Monday, March 1, 2010

Too Good To Pass Up

We understand, al-Balawi. Believe me, we really do.

Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi, a Jordanian doctor who killed seven CIA agents and his Jordanian handler in the attack also claims in the posthumous tape that he intended to kidnap only one Jordanian intelligence officer, but the unexpected opportunity to attack a large group of Americans was too good to pass up.

Now really, how many of us wish we had such an opportunity? I mean, who doesn't want to send their hated enemies straight to hell, sacrificing your own life to do it?

The CIA had invited al-Balawi to their base in Khost, eastern Afghanistan, believing he was about to divulge the whereabouts of bin Laden’s deputy, Ayman al- Zawahiri.The consequent attack was the deadliest blow against the CIA since 1983, and wiped out in one go most of their foremost experts on Al Qaeda.

I'm willing to bet that half of those CIA experts were Jews. I mean, the CIA and the Mossad work so closely together in that area that it's almost a given. If not, they might as well have been because...why? Because they are running an illegal, unjust, unprovoked war of aggression on the people of the Middle East and Islam all in the name of Greater Judea. It's not to keep you and I secure, oh no. It's to keep that shitty little litterbox in the Middle East secure.

In the new video, al-Balawi describes his journey from doctor to suicide bomber, at one point brandishing what he says is a block of C4 military explosive that he planned to use in the attack.

Dressed in what appears to be military uniform, and holding a rifle, he mocks his Jordanian handlers for thinking they could use him to spy on al-Qaeda.

"They tried to entice me with money and offered me amounts reaching into the millions of dollars," he says in the video, which The Washington Post obtained from the terror monitoring group SITE Intelligence Group..

One day we will have people like this. Dr. Pierce called them the New Elites. When we do, it will be over for the Greatest of all Satans.

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Hats off and a big hand salute to Patriots everywhere who put blood and honor before filthy lucre. Even as al-Balawi is enjoying his 72 virgins, I know what he must be requesting of Allah:

The martyrs requested of Allah the following; "For the sake of you, o Allah, send us back to the world again so that we may be martyred once more".

One day, ZOG, Christians will be saying the same thing. In Hoc Signo Vinces!

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Orion said...

Not only Christians, but Patriots of all faiths and creed. May a thousand Silent Brotherhoods bloom!