Thursday, May 21, 2009

Patriots vs Jews

Jesse kicks ass on Fox and Friends. Notice the difference between a patriot and a jew. Both think they are being patriotic, but which one is genuine? Hint: It's not the one advocating jewish torture methods. Notice how the jew uses abstract obfuscation when debating, along with his smart ass remarks.

Jesse continues the body slams.

Jesse has some ideas on how to deal with government terrorists as he tussles with another jew. Pay attention at 6:35. Let that statement burn in your insurgent brain.

The 911 Commission Report was full of lies. Why? Because 3000 Americans on 911 died, over 10,000 have died in Afghanistan and Iraq with over 2 million civilian casualties all for ISRAEL. Don't believe it?


Joy said...

I have to agree, Jesse looked like he was ready to kick his ass! LOL
That would of been a wonderful sight!Oh but the jew had to ruin it all by running off. BWAHAHAHAHA!

Jews are the classic schoolyard bullies. Once you stand up to them,they tuck their tail and run, crying all the way.
Jews are cowardly punks.

Orion said...

When the jew got in that "Rosanne" remark, the look on Jesse's face was priceless. You could tell he wanted to pound that little pos into the dirt.

Orion said...

I mean "Rosie O'donnell" or whatever the woman's name is.

I wish Jesse would have included Rosenveld's lies and his order to attack german shipping when he talked about the gulf of tonkin incident. That would have been choice.

John M said...

Jesse's interview with Donny douche was one of the best I've ever seen. The former governor is correct.