Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Evil Amongst Us

This little girl, seen here with her real father, all of 2 years and 25lbs, was beaten nearly to death by a piece of unspeakable filth near the end of Febuary of this year.  She was near death. Her leg was broken, her liver was lacerated, and they had to take a foot and a half of her intestines out. If she did survive, she would be faced with living with a colostomy bag for the rest of her life.

Here is the piece of human garbage that almost killed a little white girl. He was the boyfriend of the mother, who did nothing to stop it.

Police say Kraig A. Monroe, the boyfriend of Amanda's mother, repeatedly punched Amanda in the abdomen as she sat in an Elmo chair because she wouldn't stop crying, police say. The attack happened over four days in late February, at the trailer home they shared in St. Clair County near Belleville. The mother took her to a hospital March 1 when she was vomiting and lethargic. The girl also had a broken arm and a broken leg from previous incidents and was missing hair where it had been pulled from her head.

This was big news in the area.  It was talked about a lot.  And people prayed.  And they prayed some more, asking God to spare this little girl and heal her completely.  Guess what?

Amanda made a miraculous recovery, surprising doctors who worried early on that she might need a colostomy bag for life. Doctors had to remove 18 inches of her intestine after finding a tear in her bowel.

Instead, she needs nothing like that and should have virtually no lasting health problems from the abuse, said Dr. Tarun Kumar, the pediatric surgeon at Cardinal Glennon who performed the life-saving abdominal surgery on Amanda nearly 17 days ago.

"She did wonderful," Kumar said.

This is some of the best news I've heard in months.  There is nothing more deserving of death than to beat a child like this.  It just goes to show that we Whites still have a lot to do to clean up our own house, and by God it will be done!

Story here


lormarie said...

You are the first white nationalist that I know of to admit to white on white crime. All one has to do is look at the black collective to see the result of not admitting to evil among your own.

I absolutely HATE the fact that child abuse exists. I also HATE those who abuse children. I realize your post was directed at whites but there is a universal truth here. Single mothers of all races need to be careful who they choose as partners. Not only that, but they must always put their children first even before their new men. Too many single mothers put their men before their children. They are just as guilty when abuse takes place. Thus, it is my humble opinion that it is better to remain single until your children are grown...that is if she's not with her child's biological father.

brian boru said...

I hope that animal gets tortured and killed in prison. Like the previous commenter I hate bastards who abuse children who are completely helpless. The mother deserves prison too.

Cleveland here said...

The stepfather and the mother should both be shot. No trials the hospital did that already. No prison just get rid of them what good are they?

The only reason to keep animals like this alive is for medical experiments

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

"It just goes to show that we Whites still have a lot to do to clean up our own house, and by God it will be done!"

Amen to that. We got plenty of worthless trash maggots stinking up our own house and it will get taken care of. Praise God for His mercies in healing this little girl and we hope she recovers fully.

Lormarie - I agree that this white on white violence is probably not publicized as often as it should be, but many of us are quite vocal, in at least stating to one another, that it is something that will not be overlooked nor forgotten. The black on white is concentrated on simply because it is so overwhelming. Perhaps we should post more of these posts - very timely Orion.

I hear ya Cleveland - culling these types out permanantly is the only solution - white, black, green, whomever. There are no provisions for prisons in a Godly society.

Orion said...

Hey Jeff, I was praying hard for this little girl as was lots of others. We took up a donation at work to send to her trust fund. Praise God that she was healed so completely. All things are possible with him.

Cleveland and Brian: I hear this guy is in segregation because there are a lot of pissed off white men that feel exactly as we do. Even Cons consider people like this fit only for a shank.

Lormarie, what if you can't find a boyfiens after your kid is grown?! You need to find you a nice guy right now who loves kids and wants more! See ye to it! :)

It really saddens me that an ostensibly White man would do this, but even before our current problems we had police and laws against such things as rape and murder because crime is the one thing that is universal among the races. What White Nationalists want to do is deal with our own criminals because we know what needs to be done in that regard. Our house must be in order before cleaning up the rest of the mess.

Reichsmarshal said...

The reason White Nationalists don't focus on this sort of crime is because the mainstream media does quite a good job of covering it, often to the exclusion of everything else. It’s for the reason of the skewed perception of reality produced by the jewsmedia that many of us have taken it upon ourselves to be our own media.

Most brain dead sheeple, drugged on a steady diet of Nancy Grace and other tabloid type shows think that only Whites harm children, murder their wives or are serial killers. Everybody knows the story of Casey Anthony, Scott Peterson, Jeffrey Dahmer, et. al., but few outside of White Nationalist circles can tell you anything at all about Channon Christian and Chris Newsom or the Wichita Massacre, to name but two atrocities that are becoming all too common and marked by a growing extremity in terms of the violent, sadistic nature of the attacks against our Folk.

Also, Whites in general do not have sympathy for any criminal regardless of race. This worthless subhuman will have no candle light vigils for him, no cries of victim hood or “racism” from unruly mobs led by megaphone wielding charlatans, and he will likely die at the hands of another White. He will not be elevated to the status of hero or martyr the way black criminals all too often are.

But Jeff, Orion, Cleveland and all who have commented thus far are right. This sort of garbage will most assuredly be taken to the curb where it belongs. That, of course, becomes easier to do in a jew-free, non-liberal White Nation. May I live to see the day.

Cleveland here said...

I really think ReichsMarshal is right spot on again with his thoughts. Whites in general do not have any sympathy for any criminals. Many whites would pull the trigger/switch without blinking.

I started thinking about that.Low and behold you can its the joo behind making all of these degenerates human/worthy. I noticed I never see the libtards making all their noise when its a white criminal? Except a few born again Christians standing outside protesting how Thou shall not kill.

Remember ted bundy how he killed so many they media even made a movie about him..Funny where is the true to life movie about the coon in NY who shot that cop? But I could remember when they were about ready to fry bundy with Old Sparky in Florida and a few were protesting that it wasn't right to kill that animal.

I am all for death row, three strikes your out crowd to just put them to sleep or use for medical experiments.

Orion said...

Good points, Gentlemen. I just couldn't pass this up because it's such a amazing story of a 2 year old and her remarkable recovery that I just had to post it.

lormarie said...

I will admit that whites condemn white criminals much more so than blacks condemn other blacks. My point was that focusing on black crime alone creates a false sense of security for whites.

Orion, I'll just lie about my age. No one will suspect a thing thanks to good genes.

Orion said...

Good point, Lormarie. Same goes for doctors. Not all White doctors are better than jewish or asian ones.

Lorimae, you know I'm always trying to find you a good baby daddy. I'm not really good at pairing up non-whites but I found a few guys on the net you might be interested in. My criteria was thus:
1. Had to speak good english and not look like a gangsta.
2. Be reasonably intelligent.
3. Have money or know about food or farming.
4. Good Husband and Baby Daddy material.

So! Here ya go!

This guy seems to know about survival and farming. He looks a little mean though. Might not take too kindly to gynofeminist sass.

This Demcad. He's another guy that seems to be concerned about stocking up on food and stuff. You'd never have to worry about groceries with him! I don't see any blackeyed peas in the pantry though. How can anyone survive without blackeyed peas?! I eat them at least twice a week!

Here's another by Demcad. Check out the magazine he says to take to keep your spirits up!

Here's Davincij. He know's money. That's important when you want to go buy lots of baby stuff.

Finally, Lormae, here's a guy that seems to have money and doesn't look too mean. Not a white guy but probably jewish or something in between.

Good luck, Lormae! Let us know how it goes. We'll be monitoring your blog for the wedding announcement!

LorMarie said...

Orion, you are too funny!

The article implies that the mother lost custody. That's good to hear.

As for her medical bills, wouldn't the new laws (Obamacare) help with that? I could be mistaken but didn't a new law concerning children and health coverage go into effect last Tuesday?

Joy said...

What a heartwrenching story. It is so hard to even imagine such evil. I am so happy she is recovering.
I am in total agreement with you guys.

Orion said...

Joy, I can't either. I can't even begin to comprehend how anyone could do that to a small child. It is evil in the extreme. I get choked up when I hear about things like this. I have to fight hard to keep from tearing up.

Lormarie, I don't think anything in that bill will help Amanda or her family right now. Most provisions for children and Medicaid don't kick in for a few months. Hopefully, the real father has some health insurance, I think most coal miners are unionized.

Any Regions Bank in the St. Louis area will take donations for her. It's the Amanda Ruynon Fund.

JewishWN said...

To me, this is one of the proofs of the inner integrity of the White race, an integrity that other races don't seem to have.

I have lurked on Stormfront and have often seen Whites there verbally attack fellow Whites who commit crimes like this...and now I see it here too.

I have YET to see blacks attack their own who commit these kinds of crimes...and I have lurked on black forums, too, so if its out there I would have most likely seen it.

You guys don't realize it but this, along with the love of animals and Nature that most WNs have, is further proof of the inner character and integrity of the White race. You probably didn't even think of that! :)