Wednesday, September 23, 2009

21 Years

So, A white man gets charged with a hate crime but the niggers in Knoxville TN who raped and murdered two white people for 3 days isn't. See how that works? If you're a nigger, you can beat, rape and rob with impunity and do less time in Jail than if you called a Mud a bad word. These jewish hate laws are for you, White Man.

Hey all you future Rudi types out there: Control yourself. These Indians are being brought in by the big corporations so they don't have to pay white men a decent wage. There is your target. A little research and some pre-planning goes a long way. At least if you are charged with murder, you might have a chance of getting out of a 21 year sentence.

If you're going to target the invaders themselves, then make sure no one knows who you are as you hand out the 9mm tranquilizers.

Do you follow whut um saying?

An O’Fallon, Mo., man was charged today with a hate crime stemming from three incidents Friday night in his apartment complex, authorities say.

Rudi D. Ballard, 30, of the 16000 block of Applerock Drive in the Enclave at Winghaven apartment complex, is charged with three felony counts of unlawful use of a weapon motivated by discrimination.

Police say the gated apartment complex is home to a large Indian population. Ballard approached seven people of Indian ethnicity on three separate occasions around 10 p.m. Friday and threatened them with a gun, authorities said. Each time, Ballard shouted obscenities about their Indian heritage.

21 years for saying bad words to Alien Invaders.


Mark IJsseldijk said...

I looked at that map you posted. How nice to know that by the end of this century the population will be over 1 billion and almost 80% non-white. The map shows whites losing about 5% of the total population every ten years! And the yids and their shabbos goyim gloat about this. Who will say that is not genocide?

They need to go.

Orion said...

A pretty powerful graphic, isn't it? I suspect it will be worse since the map goes on government statistics. Remember when it was estimated "by the year 2050, whites will be the minority"? Now it's been moved up to 2042. My guess is 2030 something. Unless we do something about it.