Saturday, April 17, 2010

Classic TV Shows - Andy Griffith

I love the old Andy Griffith shows. Although it took artistic license with the small town theme, there was once a time when America was a lot like Mayberry, especially in the South. That America is gone now, never to return, but it's nice to look back and see how it used to be. As America sinks into the third world and becomes darker, more people will appreciate this TV series, if it makes it that long.

Anyway, I figured I'd start with some scenes featuring Asa, one of my favorite guest characters on the show. This is from The Bank Job Episode,Originally broadcast on December 24, 1962. Barney has been watching Glen Ford G-Man movies and decides to tighten up security.

Asa, clean those bullets!

This is Classic Barney. The Shoplifters, originally broadcast in March 2, 1964. The mannequin scene near the end of the clip is hilarious! Asa, the Rip Van Winkle night guard!


JWN said...

I grew up on this show back in the early 1960s. Watching these old films drives me into an even deeper depression over what crap my country has been turned into.

I'm glad my life is more than half over; I get to exit this world with at least memories of how good it used to be. I feel sorry for those of you young enough to have to stick around this God-forsaken world longer than me.

Sorry...I don't take kindly to "CHANGE"!

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Guess most of us half - timers (hey ! aint ready to be so labeled as full fledged just yet !) remember these old flics and long ago memories. Look forward to watching these.

Bank robbery ?!
Shoplifting ?!

I'll bet ol' Anj let Barney put his bullet in !

I remember one show years ago, when Andy was sitting on the porch and pulled out 'n lit up a smoke !
Oh the horror (in those days it was !)

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Hey ! They cut the second one short but I remember what happened !


Orion said...

Hehe, and little old ladies ought not to clang :)

Yeah, I feel sorry for the really young ones that face a future in a brazilian/south african like, turd world country. That's why I watch the old shows with my kid, so she can pass them on to hers and give them hope that one day they'll live in a white world again.

I love the old Andy Griffith shows, he reminds me of my dad, the hair style, the accent, the mannerisms...I get my teasing side from him :)

JWN said...

Orion, I'm new here....with hardly any exceptions that I can see, I'm almost identical in thought and other ways to Mad Jewess. I'm even half-Jewish like she is. And I grew up the way she did...with parents who were extremely patriotic anti-communists. My parents adored Senator Joe McCarthy, and he was an icon in my childhood (yes, I'm THAT old.)

I remember the early 1960s and the "tail end", as some might say, of the last decent time this country ever saw. I realized not long ago that I'm part of THE last somewhat normal generation.

I have 3 children and because they are homeschooled I have been able to inculcate them with the traditional moral values from that time. I hope this makes them "fireproof" when they venture out into the world.

I have also taught them that America is and always has been officially a Christian nation. This does not mean non-Christians are not welcome, but that we who are not Christians must always remember to be grateful to America for serving as a safe haven for their ancestors, and us.

My husband is not Jewish; he is a Northern European-American. He grew up with the same values as I did for the most part. We both really fear for the future, for our children. We do not want them to grow up in a nation of mudraces; we want them to see themselves as White European-Americans, and to always be proud of that.

LorMarie said...

Interesting. This puts me in mind of the "urban slang" term Opey (Opie) which is based on Ron Howard's least I think it is. Anyway, Opey is a racial insult directed at whites similar to using the character Buckwheat for blacks. I've heard it a lot.