Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Poetry in Motion

How it's done! From the jew watch disscussion group, hosted by the one and only Mr. James Stenzel from the great state of Missouri.

First up, we have a smarmy little NeoKhan, you know, a flag waving yahoo that thinks he's too clever by half. The type that watches Fox News and thinks he knows it all.

1a. And you're worried about the Jews!!
Posted by: "v.louis74"
Wed May 13, 2009 12:23 am (PDT)

Follow this link for some very interesting by scary statistics

Maybe you should start a group called, or are you too scared that a fatwah will be put out on your head?

Stop being so Jew verskriked, they really aren't the real problem.

Best regards

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1b. And you're worried about the Jews!!
Posted by: "v.louis74"
Wed May 13, 2009 12:24 am (PDT)

Apologies I gave you the incorrect link, here's the correct one.
Scary stuff indeed!


Now Mr. Stenzel replies. Uh oh!

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1c. Re: And you're worried about the Jews!!
Posted by: "James R. Stenzel" jewwatch.2008
Wed May 13, 2009 2:17 am (PDT)

--- In, "v.louis74" wrote:
> Follow this link for some very interesting by scary statistics

And according to the subsequent message, this individual
was so intent on attacking the whole basis of this forum
and parent website he didn't even get his URL correct the first time.

> Maybe you should start a group called, or are you too scared that a fatwah will be put out on your head?

What you don't seem to understand is that this group was
constituted to discuss the popular scholarly website
of amazing facts about the jews, not to discuss comparative
religion, not to discuss islam (or jewsusism, or buddhism or
any other religion, by itself as a religion).

Besides, while you were doing your "research" I guess it
missed your attention that what you suggest has already
been done:

According to the service they chuse to use to determine their
visits/day jewwatch gets about 2,000 more. They selected
a .org domain, but evidently market products. Huh?

Truth isn't a popularity contest, but in this case it seems
that truth is more popular. I know about muslims. A Palestinian
in my locale murdered his own daughter because she dated out-
of-their culture. His name was Zein Isa. So what? Even longer
ago than that a very popular host for a television show
named Sunrise Semester murdered his wife--his name was John
Bittner-Janusch. He wasn't Palestinian.

I saw (live TV) a jew, Jacob Rubenstein, murder a man so
that he could not be meaningfully interrogated about what
part he may ( or may not) have played in the mossassination
of this nation's first roman-catholic sub-cult-of-the-jewsusist-cult
President. The man was a jew. The press continues to this day
to try to conceal that fact by only referring to him by
some supposed organized-crime nickname which doesn't sound
immediately/blatantly jew. The press never tried to cover up
the cultural background of Zein Isa. Many people never would
have guessed him to be Palestinian, only "some foreigner"
but the press constantly mentioned he came from Palestine.

Jewwatch isn't selling anything--we're here, people use jewwatch
to get information about jews. Evidently more people have an
interest in that subject than have an interest in islam.

Maybe that's because jews have been moiling and meddling in
most people's (and Peoples) business for thousands of
years longer that islam has even existed.

Some of us are on a first-come first served basis.

I'm not much interested in keeping tabs on islam, and it's not
because I'm afraid of a fatwah. The jews have already issued
a fatwah on me. I just received my latest token of appreciation
from one of their cowardly apologists/supporters recently. The
amateurish dimwit used an envelope intended for a channukah
greeting (apparently) and thought they could disguise an embossed
feature on paper by painting over it with white-out.

Evidently no gentile genius cowardly-hate-mail-sender was
available to steal the trade-secrets from and stamp
"made in jewsreal" on it so this "einstein" had to improvise
on his or her own.

I won't bore you with the contents. Why
wish a manageable/treatable disease on someone
you fear and loath?

I don't even think you can die of it as a primary cause of death.

Oh, I've got an idea. Why don't you go start your own site
dedicated to watching all the things the muslims have gotten
up-to in response to the anti-islamic, largely anti-semitic
campaign of disinformation and hatred waged by the jews
against them? What's stopping you?

I guess you answered your own question--it is you who are
afraid, not me. I can assure you the originator of my site
fears nothing that walks or crawls on the face of this earth.

Me? I come under the heading "fools rush in where angels
fear to tread". Get over it--I have.

The real question is, why are the jews so damned afraid of
a full disclosure on the subject of jews? Go study my site
and eventually such of it as can sink through the
extremely dense bone of your cranium may answer
my question for you---I'm sure you wouldn't have a clue
on your own.

I suppose I should take it as a compliment you would like
to have me set upon your chosen enemies. I would
prefer not to...

Islam would be having no problem with my society were it
not for the extent to which jews have been successful at
involving my society in the worst idea they ever had--zionism.
For all their rough edges, when they're putting the sword to
people they're generally trying to include them within the
umbrella of islam, at least. They really don't do anything
designed to try to exclude outsiders--to the contrary.

I wouldn't like to live their lifestyle, but I'd rather live
amongst them as an equal than live in a jew-run world as
what it's rulers would consider sub-human work-unit, given
the choice. It's the jews who would force that choice
upon me.

Go back to the home page of this forum and see
what the stated purpose of this discussion group is ---and
please inform us when you have and return here to post
your answer--what in that mission statement for this forum
did you see soliciting suggestions for what other subjects
besides the jews we migth like to operate a website to
fully reveal?

> Stop being so Jew verskriked, they really aren't the real problem.

Really? REALLY REALLY REALLY? Is that for-real? You really
expect me to really believe you really believe that?

The jews and their zionism are a problem. Why they are like
they are is a fascinating subject for discussion. Once we
get that cleared up then maybe we can turn our attention to
why everyone else is as everyone else is.

The entire basis of how I was raised did not spring from
islam, it sprung from judaism. The central figure in the
cult in which I was raised (the presbyterian sub-cult of the
jewsusist cult) is not islamic--though islam does recognize
jewsus as a prophet.

People faithful to the tales behind islam do not wag my national dog.

Jews do.

Islam, whatever else it is, is not a very effective system for
influencing or controlling other peoples. Look at the areas
of the world islam generally controls--not my choice of
locales to take up residence any time soon. I mean,
I like reptiles and lizards but not ones that can eat me. At
that point they change from being a beneficial element of
nature to a nuisance I don't want to live around.

Then look at the locales controlled by the jews through
their jewsusist puppet-strings--the world's prime real-estate.

Areas mostly cleared of the worst of the dangerous wildlife
more than 10,000 years ago. Areas with rich fertile plains,
majestic snow-capped peaks and broad rivers brimming with
delectable edibles.

The only extent to which islam can be a threat to the parts
of the world which are (nominally) jewsusist-controlled
is the extent to which the jewsusist-controlled areas
do not simply reach out and wash the islamic cultures away
in a seething bath of neutrons. That's the measure of the
limits on the control the jews exert on their noachide
thralls--so far.

That tolerance is a function of the racial characteristic
of the dominant gentiles, the europeans or caucasians. That
is also the Achilles-heel which caused the jews to settle
on that sub-set of gentiles to use as their servants to
manifest their insane quest for a homeland for people
whose obvious destiny is to have no homeland. They wrested
one from the people whose language makes up the basis of
their language (you don't find too many jews speaking aramaic
to each other...) and controlled it not once, but twice--
for what amounts to a very short span of the time people have
dwelt there--and lost it to their own lack of ability to keep
it. Most Peoples would be able to take a hint. Not the
jews though.

There's a limit to the extent the jews can get the gentiles
to disgrace themselves in service of the remnants of
that culture which contributed the basis of the powerful
jewsusist/gentile world to show intolerance on behalf
of the jews. That's a built-in safety-valve the european gentiles have. It makes them easy prey to the jews, but also frustrates
the jews from having their way fully with us.

It's my belief the only way that limit will stay in place
is for resources such as jewwatch to continue to exist--hence
my leaping into the breech to see to it.

Long story short: until such time as the muslims are able to
have an 89 year old gentile who hasn't harmed a hair on anyone's
head since he came here extradited to some kangaroo court to
make a mockery of justice in order to create what they believe
to be positive public relations for jihaad (the muslim equivalent of zionism), I'm not starting any websites dealing with a jew-skewed full "disclosure" regarding islam.

Got that?

Run along now, junior. Come back and joust with me
when you can grow a bush and a beard.

James R. Stenzel

Yeeeeha! That Neo just got himself a Missouri Boat ride! :)


Joy said...

"Stop being so Jew verskriked, they really aren't the real problem"

That is scary. That is the epitome of blindness.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Like yer referencing the Miss-su-ra boat ride ... cut 'em loose mid stream !
Enjoy the ride !


Anonymous said...

Yes lets have the Muslims all over.
I love Muslims.


Reichsmarshal said...

Good smack down. Unfortunately, that neo-cohen will just run to Faux News like a jittery heroin addict to have reaffirmed what he believes to be the truth. If the rebuttal were spoken word, I picture the jew lover with eyes closed tightly and hands over his ears going "yayayayayayayayayaya" to drown out the truth.

Orion said...

Haha RM, sounds like we've met up with the same kind of people. They either "yayayayaya I don't want to hear it" or they run off.

@Jeff - I should have used Missoura instead! Sometimes I think someone that uses "jewus" and "cult" wants to cut us loose too, but we ain't going nowhere, right?

I was having some thoughts about a christian military order like the templars, except of course, we would bathe :) Maybe a combination of the templars and the germanic comitatus and the clannish warrior culture of the scots and Irish. We fight for land and race, and if we win the warriors will get the best farmland and treasure we can plunder from our enemies.

Still mulling that idea around.

It might have to come to that in the coming revolution. As long as the pagans will grab a gun and shoot at the same targets I am, we can work together. After the revolution we'll have to discuss things like land and our own society. Hopefully it can be done peacefully. Both sides have excellent people. No more war between brothers.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

"I was having some thoughts about a christian military order ..."

Books of Joshua 'n Judges makes a fine study.

Stonewall studied them.

Rommel and Chesty Puller studied Stonewall.

We already have a blueprint. Whether we'll follow it or not ...

John M said...

Great letter. Thanks for pointing me this way Orion!

I agree with Reichsmarshal.