this the same one of the N.C. White Patriot movement days during the Order years ?

Looks like you got a great blog . I've also spoken to a few soldiers over the years ( cops too ) and some are awakening .

But I gather that most will continue the fight against their white kin in whatever manner in which the jew calls him to .

Reckon you also get snapped at for being
" unpatriotic " and other usual nonsense .
If they'd only wake up . The day is approaching .

Take care .

Orion said...

Hey va. rebel,

Good to hear from God's country, the great state of Virginia. Yes, the white man will continue to do the bidding of the jew as long as we have corrupt leaders in office. I too am hopeful for the day when that state of affairs comes to an end.

I think they do have an article about Miller there but I don't pay much attention to him. The surviving members of the Order say he worked with ZOG to betray his kinsmen and that's all I need to know about him.

Be sure to check out Curt Maynard's blog, I'm sure you'll find it much better than this one.

Good luck and come again soon!

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Orion ... that was gonna be my next point about Miller if it was him . Glad to see you knew . Too many turncoats out there now .

I've been reading Curt
Maynard's blog for awhile . I visit quite a few and it gets hard to keep up .
Especially when the conversations get to flying !

I have the Free The Order link on my blog links of interest . I just can't get in touch with anyone to see if it's still valid addresses and all .

Wrote Bruce Pierce and Richard Scutari for about a year I believe , back when they were in Marion .
Lost track of them .

If ya get a chance , slide by my place and check a link ( take notice of SA if you haven't ). Lotta good ol boys out in Missouri . Stay safe .

Orion said...

Check out my link to Tom Metzger, I believe he has the addresses. These guys get moved around so much it's crazy.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Hey man ... just noticed you linked me up on yer blog ,
'preciate it .

Happy to lay track back to ya . Us Reb's
( and our converted northern brothers ! )
gotta stick together !

( lotta good rebel boys in SA , wish they were within a march ... )