Monday, April 12, 2010

Attention St. Louis - Negro Flash Mobs Coming Soon

Thanks to the CCOC for the heads up, and a big FU to the controlled media for nothing. Local story only, nothing to see here.

This is the second of two Saturdays in a row that large groups of young teens have been spotted roaming the area. Monday, city and police officials met with representatives of Highwood Property, which owns the Plaza. They're seeking a way to stop future incidents.

Witnesses said the trouble this weekend started when several brawls broke out between young people as moviegoers left a theatre.

"I was leaving the movies and there were so many kids out there," witness Starr Hackett told KMBC's Marcus Moore.

Check out the video here. Unfortunately, you can't embed it.

Susan Haake said the Plaza is her front yard. She has lived in the area for 20 years.

"In absolutely no neighborhood should that occur. People should be respectful of property, of each other, and welcome everyone," Haake said.

Haake said that she hopes what happened Saturday night won't happen again.

"I'm very worried about that because we want it to be a happy place," Haake said.

Susan. Do you think Negros are respectful of others property? You can keep hoping beyond hope, but your happy place is now nigrafied.

Story here. Check out the comments about how the place used to be nice and now you can't even feel safe there. How many times has this story been repeated all over America?

St. Louis just approved a tax to increase service on the Metro, the negro transportation service. You reap what you sow, idiots.


Orion said...

Sorry, I just realized I didn't point out the fact that this is happening in Kansas City, coming soon to the Lou!

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

We know the only thing that will turn this tide for Christian soldiers and what ultimately will be required in the streets and our neighborhoods ... it is obvious to all except those with their heads planted deeply in denial.

The question is - where will the majority of the cops stand. We know many have awakened, police and soldiers but the time for put up or shut up is about here for them also. Another post I hope to work up 'fore long.

Orion said...

That's a good question, Jeff. My take is few will come over. The police mindset is one of respecting any authority, no matter who it is. Just look at the South Africans in the police force there. I'm sure it's not niggers flying those helicopters. As long as they have a paycheck and crime to fight, they will gun us down. Check out that link I have for blackwater. With an NRA endorsement no less!

I'll be looking for your take on it in your upcoming post!