Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pus-N-Boots, Executive Blog Editor - Exclusive Video!

Since it's a slow Sunday, I thought I'd share my cat, Pixi Annie Pu Pu (pus pus) with all of you. This is about a year and a half ago, when I was in Calfornia. She was found abandoned in a warehouse in Illinois and the guys were throwing basketballs at her. I'm sure one hit her in the head because she twirls her head around when you come up to her. Other than that, she's fine. She's a great cat, red headed like my step chile but lots nicer than her!

Here she is on my bed while I'm gone to California, getting bugged by my bookkeeper.

Here's her first food dish, notice the fiji water. Only the best for the Blog Executive Editor!

Here she is in my living room, resting after a long night of executive partying, too much catnip and salmon feast!

I love cats. They take care of themselves and keep your yard free of possums, rabbits and field mice. I'm getting a Dog soon if I can fence up my yard or buy some acreage somewhere. I believe in letting animals roam outside, it's their natural habitat.


lormarie said...

I was never one to like cats but these videos made them seem cute.

Orion said...

You don't like cats, Lormarie? To me, they are just like women: soft and squishy, ignores you until they want something and always in your way when you don't want them around :)