Sunday, March 21, 2010

Whom The Gods Would Destroy

They would first give us democracy. Still think voting works? Still think your voice counts? Well, millons of Whites are (again) getting a real life lesson in what Judaized Democracy is all about. And really, it' not just Demoncrats but Republicants too. Did anyone want the jewish wars in the Middle East? No, they wanted an end to it so badly that they put in Communists who promised to end it. Did everyone want the Bankers and the other filthy thieves punished for their crimes? Oh yes, They wanted change. Well, the masses of asses got it. Now, in frustration, they are willing to turn around and elect the same people they threw out! Ever see a dog chase it's tail? Hey, I'm so glad to be an American, where at least I know I'm free! Free to be called a minority by uppity negros in the government! Anyone catch that latest talking point by the demoncrats? Haha, that's too much!

The nation wreckers will get their bil passed and the mongrel, surrounded by his jewish masters, will sign it. The bill will probably pass with around 218-220 votes. Has anyone read this thing? I have to admit, the opponents of this bill, despite some hyperbole, have been telling the truth about it. Among the highlights:

A whole new bureaucracy will be created, with a Health Commissioner to oversee it. Wonder who will head it? Any bets that it will be a jew or a negro?

This new bureaucracy will use the IRS to enforce compliance. They will make sure that you have purchased government approved insurance or else you will be subject to the usual IRS tactics of fines, penalties or garnishments. Ever had to deal with the IRS?

The ZOG will have real-time access to individuals' finances. They will have direct access to your bank accounts for elective funds transfer.

A National Health Card will be issued. In the future it will probably be biometric. This is an end-run around opposition to a "National ID Card".

Everyone, Illegal or not, will be covered. There is also a mandate for linguistic services.

Remember the hysteria about "Death Panels"? It's in there, check out pages 425-430 of the bill. They might not call it that now, but the foundations for such is there, especially as costs spiral out of control.

There's lots more, just google "Health Care Bill Online" and check it out. Not that it matters for revolutionaries as this is what we want. Anything that will cause more division, strife and rebellion is good. And really, the fight is not here yet. Wait until the amnesty bill comes up. That's where we should stake our guns.

If you live as a slave you will die a slave. There can be no freedom without redemption. Blood is required. Everyone desperately seeks other ways out, but it's an exercise in futility. Just watch the Tea Partiers.


lormarie said...

I don't like the idea that illegal aliens will get free health coverage. Then again, some of them are doing our dirty work getting pennies for it. On the other hand, it bothers me that insurance companies, who are only in it for profit, not our health, are my only option. I'm fed up with HMO's. If we will finally have a better alternative via the reforms, I'm all for it. I will admit that I may only be "hearing" the positive aspects of healthcare reform.

Orion said...

I hear ya. I'm all for reform because there is something seriously wrong with a system where a pinhead sitting in an office somewhere can deny coverage that you paid for because he's looking at he ledgers. But all we're doing is trading the pinhead for some faceless bureaucrat that has no accountability. And having the IRS in the mix is really disquieting. If you think the government is in our lives too much now, just wait.

Looks like the vote is going be 225 in favor, since the pro-life demos have dropped their objections.

Orion said...

What they should have done was serverly regulate the insurance industry, tax the hell out of price gouging pharmacutical and medical industry and let people have HSAs and tax credits for medical expenses. That's too fair though.

Orion said...

severely, I meant to say. When I was paying my own insurance I was paying over 5k a year. That was through Cobra, too. If I had had to shop on the open market I would have paid over 8k.

Joy said...

Hey Orion!
Good post brother and you are ever so right.

Orion said...

Thanks, Joy. Not as good as yours, Jeff's or Riechmarshall's, but I'm trying!

Although this is from a Laissez-faire libertarian point of view, there is some interesting information about this bill and the HC debate in general.

Reichsmarshal said...

Orion, don't sell yourself short. This is actually one of my favorite blogs and I look forward to reading your take on things.

I admit this debacle is over my head in terms of wading through thousands of pages of dry, tedious legalese and determining what is truth and what is standard partisan bullshit spewed forth by regime criminals and their TV talking head enablers.

I do know that Medicaid and Medicare are broke and Social Security is insolvent too. Can anyone truly be stupid enough to believe that creating yet another monolith of bureaucracy is going to "fix" the ineptitude of the crumbling ZOG?

Cost reduction = limited access to care. That simple. The utopian fantasy they're pushing is absolute bunk.

"What they should have done was severely regulate the insurance industry, tax the hell out of price gouging pharmacutical and medical industry.."

My guess is that both sides of the aisle profit heavily from these entities, "Big Pharma" especially.

Speaking of IRS and government over reach, I hear that they are working on ways to get their piece of the internet pie, too, direct taps on PayPal accounts. That $4.99 key chain you sold on eBay last week? The ZOG wants their cut!

We'd still be part of the United Kingdom if the Founders waited this long to get their blood up.

lormarie said...

This bill may in fact be a bottle of air. It's still not universal. Just more proof that we can't jump on the Obama bandwagon every time he coughs.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Hey man - like RM said, don't sell yerself or Bloody Bill short. Aint none of us in this here tussle to win fame 'n acclaim. We all serve best we can. No complaints from this sector.

I agree also with the damning evidence of ridiculously increasing mountains of documents, legislation, double talk - more does not make less and it certainly doesn't guarantee anything better. There's a billion other avenues that could be taken if our interests were really at the core of it all ... but we know it aint. The circus continues its true death knoll.

Orion said...

Looks like the bill has racial perferences in it too. All the insurance companies are going to do is raise rates and employers will drop plans. I've always considered myself a political animal, but this is one of the most confusing bills ever, as written and procedurally. How did a bill get signed into law before it was sent back to a committee to iron out the differences? Did I miss something? The house voted on the Senate bill, Obama signed it, and now it's going back to the senate? Something wrong here? And WTF is reconcillation? You got to hand it to them demoncrats, when they want something, they just change the freaking rules.

You guys are right, we need a government that has our interests at heart and not the interests of billion dollar companies and racial interests. One day, we will have that government.

Orion said...

Lormarie, I really believe we can have Universal Health Care without a monstrosity as this. I believe no one should have to go without medical help because they are down and out, Old, poor or crippled.

They will be universal health care but it will be a tiered system, with the working and middle class getting the worse of it.